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[Afterpay] Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SATA Internal SSD $127.20 + $32 Cashback ($95.20 after Cashback) @ Shallothead eBay


Samsung 860 EVO 1TB for $127.2 with Afterpay +$32 cashback.

Original Coupon Deal

Original Cashback Deal

As previous deal OP said seller invoice is K.S. Computers, so part of the cashback.

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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    • Is that seller eligible for samsung cashback though?

      • they have the banner in the description so I assume they would be

      • Yes, they will e-mail you an invoice (K.S. Computers). The description of the item will be generic (basically the eBay item title). The cashback team doesn't seem to check the invoice in depth (as long as the company and the model number is correct, it should be fine).

        Not impressed with this seller after the way they handled the 2TB SSD mess (wrong model sent).

    • Nice find, I didn't see that on the eBay's Afterpay main page when I search SSD.

  • are they all resellers of KS computer?
    gg.tech365, Shallothead, futu

    also ordered something from gg.tech,the carboard box logo is shopping express

    • gg.tech365 has their own invoice, not KS

      • no, I got 980pro from gg.tech365 ebay on last week 15% off deal,the invoice is from KS computer, cashback claimed.

  • beware that they could send 870 instead, which is what happened last time

    • Cashback difference between 1TB 860 and 870 is $7
      The 2TB had close to $90 difference in cashback

    • Any technical issues with evo 870 (except for $7 less cashback)?
      As I missed out 860 so i ended up with evo 870, i think i paid $7 more for latest release

  • still miss the $149 2tb

    • Nobody got that in the end. Seller sent out 870 Evos which had much less cashback rate

  • Me too and missed that whole round of ssd sale as I don't have ebay plus. but if I bought it then most likely ended up with the 870 as others mentioned and not getting as much cashback. Still fairly good price for 2tb

    • Next time there's an ebay plus only special, you can potentially join ebay plus for a 30 day free trial. Not sure if everyone qualifies. Click on the ebay plus link on ebay's main page when you're logged in to check.

  • damn just bought 2 of the WD blue SN550's at ~$120 each.
    oh well can't complain too much, don't have the rest of the bits for my media server yet.

  • Thanks OP, bought one with gift cards, now see when and what will they send out!

    • Got emailed with an invoice yesterday from KS Computer saying the item is 860 Evo & dispatched. Will shall see.

      • Thanks for your information.

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