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[Afterpay] Garmin Fenix 6 Pro (Sold out) / 6S Pro, Both $599.08 / Garmin Fenix 5S Plus Sapphire $451.88 Delivered @ Ryda eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Seems a good price for the 6 pro and 6s Pro. Worth checking out other Garmin models at the RYDA ebay store so if if a deal can be had on the model you want,

I actually went for a 5s Plus Sapphire (Grey + White) which can be had for less than $500 but the quantiity available is too small to post here. However, a Garmin watch with maps, music and Garmin pay for under $500 is pretty rare so that might interest some.

Edit - The white on white 5S Plus Sapphire can be had for approx $451.88 using the same code at Ryda's ebay store also.

Edit 2 - midday 19/03 - 6 pro sold out. 6s pro still available and 5s plus sapphire still available

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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  • This is actually great, even the 6 Pro goes to $599. Darn, and thought I scored a decent deal when I got mine for ~$679 about 3 weeks ago.

    • I got my 6X Sapphire Edition for $700 from JB last year, so this deal doesn't sound that great at all in comparison, unless you're looking to buy now.

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        6X might be too big/ heavy for some

        • Agreed, it would be too large for most women's and some men's wrists but the 6S is too small IMHO, especially to use the maps functionality effectively.

      • That was a great deal for Black Friday was it not? Quite rare to get a deal that good so people could be waiting a long time for something similar.

        • Yes, JB Hi-FI's Black Friday catalog (so you could combine it with gift cards, as I did) and also price matched by Amazon. There was quite a bit of stock nation-wide though.

      • I guess great relative to the price that was hovering the past couple of months. Did not see any dip below $650 let alone $600. But yeah, all depends on how desperate you need to get one.

  • does sapphire really matter for Fenix 6S since the screen size is not as big as X

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      Depends on where you bring your watch when you work out. If you're doing lotsa hiking where risk of getting the watch bump or grazed, then the Sapphire would be good regardless of size. But I do mainly cycling, so I just pop on a screen protector and it's more than sufficient to keep the screen safe and cheaper

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    Did a search via the app, specifically using the afterpay link on eBay, came up with nothing. Grr
    Thanks op, great price for 6 and the 5

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      Yes, I just went to the Ryda ebay store to give it a punt and it worked!

      • Nice work young man/woman/person!
        How did you decide on picking 5 over 6?
        Curious because 5 is a few years old, 5 plus is a lot newer but in my head, a newer model and batt and chipset is worth the 140ish extra for a 6

        • Budget was 500 max and the 5s plus I bought (not the 5), has maps, music and pay plus it’s the sapphire version. Cost 480 so I’m happy with that. It also has the grey strap and white face which I think looks nicer than black on black, but that’s just me.

          • @Poolprouk: Fair enough!
            The White on White with sapphire has more than 12 stock I think from the app, 450ish with the code (if you cbb posting that)

          • @Poolprouk: Can u send me a link of 5s with grey strap and white face? I only found white with white.


  • I don't seem to be able to get this price on eBay through the link. Am I missing something?

    • Never mind, for some reason eBay wouldn't give me the discount while logged in, but it did when I signed out and used guest checkout… if anyone else has same issue.