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VRCover Facial Interface - Free Replacement for Oculus Quest 2 Owners @ Oculus


I searched and didn't see this deal. So Oculus are having an option for people who are finding the original facial interface that comes with the Quest 2 irritating, and they are sending out a free VRCover to those who request it.

I received mine last week and am very happy with it.

Follow the link and select 'I am concerned with skin irritation using my Quest 2 facial interface'. You'll then receive a second email a few days later with a link to enter your address to ship the free VRCover.

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  • Thanks.

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    Thanks, just need my serial number to submit.

    What is extact product received? I was thinking about ordering a vrcover anyway for improved fov/ventilation/noselight.

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      You receive the original VRCover they have for sale for free which comes with two cushion pads; one for comfort and one standard, and the nose clip thing.

      Why buy it when you can get it for free?

      • Is it called quest 2 standard facial interface?

    • I haven't done a side to side comparison but I find it still fogs up pretty easily. I don't feel the ventilation is making a difference but perhaps if I went back to not using it I would be surprised. Either way, it doesn't do enough to alleviate the issue.

      • Just curious….I've never had that problem with mine but I'm folicley challenged. Plus I don't use the nose piece.

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    You're a legend. Was about to order one on amazon.

  • Tried this a while ago and was asked for photos of the skin irritation (reason for asking)

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      So naturally you broke out the sandpaper right?

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        Really capturing the spirit of both the 'Oz' and the 'bargain'.

    • Interesting. I was never asked that, and they shipped it a week or so after I filled in the form.

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        Thanks to whoever complained hard enough that it was completely inappropriate to be asked for a photo.

    • Did you crank up photoshop?

  • Thanks…already got a vrcover but can't hurt trying for when I get my second unit.

  • Damn, I paid like $60 a pop (and a lens cover) for 3 family members. I felt slightly regretful then, now it's feels like a complete waste of money haha

  • Thanks for the heads up! Just filled out the form.

  • Thanks, will complete later

  • Nice, thank you.
    I've been meaning to replace the facial interface as it's awful.

  • The replacement cover and nose guard are soooo much better, I got the Oculus fitment kit, that was a waste of money, this option is superior and free

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    For anyone having trouble finding the headset serial number, it is located on the right side of your headset (if you're looking from the front of the headset). You will need to gently pull the strap back away from the strap arm until it pops off. Your headset serial number will be on the inside of the strap arm, under the QR code.

    • It's also under the controller battery

      • And the original box - easiest to read I reckon

      • Not sure if it's just mine but the serial in the controller does not match up with my headset. I did find the phone app also has it (matches up my headset's) so it is what I used.

        • My serial number on the box and the serial number on the app doesn't match. Bought it from Amazon, should I be worried?

      • Headset and Controllers have different serials.

  • do they make replacement covers for Reverb G2?

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    Use the Oculus app to retrieve the serial number under settings.

  • Thank you, great find.

  • You can also find the serial number here.

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    I was asked for some photos and whether I'd seen a doctor about it. Replied that it wasn't appropriate to send them photos and of course I hadn't seen a doctor about it. They replied and asked for shipping details for the replacement interface. Good thing that their support team seem to reply pretty promptly.

    Looks like they've probably been inundated with lots of requests and are sick of sending out replacements.

    • sure let me send a photo of myself to a random and see the doc during a pandemic for irritation haha

  • What is the exact item you add to cart after they send the email?

    • The second email you receive will already have the vrcover added to the cart, so you just have to enter your details only.

      • Please visit the following link https://www.oculus.com/refurb, add the product to your cart, check out, and enter the requested shipping information. Upon submission of your request, we will ship you a replacement facial interface free of charge.

        When I.click it it shows my cart but nothing in it.

        • I remember I didn’t have to add anything. Go all the way to the bottom of the page, do you see the vrcover added? If not, add the item itself and see if it works. They sent the black one.

          • @Psygnosis: I still can't get it in the basket if I click from the link in my email. If I add it manually it does not come out free.

  • So has anyone successfully got one after this post?

    The foam on my standard Quest 2 is actually causing me redness after 30 min sessions, did what OP suggested and they emailed me back saying:

    'Thank you for providing your information.

    We will follow up as soon as we have an update regarding your replacement.


    Few days now haven't heard anything.

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      Got an email today with ordering instructions, followed the link and successfully ordered

      • The link didn't work for me. It came up with nothing in my basket

        • Maybe send oculus an email and tell them the situation, I’m sure they’ll fix it for you.

        • I scrolled down as per instructions and added the item

          • @Fancydancer: When I try to add the item it shows $29 right up to the payment stage.

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              @jamba: Mine was $29 but when added to cart after following supplied link it gave a 29 credit and free delivery to oz. hope you can get it to work…

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                @Fancydancer: Thanks. I have submitted a ticket to Oculus.

