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Intel Core i7-10700KF $380.36 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Intel® Core™ i7-10700KF Desktop Processor 8 Cores up to 5.1 GHz Unlocked Without Processor Graphics LGA1200 (Intel® 400 Series chipset) 125W

There will be a slew of these deals coming up as the new 11th generation processors are out.

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  • +2

    Great price against AMD 5600x and actually has stock. But the lack of PCIE 4.0 is probably the killer for me, currently using Samsung 980 Pro and absolutely loved it

    • +1

      No integrated graphics is a bit of a let down(I realise that's what the F is for). It's saved me a couple times when I've had gpu's die.

      BYO cooler too.

      • +2

        Yea integrated graphics helped me out a bit in the past too but if you are running an intel (K) version CPU then there would be no reason to include a cooler because you can't OC with it anyway.

        By the sound of it, I think you should wait for a deal on i7 10700.

        • I've got the 5600x :D

          I know that doesn't have the iGPU but I was used to it on my old 3470 and 3770 (I've set this one up to mine).

    • Will the 11th gen support PCIE 4.0?

      Haven't been keeping up with computer parts. Will it limit me in any ways?

    • Lack of PCIe 4.0 will have no notable effect on the 980Pro unless you're doing video editing, and even than marginal.
      That said it's still nice to pair a PCIe 4.0 device with a matching interface.

  • +10

    if you told me in 2014 intel would be the cheaper option in the future i would be laughing but here we are

    • +10

      z490 is around $300

      dun laugh yet mate

      intel is still disgusting with their motherboard policy

      ram is limited to 2666mhz in their mid-range B460 motherboard

      • isn't it unlocked on B560?

      • u can get z590s for under $300

      • +2

        Not like 2666mhz is considerably slower than 3200mhz which most people use… I doubt most people will notice a difference.

      • 2666mhz for i5 and down. 2933mhz for i7 and up.

      • -1

        before you bitch about RAM

        in Intel platform i recently “upgraded” from 2400 to 3600mhz, there was barely any difference at all

        also a short search in amazon itself there’s plenty of boards sub $250, dunno what you smoking

        • I barely felt any difference upgrading my iphone from x to 12 pro

          So I guess apple should stick with iphone X


          • -1

            @zlasuka: its not felt you think I didnt check numbers? in Intel it doesnt effect much, if you dont know about it stop talking about it. Go check online, there's barely any difference compared to an AMD platform

            stop trying to be a smartass

      • z490 a pro which is the minimum, costs $240. A decent b550 costs around $190. fair enough

  • +3

    That's a lot of processing power for the money, great bang for buck. Thanks OP

    About this item

    • 8 Cores / 16 Threads
    • Socket Type LGA 1200
    • Up to 5. 1 GHz Unlocked
    • Compatible with Intel 400 series chipset based motherboards
    • Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3. 0 Support
    • Intel Optane Memory Support


    • Is it also great value if you factor in cost for the cooler and the typically more expensive motherboards?

      • Didn’t see the Ryzen 7 series come with a cooler, and decent motherboards from both groups are actually fairly similar in price. Way better value than the 5800X for sure.

  • +4

    Pretty darn good pricing to be honest. I love AMD and my 5800x but intel is the best at the moment for best price to performance if on a budget.

    • 5800x is still the king, especially when it comes to limitations.

      • +2

        Of course its still the king but I paid $320 more than this on launch day for my 5800x. I have no regrets and would do it again. Just saying its better bang for your buck at the moment.

        • +3

          Yeah thats true, which is a massive brand flip compared to 5 years ago lol

        • Keep in mind this is them flogging off 10th gen because the 11th gen is launching, is why it's this cheap. However 11th gen is looking to undercut the 5000 series pricing. The RRP for the 11700k is US$399, compared to US$450 for the 5800x. That keeps it somewhat appealing and maybe their availability will be better than AMDs.

          Given the 11th gen doesn't offer any actual gaming improvements, this is excellent value for a gaming rig.

