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[Afterpay] Bosch WTW87564AU 9kg Heat Pump Dryer $1198.40 ($2199 RRP) Delivered @ Appliances Online eBay


Seems like all time low for this Dryer. Take the RRP with a grain of salt as typical price is much less.

Good Guys Commercial has it for $1488 , TGG/HN has it for $1799

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This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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  • Great price. I paid slightly more a couple of weeks ago from Appliances Online via eBay. Top service and very happy with the dryer.

    • Sorry, $1200 for a dryer? Does it iron my clothes also at this price?

      • +6

        It's a heat pump dryer.
        Unlike a normal dryer, it doesn't vent out water vapour & heat that lead to a humid/hot room & eventually moldy walls. It also uses a lot less energy than a conventional dryer and less electricity depending on usage.

        • +2

          It's essentially a fridge in reverse.

        • +3

          I'm not familiar with dryer, can the $495 Esatto heat pump dryer do all of the above?

          • +2

            @ChubbyMastiff: All heat pump dryers are similar in fundamentals that way. None of them will emit water vapour, for example, like a vented dryer. There will instead be water collecting in a tray and you will need to empty it periodically. I think some machines may allow for a plumbing connection to allow for the water to drain out.

          • -4

            @ChubbyMastiff: Absolutely, but can I sell one to you at more than 2 times the price? For many, apparently so.. Suckers.

            • @DisabledUser110907:

              @ChubbyMastiff: Absolutely, but can I sell one to you at more than 2 times the price? For many, apparently so.. Suckers.

              They're both not comparable like that. For starters, the Esatto is 7kg and the Bosch one is 9kg, and the Esatto has a 6-stars energy rating and the Bosch has an 8-stars energy rating. The Bosch ought to be more expensive by all rational means.

              Besides, one is made in China with a label stuck to it, and another is made by an an established, well-known German engineering and technology conglomerate and is made in Poland. I'd get the Bosch at $1200 instead of Esatto at $500, yes (I missed both deals, but that's another matter).

              • -1

                @CocaKoala: Plenty of products made in China are very high quality, we all have Chinese made products in our homes, it all comes down to the company itself. Where do you think iPhones were made until recently? China. They have only recently started moving the production of iPhones to Sharp in Japan and Taiwan, (due to trade wars with China & US) but almost all their hardware until recently was made in China and no one said they were poorly made.
                If a company has good quality control, it's just as good in China as anywhere, and cheaper due to lower pay rates.

                • +4

                  @DisabledUser110907: I'll never buy a product made in China if there's an alternative available at a reasonable premium.

                  My money, my choice.

                  • +3

                    @CocaKoala: Same, screw Chinese junk

                    • -1

                      @Flykiwiguy: we used to say the about Jap Crap in the 70's……

                  • -1

                    @CocaKoala: Then you don't have an iPhone or any smartphone? Of course, it's your choice, no argument there, however many don't realise how many products in their home are made in China because they have big brand names, such as Apple, Fisher & Paykel (Chinese made) and assume they are made in Germany, NZ, the USA etc.

                    • @DisabledUser110907: Which part of this is not clear to you? "My money, my choice".

                      Then you don't have an iPhone or any smartphone?

                      Yes, I do have a smartphone but it's just not made in China. You are asking a question and are "explaining" more to me like this has some relevance here - I don't care if any product that I already own is made in China, but I will not buy any more junk from China. I don't know what exactly is so difficult to understand in here.

                      I've made numerous purchases since the pandemic (dishwasher, air conditioner, router, mobile phones, leather recliner, laptop, etc.) and none of them are made in China. I know because I made sure of that before the purchase, and I am not going to change my mind about this and I know I am not alone.

                      • @CocaKoala: I think you are completely misunderstanding me, I don't like buying Chinese made products either, but it's almost impossible to avoid due to their dominance.
                        What phone do you have that is not made in China? I would love to buy one myself if it is decent, but I haven't found a single phone not made in China. Nokia used to be made in Finland, but not now that it isn't really a Nokia device, just the brand name sold off to a Chinese manufacturer (HMD).
                        I recently purchased a Breville espresso machine, thinking it wasn't made in China, being an Australian founded company, but there it was, on the back of the box "Made in China" I also thought my Fisher & Paykel Dishdraw was made in New Zealand, it's not, it's made in China (they've moved production out of NZ), there is no alternative to a dishdraw style dishwasher, which I need for the space I have.

