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Oclean W1 Oral Irrigator Cordless Water Flosser US$59.99 (~A$77.66) with Free Priority Shipping @ Oclean


The rep sent a coupon for a great discount on their W1 Oral Irrigator Cordless Water Flosser. It reduces the price to ~A$78, the next cheapest I could find was $100 on AliExpress including GST & free standard shipping. With this deal you also get free priority shipping (10-15 days), so much quicker delivery too!

Oclean W1 Oral Irrigator US$59.99 (~A$77.66)

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    Water Flosser
    the water container looks very small compare with my big waterpik. not sure enough for 1x usage?


      Which one have you got? Do you recommend it?


      I've been using the Philips ones for years and the tank on that is tiny but is still enough for x1 use so 30ml should be more than enough. What's weird is that the video shows it removing food on the surface of your teeth rather than between!


        hmm so i must be using mine wrong, i have the big one with 600ml tank and i use half of it each time. maybe because phillips and this one using water+air combo, while waterpik is just water?


          Yeah, I've always wondered how the waterpik works and uses that much water. Is it a constant flow? The Philips and Oclean is a burst of air and water every time you push the button.


            @C0mbat: yes constant. you can adjust the pressure level


    I find with cordless water flossers that the reservoir gets mould in it.
    I've tried waterpik and waterdent (the one on amazon)

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    I have one, it's different to traditional water flosser whereby it mixes air with the water so it uses a lot less water.
    The reservoir lasts a 3 to 4 washes. I usually mix half mouth wash with half water to get that minty fresh feeling.

    However, it doesn't feel it cleans as well as traditional water flosser.


      i see thanks for clarifying that i prefer all water flosser