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Zeskit 2m Certified HDMI 2.1 Cable 8K/10K 48gbps $29.02 + Delivery ($0 with Prime & $49 Spend) @ Amazon US via AU


I had some issues trying to passthrough 4K from Apple TV through LG SN11 Soundbar. Tried some HDMI cables with no luck. Was looking at this cable's reviewes where someone was suggesting to buy Zeskit or Kabledirect if you want guaranteed DV, I looked at them they were both around $60 until recently had an Email from Amazon re price drop from $43 to around $30. Bought two and got them today and will give them a try later on today.
Looking at their photos the difference is others mention they have oxygen free but they are stranded and this one is not (making it a bit hard to flex) but less interference.
It also has a QR on the box with certified HDMI on it.
With Prime I bought two so got them delivered free.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    You didn't need 8k cables to pass through a Apple 4k device and soundbar.

    Could have spent $5 or so at Officeworks and done fine.

    The only reason I could justify higher costs are for cabling in walls that'll be difficult to replace and/or longer distances.

    • I know but tried some 4K cables and didn't work, wanted to future proof too.

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        Well, they obviously weren't 4k certified cables.

        As I've said, those Officeworks cheapo cables work fine. I've used them before, never an issue.

        If you buy some dodgy ebay stuff from overseas, sure, they can be off.

        I also wouldn't buy cables for future proofing. By the time you'll upgrade you may need something different or the cables may well need replacing anyway.

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          I bought 8K cable from ebay and I could get 4K SDR 60hz, no DV / HDR at 50/60Hz however I could get DV / HDR at 50/60Hz without passthrough i.e. Apple TV straight to TV so I thought passthrough might slightly affect the signal.

          • @BaarOzGain: EBay. Enough said.

            I've had display port cables that lied about their output, wouldn't trust any in there unless from a bigger reputable seller, from memory Selby is one. There was another good one too.

            • @scuderiarmani: The one I bought was from Selby, and strangely this 8K cable didn’t fix the issue too. Seems like an issue with either Apple TV or LG soundbar

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                @BaarOzGain: I didn't think it would.

                Selby are quality.

                Does your TV have a HDMI setting for enhanced signal format or the like?

                • @scuderiarmani: My TV supports DV and HDR10 only on HDMI 2 and 3 inputs have tried both, cannot find enhanced signal format option or similar on my TV (Sony X93E)
                  Doing some research apparently this issue is common with LG soundbars…

                  • @BaarOzGain: That TV will have that setting, I run Sony TVs.

                    That's most likely your issue.

                    The settings have been moved around, from memory it's under watching TV and you'll see it listed there. I believe while you have FTA on screen.

                    • @scuderiarmani: Thanks, will have another look tonight

                    • @scuderiarmani: Legend, it was on standard, what an idiot I am. Was going to return the soundbar
                      Thanks heaps

                      • @BaarOzGain: All good, maybe you can return cables too :)

                        I personally don't know why it's not on by default.

                • @scuderiarmani: Big fan of Selby, pretty much only buy from them now.

      • Please update if you find that this cable solves your problems.

        I don't think it will personally but happy to be proved wrong. I have issues with my SN9YG

        • +1

          Will give it a try tonight see how it goes, on the box says 8K/10K/48 Gbps/ Dynamic HDR/eARC / VRR / ALLM / QFT / QMS and compatible with Dolby Vision so hopefully fixes the issue. will let you know.
          My TV does not have eARC so can't go through TV back to soundbar for Atmos.

        • You were right , still the same issue
          Not sure if it’s LG or Apple TV issue but no 4K DV @60hz
          Did some searching someone was able to fix the issue using 2 Belkin HDMI cables saying Apple is picky with HDMI cables…
          Issue is going straight to TV I get 4K DV 60hz with HDMI 1.4 cable

          • @BaarOzGain: Further to my other comment, as per @scuderiarmani’s comment above changed the HDMI signal on TV to enhance mode and all sorted, Probabely didn’t need this cable, having said that quality of the cable is great, far superior to the Selby 8k I have

  • This cable is pretty good. It works at 4K/HDR/GSync/120HZ to my LG OLED.
    My Kabeldirekt cables couldn't do it without flickering.

    • Good to know, I'll give it a try with my Samsung. Sick of losing image for a second or two when trying to game at 4k 120hz.

  • +1

    I wish they didn't have that useless braided "hard to flex" sheath/shielding.
    I hate working with it, it's impossible to tuck it away neatly and the only HDMI cables I've had that have failed are several of these sheathed ones (which is ironic).

    Does anyone recommend a reasonably priced 4K/HDR/GSync/120HZ compatible cable without this useless sheath?

  • While on this topic, could someone assist why the image is pink when trying to stream Dolby Vision? Using Shield TV 2019 and Hisense 70S5.
    Also, tried to passthrough the Q950T soundbar but somehow the HDMI loses connection when the 'Enhanced' mode is selected on the TV (This is required for 4K DV at 60Hz.
    So can only get it if i plug in directly to the TV but the image is pink. Tried a few diff Advanced image settings without any luck. So back to streaming on 4K UHD on the Shield

    • Some TV's only have DV on some HDMI ports , have you tried other HDMI inputs?

      • Tv connected to soundbar via ARC. Even tried another ports on soundbar and tv.. looks like a known issue with the Shield. Might need to try the new Chromecast with Android tv.

  • Slightly off topic, but does anyone know of a cable this quality in 10m? This seems to max out at 5m.

  • Other brands are cheaper.

    $21.90 + 5% off

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