                        • @DisabledUser110907:

                          I think you are completely misunderstanding me, I don't like buying Chinese made products either

                          Well, don't worry about my misunderstanding, and I definitely don't care about what other people want to buy with their money because it's their money.

                          I don't like buying Chinese made products either, but it's almost impossible to avoid due to their dominance.

                          This has not been true at all based on my experience. I didn't ever have to spend any considerable time trying to find items that are not made in China. Yes, they do dominate in making cheap products with a few exceptions (the stooges will immediately say iphone, iphone, which is also moving out of China now). If you're willing to pay a bit more for higher quality, there are plenty of choices.

                          What phone do you have that is not made in China? I would love to buy one myself if it is decent, but I haven't found a single phone not made in China.

                          May be you're not finding one because you're looking at xiamoi or other crap like that. Samsung is the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones, and their biggest mobile phone manufacturing plant is in India.

                          PLENTY of Samsung, LG, Sony phones are either made in Korea, Japan, Vietnam, India, Brazil, or Indonesia. The last two phones that I recently purchased were an LG Velvet, which is made in Vietnam and a Samsung S20+, which I can't remember the manufacturing country of, but it certainly is not China. As a matter of fact, pick ANY Samsung phone and it will not be made in China: https://www.sammobile.com/where-are-samsung-phones-made

                          You want a dishwasher? Get a dishlex - made in Europe. Do let me know what else you want and I'll tell give you options to choose from. Just don't expect to pay cheap made in China prices if you want higher quality.

                          • @CocaKoala: Dishlex does not make a dishdrawer (or similar), as I said, Fisher & Paykel is the only brand that makes this format, which is a must for many in apartments.
                            I don't have room for a full-sized traditional dishwasher in a 1 bedroom apartment.

                            Obviously, in a house, this isn't an issue :)

                            Sony has pulled out of phones in Australia, so that isn't an option (not importing one for warranty reasons)

                            But I will take a look at a Samsung next time, good to know, cheers!

                            Surprisingly the new Xbox Series X is made in Malaysia, Sony PS5 in made in China (not Japan).

                            Anyway, time for me to do more research before my next purchase.

  • +30

    I got a further $60 cashback, and avoided having to use AfterPay, by:
    * buying $1,200 (2 x $500 + 1 x $200) Choice gift cards from Cashrewards (https://www.cashrewards.com.au/choice-gift-card)
    * exchanging each $500 Choice gift card for 2 x $200 + 1 x $100 eBay gift card, and the $200 Choice gift card for 1 x $200 eBay gift card
    * applying the 7 eBay gift cards plus PAPDY20.

    • +7

      OzBargain level up

    • How long did that take?

      • +2

        Probably about 15 minutes, by the time I set up and verified a Choice account. The Choice gift cards arrived pretty much straight away by email, but it was then a bit of fiddling around (not difficult, just time-consuming) to convert each one into the eBay gift cards.

        • 15min well worth it. I'm eyeing this up so depending on whether my gf agrees on this model I might try the same thing 👍

          • -5

            @lyle88: Did your gf pick out that dryer for you?

            • +3

              @PAOK11: Haha at least I have a girlfriend, I feel sorry for whoever gets stuck with you 🤌

      • How long did that take? I'm still working on it

    • I did the exact same thing. Easy peezy.

    • How did you get that? When I click on the choice gift card, it says "cashback:1.5%"

  • +1

    I have the exact model for last 2 years, bought it for $1500 from ebay sale.
    Really quiet and 8 star energy rating does a really good job.
    For $1198 its a good buy if you can get 5% off with GC's then a great buy.

    • how much heat would you say is in the room?
      as in can you feel the heat when you walk in when its on?

      • Ignorable level in the room, you can feel a bit warmth if you stand in front of the machine but not at all suffocating as cheaper models.