                • @jamba: I managed to sort it out. It was logging me into my old FB account. When I logged out and logged in with my new FB account everything worked smoothly.

    • I am also stuck at this stage. Might have gotten ozbargained

      • Make sure you are logging in with your correct FB account.

  • I ordered on 19th and just received a reminder email to order again. I have 2 seperate orders. There was no further shipment email for the order placed on 19th apart from confirmation of order email.

  • Adding my thanks to OP for posting this

    I got email back this morning with link to order so have now placed order

    • Hi AJ73, when was your first contact with them? I haven't heard a thing from them since the 16th…

      • Hi there

        Submitted the form on Friday 26th March

        Received a 'Please share your feedback' email yesterday evening then this morning I got the email with the link to order

        Maybe try reaching out to them for yours, hopefully it's rectified quickly

        • Yeah I tried asking them on the 22nd, got the same stock response:

          "Hey #NAME,

          Thanks for reaching out to us. There are currently not updates available, but please rest assured that we are working hard towards a solution, and we'll get in touch with you the moment there is anything new.

          Warm regards, "


          • @ArtlessArt: Bugger

            Did you include proof of purchase and are the accounts correct ?

            I purchased my headset via eBay (new in sealed box) which was apparently an unwanted gift so I just sent Oculus screen shot of my eBay order

            Otherwise no further requirements from them

            • @AJ73: Yeah I sent them my Amazon order number, receipt, and SN on the headset…

  • Submitted on 25/3, got an email and ordered on 26/3 - The replacement arrived on 30/3 :) Noice

  • Does anyone else have issue with the Oculus store not accepting your Australian address?

    I received the “Facial interface – Follow-up email” with a link to redeem the interface through the store (https://www.oculus.com/refurb). I logged in with my Facebook account, and selected Deliver to: Australia. However when I attempt to enter my address, the webpage’s address suggestions only show US addresses. When I attempt to enter my address in manually, it does not accept my state, postcode or phone number, appearing to only allow US options.

    I have this same issue on a three devices, and multiple browsers (iOS Safari, iPadOS Safari, Windows 10 Edge, Windows 10 Chrome). I have the same issue if I try selecting a different country (still only US addresses accepted). I also have the same issue if I clear my cart and try to add another product.

    It feels like the store is broken, but curious if others have the same issue?

    • That’s odd, it showed Australia for me. Have you accidentally maybe got a VPN running? Not sure why that’d have any effect on it, but maybe.

      Contact support and see what they say, I’m sure it’s an easy fix on their part.

      • Thanks for your reply! No VPN and IP address showing as Aus, yeah have replied to support, so should come good in the end.

        • Did you manage to resolve this issue?

  • It's been a slow process but just received shipping confirmation email this morning, glad I signed up.

    • Shipping confirmation from oculus or auspost ?
      I received a notification today from auspost, but no idea what it could be as the sender is some Chinese company and don’t remember ordering anything recently.

      • +2

        From oculus, shopping with UPS with estimated delivery on 9/4/21

  • Received my shipping confirmation yesterday, estimated delivery date via UPS is 10th April

    Be interesting to compare the VR cover to the Amazon clone version I purchased in terms of fit and quality

  • Received the item today

  • According to tracking should get mine tomorrow

  • Not compatible with the Oculus glasses spacer

    • +1

      It comes with two cushions, the comfort one adds more space from your eyes to the lens, so that theoretically could also be used as a glass spacer.

      • Ok thanks

  • Very happy with mine, much better fit and feel than the "clone" I got on Amazon

  • Should the order show up in my Oculus orders list? I submitted on the 10th, got the follow up and placed order the same day and received order email with status of processing, but nothing since.

    Today received the feedback email, so thought I'd check on the order status, clicked the link in the order email but I don't see the order in my account.
    Still a little while off the ETA so not sure if I just need to wait it out, or if the order has been lost in the system.

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    I got order email with processing on 30th March then shipping email on 4th April

    So you should hopefully get shipping email tomorrow or Thursday :)

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    I just ordered mine, cheers.

  • Has anyone done this with a post-January Quest 2? Received mine yesterday, after about 20 minutes seated use all red and irritated under my eyes…

    • I bought mine a week ago and made the request. Support staff said no replacement as the facial interface of my model was their newest ('fixed') version :(

      • +1

        Just an update to the above, after expressing my disappointment with Oculus support they asked me to provide photos and more information and then provided me with a link to get the replacement interface for free.

  • Just bought my quest 2, and my face looks like it is getting a rash. Doesn't seem to be the typical pressure marks. Tried to fill out the form above but keeps saying my serial is invalid :( Might try and contact them and see what can be done. Mine was made in Feb 2021.

    • I would suggest using the live chat on Oculus support and asking to speak to an agent to explain your predicament, I found their staff were quite helpful

      • +1

        Ah awesome thank you, I will do that instead of filling the form out. Turns out the serial on the box of the oculus is different to the headset serial which is weird.

