Free L'OR Sample Pack with 3 Capsules (Nespresso Compatible) @ L'OR Espresso


Each sample pack will contain one single origin, one lungo and one espresso blend capsule and we are proud to use 100% Rainforest Alliance certified coffee beans.

A great way to test a few different flavours without having to buy 10-packs. L'Or are the only capsules I like besides the Nespresso ones and I have tried many (from Illy to Vittoria to Moccona and all those cool sounding boutique brands who use biodegradable or plastic capsules). Ristretto is my favourite, I actually think most others are pretty average. I know, aluminium capsules aren't great for the environment but I don't like the taste of the biodegradable ones.

You can sign up for a free Terracycle account so you can get your capsules recycled (that's what I do).

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L'OR Espresso
L'OR Espresso

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