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Meross Smart Plug Wi-Fi Outlet with Energy Monitor 4 Pack $64.99 Delivered @ meross direct via Amazon


This is the smallest plug I have seen recently. Brand that was posted many times for garage opener. Has all basic features.

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    • May i know what extra benefit you get from home assist? This already works work alexa and Google assist, what more do you get out of HA?

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        I use HA because it adds support for Google Assistant and HomeKit to things that don't have it natively - and the interface is a lot more customisable than the Google Home app, so I can have all my switches and media controls the way I like them

      • I use this same plug to create an alert on my Google Home when my washing machine has finished.

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        You get far more automation options using something like HomeAssistant than the "turn on" and "turn off" you get with Alexa or Google assist.

        Also, if you go a step further you can change the firmware (not sure if this is say a Tuya switch) to Tasmota (say, using Tuya-Convert). That way your interaction with your switches is confined to your local network instead of using some vendor's smelly cloud system.

        • Does this one flashable with Tasmota?

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        Home Assistant allows you to integrate devices from many different manufacturers.

        The real benefits come when you start automating things (and in many cases, getting stuff off the cloud)

        For example, I have Tuya based downlights in my living room, but also a LIFX bulb in an uplight. The uplight is scheduled on in the evening, but when we turn on the downlights it's not needed so home assistant will fade it out (and turn it back on when the downlights go off) but only after sun down.

        When I play something on my media player, the air filter in the same room that's quite loud will automatically switch to silent mode.

        When the kids knock my robo vac off its charger as they seem to do often enough, it drains it's batteries if left long enough so now I get a notification via Pushbullet on my phone so I know to put it back on.

        These are just a few basic things, I've only scratched the surface of what I can do with it. The learning curve can be steep, though they are making it better every day.

        I started with it when I realised all these smart devices become dumb without an internet connection after I lost internet for a day and my LIFX lights didn't turn on when they were scheduled to.

        Unfortunately some still need that cloud connection, but now i try to control as much as I can locally via Home Assistant.

  • I'm new to smart home, automation etc.

    Do these plugs allow a "dumb" appliance like a washing machine or dishwasher to run at a time of my choosing? I'm confused on how the smart plug can tell the dumb appliances to start?

    Edit: I guess my confusion is, yes…I can turn on the dishwasher on a predetermined setting and leave it but how does the smart plug basically hit the "start wash" button?

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      They will do the same thing as the switch on your powerpoint. So, for a light say, if you leave the actual light switch in the on position, turning on and off the power point will turn on and off the light. The smart switch just does this for you via a timer, an app on your phone, a system like HomeAssistant, Alexa, etc. It is basically just a remote controlled switch.

      With something like a washing machine, turning on and off the power point wont actually start the wash cycle. So, no, it won't help with a 'smarter' appliance like that.

      Unless, for some reason, you just want to power off the appliance at certain times of the day - for example it might make sense to power down your entire home entertainment system from 1am to 8am in order to save on the small amount of power each device uses in standby mode.

      • Thanks so much for the reply. This is how I had it my mind thinking it won't do what I wanted it to due to the need to physically having to hit the start wash button.

        Timer functions are still the go me thinks.

        • i use it with my washing machine, but its an old school pull dial to start kind of deal
          dishwasher i just use timer, if washing machine had a timer, id probably just use that as well

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      They are just a power on/off thing. It Wouldn’t work with our washers as it’s soft touch buttons so power on would just have it sitting at Standby (but our washing machine and dishwasher has timer functions anyway)

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    Are these small enough to allow adjacent sockets (standard spacing) to be used?

  • Do these work with openHAB?

  • I know further cost, but.. there are wide spaced wall outlets, so changing to them would fix the bulky size types of these switches, and any other item you may have with a bulky plug pack.

    I know i have some wall outlets that need changing due to age and the switch starting to fail, plus, i could change the singles to the wide spaced double.

    Either that or put in a smart double outlet.

    • for that effort to change to a wider outlet you might as well stick a shelly 2.5pm behind it
      (and by you i of course mean get a licensed electrician)

    • Or get the Kogan ones with the narrow form factor? I'm not generally a fan of Kogan but these have served me well


  • Anyone use these for "Energy Monitoring"? Energy Monitoring: Check to see the status of connected devices from anywhere. Track real-time and historical power consumption of any device plugged into the smart plug with the meross app. I have the PowerPal installed which works well but would like to get a bit more granular for each appliance. Was thinking of plugging it in an appliances for say a week to guage energy use.

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      Yup, use it all the time.


      and you can drill down a bit more


      • What on earth have you got plugged into this socket?!

      • Curious too.. 42 units a day from one appliance? That's more than double my whole house daily consumption..

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          Nothing exciting I'm afraid. It's just a bunch of computer equipment that runs full time.

  • What are some useful ways of utilising these?

    • I use something like this to control my pool pump and Polaris. More flexible and easier to set schedule that may be more irregular. Also, I can set a winter and summer schedule and enable them as needed.

      This is what I bought last time https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/593588, great deal for $15 and likely the cheapest HomeKit compatible plugs

    • Lamps, Christmas lights and decorations or anything you want to turn onto an automated schedule or be able to control remotely. It's fun too as you hook it up to Alex/Google so when you get home you can just say "Alex, turn on my lights".

  • Native Apple/Siri Homekit version $72.24.

  • Does this thing works direct connection with phone? without ROUTER? eg. Bluetooth?

    • No, it is a WiFi device and it needs an internet connection too.

  • $74.99 now.

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      Please select the coupon to get the discounted price

      you need to select it, located under the price.

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        thanks, it works now.

  • It's $66.99 now with $8 coupon from $74.99. Unless there is a separate coupon that I am not aware of.

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