          • @DisabledUser229012: I'm a bit out of the loop atm. If the 11th gen doesn't provide gaming improvements, what are the primary benefits over 10th gen? Cheers.

            • +1

              @pronoun: There's a substantial IPC improvement in specific work loads, but not much of a difference for gaming. It's still on 14nm manufacturing process but a new architecture. Weirdly the i9 part goes from being 10 core to 8. There's a bump to PCIe lanes and PCIe gen4 support and better built in graphics.

              • @DisabledUser229012: Intel can't physically fitted any more, the die on 11th gen is much larger.

                • @Richardc: I'm aware. I think it's weird from a marketing perspective. They were already fighting up hill with their 10core vs AMDs 12core. Maybe it helps the i7 look like a better deal since there's very little difference to separate it from the i9 now, and the 5900x has terrible stock anyway.

            • +1

              @pronoun: Knee jerk reaction to Zen 3 really. Intel had to get something out and did so by backporting 10nm to their old 14nm process.

          • @DisabledUser229012: From the sounds the performance is similar or just a bit better. They clearly won't price it lower if they can out perform AMD. It Intel marketing/sales team we talking about soo…

            I mean I could been mistaken.

            • @DisabledUser362714: Based on the Anandtech review 11th gen is a big power hungry disappointment. They managed to get a retail unit from a reseller in Germany to bypass the NDA with Intel.


            • @DisabledUser362714: You can check the local pricing. PC Case Gear have listed theirs. 11700k is about $50 cheaper than a tray 5800x, or $80 cheaper if you want a box. the 11700kf isn't listed but should be ~$30 cheaper again if you don't need the iGPU.

              However, stock for the 5000 series seems to be improving and prices are improving with that.

          • @DisabledUser229012: That pricing is per 1000 units ordered, not per unit.

            • @shellshocked: True, but they are undercutting them. Check out the actual retail pricing in Australia. Only recently have I seen a 5800x get under $700 and most stores still have them in the low $700s or even over $800. 11700k is $649. Not sure what the kf will go for, ~$30 cheaper.

  • does amazon include tax invoices that I can claim in this order?

    • Yes, it does. The invoice is under the orders.

  • +1

    Oh man… I thought the 5600x was a good buy at $430… Why did I pay $50 more for 2 less cores? Sigh..

    • -1

      You got pcie4

      • +4

        I don't understand paying $50 more for an objectively worse performing processor just for PCIe4. By the time I upgrade from 10700K I will need a new motherboard anyway which will definitely support PCIe4, plus I don't have anything compatible with PCIe4 right now except my RTX 3070, which gets virtually 0% performance boost in PCIe4 compared to PCIe3. Moreover the only reason I'm excited about PCIe4 is for the super fast SSD speeds but they are still ludicrously expensive and I know that I won't really notice a difference in day to day usage compared to my already speedy 970 evo.

        • +1

          What do you mean objectively worse performing?
          I'd still take the 5600x over this.
          But my main use is gaming (where the 5600x still wins). If your main use is productivity, well then the extra 2 cores will give you a performance boost agreed.

          • -2

            @cheesecactus: 5600X doesn’t ‘beat’ 10700K in gaming, they’re actually very similar. The difference being minuscule the further you go away from 1080p. I play on the often discounted Dell 1440p 144hz monitor and the 5600x will make zero difference while being more expensive, and doing worse in multi core tasks.

            • +5

              @Could Be Better: I disagree, 5600 definitely beats the 10700k in gaming.

              All reviewer benchmarks support this. Toms hardware at 1440p as an example (I also have a dell 1440p/144hz monitor). 7% isnt a small amount.


              And thats just stock. If we add on PBO it's even more impressive. I currently have a 4690k and overclocking it the old manual way is too time consuming and flakey. I'd kill for something like PBO.

              And given the more expensive mobos for intel, the only reason i'd reccomend someone go with intel is stock avaliability.

