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[Afterpay] eufy Video Doorbell 2K Wireless w/ Homebase 2 (Battery-Powered) $263.20 Delivered @ Bing Lee & Wireless 1 eBay


The video doorbell with no subscription charges. Cheapest listed price on OzBargain (excluding offers).

Use Swap Gift Cards to get an even larger savings (5%).

Available at Wireless1 and BingLee

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This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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  • Do afterpay affect credit score ?

    • +7

      Credit score - no. It simply charges your existing credit/debit card.

      Banks apparently do take Afterpay into consideration when doing home loan checks.

  • It says this code can't be applied to your order

  • It's working when I logged off and logged in back.

  • -1

    Can do 2 ways talk with this camera?

  • Looking for 2c

    • 2c?

    • +3

      I bought the same model but just with the door chime (no homebase).

      I threw in a 64gb micro sd card and put the recording to max recording and video length.

      It picks up everything and battery lasts a solid 15 days per charge (could easily get more if you turn it down). Have used it for 62 days now - it has recorded 4720 motions and used 18gb of the card. I plan to just format the card when it fills up.

      2way chat has proven very useful too.

      Their app is slick without any issues. You'll get notifications each time time doorbell is pressed, and even notifications when it detects movement if you choose to do so.

      Very solid device and no complaints whatsoever.

      • +1

        The 15 days battery sounds like a bit of pain. I was under the impression it would be like 6 months at least.

        Good to know you can put a card in because the 4gb built in would not be very much to rely on.

        • Guess it depends on how you view things. 15 days doesn't phase me but to each their own. I reckon you could get 30 days easily with the right settings.

          The way my front door is I want max surveillance which is why I turned it way up.

          I haven't read into it but does the Homebase give it more battery life due to more efficient data access etc?

          • @csider: 15 days is MUCH shorter than my old school Ring doorbell??

            • +1

              @kcbworth: I've got no experience with the Ring range, but it's pretty hard to compare apples with apples given that you can set the Eufy doorbell to be more sensitive and record for longer and my front yard traffic is likely different to your own front yard. I'm just giving my experience.

              As an example you can make it record for a minimum of 30 seconds each time there is a trigger event (person or motion).

              Like I said, I don't have an issue with its battery life given how many times it triggers each day, which on average is about 73 times per day.

              Even on high sensitivity, ymmv if your front door doesn't get much traffic. You can even make it trigger less by setting activity zones.

              • @csider: Your settings sound too sensitive. That many false alarms would be tiring to check, let alone the battery and storage hit you're taking.

                • +2

                  @SydStrand: I don't have notifications on for anything besides the doorbell being pressed.

                  Because my front door is close to the sidewalk and my car is also right there, I'm basically using the doorbell as a psuedo security camera.

                  Sure, it captures every single human movement (and any movement at night) but I don't get notified about it, and it just goes into the 64gb sd card.

                  At estimated usage, it's going to take 8 months to fill this card up. After which, I'll simply format and go again.

      • Hi there, may I ask where you insert the SD card on? Was that on the doorbell directly or homebase?
        Didn't realised you could expand the storage by inserting SD card. Everywhere I read is showing internal storage of 3.66GB and that was all.


        • I can only speak of the model that comes with the chime.

          The SD card goes in the chime that's plugged inside your house.

          It would be silly to have it on the door bell as someone could just rip it off, along with all video evidence.

  • +1

    I feel like crying. Bought the Eufy 2C cam from Aliexpress from a deal posted here. The purchase was in Dec and I am yet to received it.

    Last shipping update is from Jan 27. I highly doubt the parcel has moved anywhere. I am supposed to wait till 15 April to open a dispute. Just pathetic.

    I wish I could get in on this deal but my purchase included the home base :(

    • Ey bing lee is cheaper at 199 x 0.8 about 159

    • +3

      This is why I haven't bought anything off AliExpress for a long time. Too slow amd not worth the wait.

      • Noted for the future. :(

        Wondering if there is anyway I can get this for now and then do something with the homebase of the cams when it arrives. (if it does)

      • +1

        Yes China seems to be deliberately delaying mail from China including so called faster options. Sellers are also gaming the system by marking an item as posted but then not actually posting for another week or so. The 90 day delivery window is crazy. I refuse to use AliExpress ATM as should we all.

  • OoS at Wireless1. Still available at BingLee https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/164693425922

  • if i already have the 4c + homebase, do I need another homebase or can I just get the doorbell?

    Also, how does Afterpay work with the swap gift cards?
    First time user.

    • You should simply just get the doorbell from binglee at $199.00 x 80% for ~$159

      (note that as with the case of the wired indoor cameras, wireless vs wired versions have differences in motion detection/responsiveness (PIR vs pixel differences) and so-on)

      • seems like they were working on a patch to make it compatible?
        hopefully i would have been released by now.

  • +1

    Ooh, pretty good price. I’m toying with this or the Arlo Essential Wireless Doorbell. Better field of view and I’m already paying for their ecosystem anyway.

    I do like that the Eufy will live stream to Alexa automatically on doorbell press, though. Tempting. Don’t really want to use Afterpay though, so no rush for me.

    • do you know if Eufy livestream directly to google?

  • +1

    Can I please ask what the Homebase is for?

    • +1

      Home base acts like a mesh WIFI for al the eufy devices, and stores all the videos. I think each Homebase can support 16 security devices.

  • should have bought this instead of ring2

  • Does the homebase connect via wi-fi , LAN or both ?

  • Guys, just be aware that there are several versions of the Eufy doorbell. Some work with the Homebase, some work with your existing wifi and some are wired.

  • I can apply afterpay 20% code AND swap gift voucher code but when I hit CONFIRM the payment fails. What am I doing wrong here ?

    • +1

      They took the listing down at 12:48:46 AEDST

  • I believe the issue was that my new afterpay account was not linked properly to my eBay account as I had not yet logged into my afterpay account. All sorted now

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