  • TLDR; they may require photographic proof. Assuming you can provide that, they will give send you a free replacement facial interface irrespective of serial number.

    I got a Quest 2 during the Amazon sale. My serial number did not match (met half the requirements), but the site states you can still reach out if you have a problem irrespective. I contact them (via the form) and they requested photos.

    I genuinely do get a (minor) red rash after using the Quest 2. It's not compression related as it remains hours after use. Over night it faded from a red rash to a patchy red rash. Feels a little bit like a couple of days have passed after a minor sunburn. It's honestly very minor, but not ideal.

    Facebook already have far too many photos of me at this point, so an ugly red close up isn't going to change much. I shot the photos through and in response received a (single use) link where I was able to order the replacement facial interface for free. I'm a bit doubtful they even bother looking at the photos. I think it's just an extra step to slow people down. I imagine they've been inundated after Prime Day.

    • This is what they send you:

      It's not actually available for order (in Australia?) at the moment. It's a different product from the $29 Standard Facial Interface which is available in store (different materials). Will comment again after I've received mine.

    • I had the same issue, turns out the serial on the box is different to the actual headset serial and different to the controllers. Easiest way to get serial number for the future is to go to 'Devices' in the app and click on 'Quest 2' at the top and the serial is in the drop down info.

  • Just to update everyone on what happened with my case. As @camsmith12 suggested I contacted support's online chat and they were very helpful. Mentioned that my skin was getting irritated after playing for a short amount of time, also mentioned it was not happening to my gf. (Which both statements are true, no idea why my skin is cooked)

    Ordered from Amazon during prime day so my device isn't actually an affected device but by just being nice and not demanding in the following emails they were more than happy to provide a link to purchase the cover. All I had to do was provide them with some information and I gave them the Amazon invoice. They did not ask for pictures of the irritation.

    TL;DR: Be nice and don't be like "I HEARD WE CAN GET A FREE COVER CAN I HAVE" and you should be right.

  • Didn't realize the replacement product is a refurbished product, not a new one.. Did anyone else notice that?

    • +2

      Mine was new

      • It may be looking new, but when you receive the link, notice it takes you to www.oculus.com/refurb. Mentioned above as well. Nobody/nowhere does it explicitly indicate that it is refurbished.

        • +1

          It's new. FB are just reusing the refurbished functionality provided by the Oculus store as it's a simple way for support to create on demand limited quantity products (typically used for refurbished items).

  • Mine arrived. It's a third-party manufactured (officially licensed) accessory from VRCover. Specifically, it's https://vrcover.com/item/facial-interface-foam-replacement-s... (black padded variant).

    Included is a spacer with velcro on it, and two padded cushions that velcro on to the spacer. The cushions are two different thicknesses, from the aforementioned URL:

    The soft foam replacements come in 2 versions – Standard, which brings you closer to the lens for a wider FOV, and Comfort, a thicker, cushier pad. To clean, just wipe down with a microfiber cloth or anti-bacterial wipes.

    Also important for glasses wearers:

    The product is not compatible with the stock glasses spacer. We recommend the VR Cover Facial Interface Spacer if more room before the lens is needed.


    Seems comfortable enough. Strangely the now very small amount of light leakage through the nose guard (with the thick cushion) gets my attention when I'm not playing. When playing I don't notice it though.

    There's plenty of padding. I'm using the thicker one, and think I'll swap it out for the thinner cushion.



    I did actually experience mild redness when using the stock facial interface.


    Polyurethane (i.e. fake) leather.

    Unlike the stock facial interface, sweat seems to stay on the surface rather than being absorbed into the cushion. So you can easily wipe it away / clean it i.e. a much better experience when sharing the headset.

    • Wait, did you mean yours came with a spacer?
      Mine came with one facial interface with velcro on it, and 2 pads - one thick one thin.
      I am struggling to use it because I wear glasses. It's super comfortable but it brings the lenses a tad closer to your eyes so with glasses it's too close.
      It is not compatible with stock glasses spacer, you will have to purchase their own version, costs US$9 and shipping costs US$12.

      • My apologies. The nomenclature for these parts is horrible. When I wrote "spacer with velcro on it", I was was explaining that the "facial interface" itself consists of a spacer (with velcro). However, if you're a glasses wearer you'll likely want an additional spacer, which is not included. Sorry!

  • +1

    Seems Facebook has paused sales of the Quest 2 until 24/8 (when the 128GB will be released) and will now be including a silicone cover with all headsets.

    Existing users can claim a free silicone cover via My Devices in your Oculus account (no longer offering VRCover).

  • Just wondering, is Oculus now just sending a silicon cover to put over your existing foam interface or are they sending a new interface which has a silicon interface?

  • No more free vrcover?

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