        • 10th gen cpus dont support pcie 4

      • you say it like everyone is looking for pcie gen 4

        it doesnt even make a difference in GPUs

        • +2

          It could make a difference, depending on how often someone upgrades.
          Given I'm on the same platform I've been on for the last 7 years, it's not inconceivable that PCIe could make a difference in the next ~5 years

          • -2

            @Rail Rider95: glad you know the future

            • +2

              @Freestyle: Never claimed to know the future. I'm merely saying that some people hold onto their hardware for a while and that we don't know how long it will be until PCIe 4 is making a noticeable difference.
              With that said, at the very top end of graphics cards and overclocking today, there is a measurable difference, albeit insignificant. Meaning that we are approaching the limits of what PCIe 3 can supply. And with more people making the move to NVME SSDs, taking up more bandwidth, PCIe 4 is a better standard to aim for with regard to future compatibility and provisioning for an unknown future.

              • @Rail Rider95: with that logic no one should upgrade now because DDR5 platform comes out by end of the year

        • no.. only you interpret it like that

          • @kungfu_tofu: since you have no reply to ddr5 platform it means you guys arent really thinking at all and just want the next shiny tech even if it doesnt help

    • +2

      and 65W vs 125W

    • +2

      I think you'd have to spend more for the mobo. I paid $470 for my 5600x and another $30 for a bios update.

      Username checks out.

    • How much did you spend on the motherboard though? Z490 boards are way more expensive than B550…

    • It depends on your use case.
      For gaming 5600X is better and you're likely actually getting more performance per dollar even at this price difference (if not at leaset very close.

      It lags the 10700k a little at multi-core performance (well it has 2 less cores) but honestly if you wanted a heavy multi-core CPU you'd be buying a 3700x and getting more value there than the 10700k.

      • Not really bro. Gaming performance is the same and the multi core workloads are better on the i7.

        Also, a 5600x is $100 more at this point. Its kinda a no brainer

      • Why is everyone saying 10700K is better at gaming than 5600x? It’s pretty much neck and neck at 1080p and at 1440p and above there’s virtually no difference. Plus how is the 3700x better value than 10700K? The lowest I’ve seen the 3700x is $410.

  • genuine question:

    will be Frequency a big contribution for daily office tasks in terms of speed?

    our server is using E5-2660 and throttled at 2.2G running non-ssd hard drive, but i can still feel not slower than my i5-8265u SSD laptop.

    • you use use the T-skew for those, more efficient and businesses get them cheaper i think

    • You can't just compare frequency, that server CPU is seriously obsolete, even the cheapest quadcore from AMD and intel are going to perform significantly better.

      You can tell if you will benefit from a better CPU by looking at it's % usage during the day, but you will definitely benefit from cloning your HDD across to any budget SSD.

  • Just hold. Price will fall from now.

  • Is it worthwhile to upgrade to this CPU from 8700K if primary use is 4K gaming w/ Nvidia 3080 and 4K UHD movies (MadVR) ?

    • +2


    • +1

      double no, only upgrade for ddr5 or even the gen after that

      • +1

        Thanks, that settles it lol !

  • What ozbargain MB and GPU to go with this for gaming.

    • Cheapest board with your feature you want.

      GPU, yeah good luck finding one in stock.

  • Has anyone had any stability issue using this for EXSI? Planning on running WS19, BI and RHEL.

    • I would personally go with second hand xeon(server/enterprise gear) unless you workload require fast single core performance. You can get much cheaper RAM and ECC as well.

      • Yeah I've got a few PE and Proliants in my rack. Just looking for a silent solution so it can be deployed and moved regularly.

        • Ah silent, you could have look at replacing those stock fans with noctua, pretty sure will be still cheaper than buying a new system.

          • @DisabledUser362714: I've replaced my switches with Noctua but the Dell PE uses a 6 pin configuration. I've done the resistors mod and Firmware Hack, but most of the noise is coming from the PSU which I don't want to touch.

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