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[eBay Plus] eBay Tuesday - Nike Dunk Low $150, Air Jordan 1 Volt Gold/Royal Toe $230, Converse Chuck Taylor $49 Delivered @ eBay


Upcoming ebay Tuesday deals. It's all about shoes this week!

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  • +26

    Is it just me or do these all look pretty ugly

    • -5

      only one that is worth the time and effort is the Air Jordan Royal Toe

    • +1

      Yeah, I'm not a huge sneaker head but even I like the original air Jordan colour way, these don't do it for me at all though. Except the good old Chuck Taylors but $49 isn't that special a price for them.

  • +21

    I do prefer the $1 eBay Tuesday deals last year…..

    • +9

      What do jordans have to do with eshays?

        • +8

          I thought jokes needed to make sense..

    • +9

      Jordans are not TNs….

        • +12

          Na your level of intelligence did i think

          • -3

            @overlook: yes. I'm way ahead of everyone here. In order to move away from the stereotype, Eshay's will start wearing Air Jordans and trim their mullets in 6-12 months.

            This post will age well.

  • Great….that frees my morning up.

  • There aren't many sellers for the Royals. This is a new listing and says 'promotion'. Their regular listing is here, but not many pairs total.

  • It says Tuesday the 15th lol …..in the banners on eBay.

  • +4

    If anyone manages to buy a pair I'll be surprised. Afaik whenever Pushas does these ebay plus promotions, they provide early links and discount codes to discord members and just re-buy it all within their resale community

  • +3

    I have never understood what people like about these shoes, they look like tacky rubbish to me, well whatever, at least i don't need to worry about setting an alarm for tomorrow.

    • +3

      what shoes do you wear?

    • +2

      These aren't good colourway that's for sure but don't write off Jordans/Dunks. They're popular for a reason.

    • +1

      What shoes do you wear?

    • I'm interested to know what shoes the fashion authority lordezekiel wears

  • Great if you're a teenage boy and have eBay Plus and manage to win one of only 100 pairs which presumably will be broken up between at least 5 sizes (20 pairs of each size).

  • PSA: I just purchased an eBay Plus subscription and it was processed outside of AU unlike eBay seller fees, so my CC charged me an international transaction fee. Not happy!

    • WTF?

      PS. I hope you got the $50 voucher?

      • Yeah got the voucher. Just that I got charged something like $1.15 for the transaction.

        • That's cheeky AF of them.

    • Yep, all Ebay Fees are processed through Ebay GMBH :( I really wish there was a rule to disclose that information. I just have my UP / 28 Deg card linked to Ebay to pay my seller fees

      • Must be a new change or my memory is a bit fuzzy…. I don't recall my eBay seller fees having international transaction fee, but I haven't sold anything in over a year…

  • These will get snatched up by reseller bots anyway and they're not even hype pieces.

  • has anyone purchased anything from these ebay plus lightening deals? what are the chances of actually securing a pair?

    • +1

      Jordans will be pretty tough they sellout within minutes on footlocker/nike. Especially the jordan 1 highs.

      • yeah i know how hard they are normally just never bought anything from these ebay plus deals

    • +1

      1% bots will take them

      • damn, thought thatd be the case… cheers

    • +1

      I managed to get Mario 3d world (switch) for $39 last week. There were 2 lots of 500 units available and both went in about a minute.
      You really need to refresh just at the right time and ideally have a cc stored in eBay so you don't need to go through PayPal checkout.

      • wow yeah seems like its gonna be a shot in the dark, added a cc so just gonna hope for the best. thank you

        • Good Luck. A mate got caught out last week by the time listed being AEDT (Daylight Savings Time, GMT+11) and was an hour late, not sure if that's relevant for where you are.

          • @CountDuckula: Thank you! oh trust me thats definitely happened to me before haha, from ADL so we're 30 behind

  • -3

    This is not OZ RRP..

    • +2

      pls show me where I can purchase any of these at RRP :D

  • +1

    noooo could've, should've been dunk low retro blacks :((((

  • loosing my ebay plus tonight, will now have to wait for some ebay plus join in promo like $1 signup or $50 voucher on signup

    • +1

      You have to cancel your membership first and wait for their email offer.

      • I had already cancelled mine like 6 months ago and didn't use the $30 voucher for keeping membership it was too low for me

  • +2

    All rubbish Tuesday deals and nothing are useful.

    • Certainly agree those deals that were good people never got them like apple air pods or the other $1 deals, they need to come back those deals were quite good. Although I only manage to score 1 power bank last year

  • +1

    Man vs Bot. Good luck lol

  • Any others eBay deal on today?

    • nope just the shoes listed

  • Cheers. Got All Star Lows

  • +1

    For the nike cobalts: 'This listing was ended by the seller because there was an error in the listing.'???????

    • Looks like all the stock was loaded on the regular item listing, and not the one tagged promotion.

      Regular item listing doesn’t accept the eBay code - that was a busted deal.

      • Yep seems so. Updated to say that they're experiencing technical issues.

    • They came on at about 10:40 and sold out really fast.

  • Got the All Star Lows. Thanks.

  • anyone got the new code

  • +2

    Air Jordan 120 pairs dropping at 12pm … oh did I say 120 I meant 1 …

    • 1 pair literally lmfao

    • Literally 1 - size 10.

      Seller doesn’t seem ready for these sales - both shoe launches busted.

      • if u find when they post 120 pairs lmk

      • Yeah, sorry guys, we're experiencing a technical issue.
        Please don't bash us, it's the very first time we're running a promotion like this… please bear with us

        • hahahahahaah

        • Actually, this is not on eBay. It's the seller. They did not update the listing since yesterday evening. They are meant to update the quantity at the time it is meant to go live

          • @kc7: It's part of ebay tuesdays, so they should have at least some responsibility or guide the seller.
            Anyway, it will be resolved shortly… but first let's grab lunch , then we'll resolve it.

            • @johnmelb: So, what time should we be looking for stock to be showing?

              When’s lunch end today? 🤷🏻‍♂️

              Surely fixing a failed timed launch would be priority.

          • @kc7: actually they did update it as they multiple sizes as soon as sale went live they took them off makes me wonder if the rumour about them rebuying them with bots is true

  • they ended the listing wheres the new one?

    • +1

      The manager wrote in the team chat
      Manager: "Lunch is top priority!!!"
      IT staff of to lunch
      Manager: "I meant Launch is top priority"
      Manager updates the banner himself "Deals will be updated shortly."

      Anyway, you get my spot in the queue, I gave up 5 minutes ago.

  • +2

    listing went up no code smh lol

    • PLUSJV10
      It's really easy to grab them apparently

    • I hope you're reading this, because you don't have PMs enabled.

      • +1

        i got one thanks

        • Great teamwork … I literally gave up, was making lunch, then saw your comment.

          • @johnmelb: did u end up getting one lol? i hope pushas is legit lol

            • @ShotzAU: Well I hope they are legit too.
              I ended up getting one. (It's ebay plus so free returns..)

            • @ShotzAU: My GF is more excited than I am.
              She says it's a good investment …

  • Live now!

  • linky?

  • So next code should be PLUSJR10?

    • I don't think you have a lot of time to guess wrong. (And I wouldn't expect a "logical" explanation for something done by ebay).
      You could copy that code and quickly see if you guessed right, but I wouldn't put all my trust into that one.

  • I'm upvoting for dealbot's effort, not for ebay.

  • +1

    Loaded with no stock again

  • I see 2 people bought this, but I can't apply the code

    • You can't even choose your size. Not the real deal

      • I know, I was already wondering how you can sell shoes like that.
        eBay clearly hasn't figured this out yet.

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