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ProSelect Brake Pads from $11 C&C Clearance Stock Only @ Repco


Repco is clearing out the ProSelect brand range of brake pads, ranging from $11 to $17.

I've never heard of them but cheap! Hope some people can chime in with some info on quality.

"All ProSelect Brake Pads are sourced from a world class manufacturer that produces over 30 million sets of brake pads per annum and supplies brake pads to Toyota, Ford and GM amongst others."

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    Cheap and brakes is not desirable.

  • if only I knew how to install these myself?

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    Having worked with these before, the only car I would install them in would be the mother in law's car.

    For fun, I have put these side by side comparing between genuine Toyota and Akebono, and they are definitely no where close OE quality.

    It might work, but it won't last long, and they are noisy AF.

    • I actually installed a pair ….no noise and stops same as the Toyota ones I had before …. longevity might be a problem but time will tell …..they did cost over $60 before clearance ….

      There are also some trw brand pads on clearance ….

      • If Repco wants $60 for a set of pads of unknown quality, I rather pony up the extra $40 and go straight to the dealer for some genuine pads. Knowing what I know now about longevity, I wouldn't use anything else. The savings become even more evident when you are in an expensive labour country like Australia, where most tradies won't get out of bed for anything under $500/day.

  • Brakes are something not too compromise on. Same with tyres.

    • True, but high price does not equal high quality.

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        For brakes I still believe genuine is best. Currently running a set of genuine pads for four years now and 80k km later still at more than half. My previous set of Bendix pads were shot to shit by this stage.

    • As my mate said (ex mechanic) "there are only two things in a car you should never compromise on (ie buy the very best you can), tyres as they are the only item in a car keeping it in contact with the road and brakes as they the only thing that makes the car stop, everything else is a compromise."

  • how do these compare to bendix?

    • depends which in the bendix range, the repco ones and some of the bendix are both ceramic.

      people seem to look at repco and just see the store front, repco is part of a much bigger auto parts group, so they do have access to some very well known brands to gets products made with their name.

      toyota, ford, mazda, they don’t make their own brakes, but have them made by a supplier usually from a compounds that manufacturer uses in another one of their products, and they have more than one supplier, so compounds are the same from different suppliers to meet a spec ..just they different compounds in their range e.g ceramic, metal , copper ceramic, etc.