  • +3

    What are the metrics on the savings for a heat pump dryer? I would have thought putting the additional money towards solar would be better value for money, provided your able to run your dryer during the day.

    • Probably. If you are using your dryer 2-3 times a week this might never pay itself back. Paying an extra $1,000 for a higher capacity solar system if you don't have solar installed yet would be a better investment.

    • +10

      When I purchased mine I really did sit down and compare a $198 aldi dryer to the $1688 one I was buying. Short story was that over the 10 years the cost was going to be that close that there was almost nothing in it in terms of overall savings. Despite the 8x or 9x up front cost.

      Decided in the end if it was going to be the same monetary outcome - best I live with a high quality, quiet, heat pump one that also has zero condensation and has a number of great features. I'd enjoy the experience so much more than a loud, pipe running outside, sweatfest. No regrets thus far.

      • +1

        Same conclusion I came to when I bought ours.
        I can honestly this say this appliance has made our life better and was definitely worth the outlay.

      • +2

        What's the reliability like of these heat pump dryer? Will it last the 10+ years compared to the relatively simple design of a standard dryer I wonder.

        I know early heat pump dryers had a bad name for reliability but I find Bosch stuff to be pretty good so hopefully these go the distance.

        • +2

          More complexity, more failure points. But it's heat pump technology which has been around for a long time and robotically produced in huge quantities. It's reliable enough, though it simply won't beat the rock dumb ultra basic fan + resistive element combo of an old fashioned dryer.

        • +1

          Well your front loader won't last as long as your old top loader washing machine but many people bought those.

          Just like the front loaders, heat pump dryers are much better to your clothes.

          I own this model dryer. It isn't perfect in my eyes. The drawbacks is that it takes forever to dry things properly. Often two cycles.(a long one then the 20 minute warm cycle). It does a decent job of auto sensing when the stuff is dry and will end the cycle, but that doesn't always mean every item in the dryer is dry. Plus you have to plumb the thing otherwise you are forever emptying the draw of water (like I do) every time you do a full load direct from the washing machine. Plus the lint collector also needs to be regularly cleaned to keep the machine running well.

          But if you have kids, they are a life saver in the Victorian winter and you will get a few loads washed and dried in the same day with not a lot of power used.

  • +3

    Wow.. Seems like a great price!
    I paid $1688 delivered for a WTW87566AU about 10 months back. Mine has a 9 star energy rating otherwise I'm not sure what the difference is.

    I've never had Bosch before in my life - loving the one I've got and I now assume all their models are high quality, quiet and trouble free.

  • I purchased this for about $1450 around Boxing day through their online store. Delivery was hassle free and the unit has been going solid.

    Definitely recommended for this price.

  • This model has a 8 star energy rating with quoted 152KWh/year yet my AEG unit had 6 stars and quoted 123KWh/year. How did they get awarded the extra stars?

    • +2

      Depends upon the awarded year and capacity of unit.

    • +1

      Does this have a larger capacity than yours?

  • Just for curiosity, what's good about the more expensive Bosch one comparing to the cheap Esatto in this deal?

    • +1

      Made in Europe and top brand
      Made in china and no name brand

      Didn't bother looking at specs but they're 2 different classes

      • At the end of the day, it's a dryer, nothing to get too excited over.

        • +2

          Yeah, it's a heat pump dryer though, much more complex than a standard electric element type dryer.

          I'd definitely be going the Bosch over a random Chinese brand in this case (coming from someone who owns a standard dryer in a random Chinese brand).

    • +4

      Using the Esatto one right now. Had it for two years and I haven't experienced any major issues with it at all.

  • The Sun dries your clothes for free!

    • +3

      Agreed. Except this week it's raining all week in Sydney. And we have 2 kids, it becomes an issue… lol.

    • +1

      Save a lot of time not having to peg and unpeg clothes using a dryer!
      I guess it depends how much your time is worth

      • +1

        Dryers also fade your clothes quicker, so it depends on how long you want them to last.
        Good for towels and that's about it. Bad for your electricity bill and clothes.
        If you're in Sydney this week where its raining daily, try a clothes horse under cover/inside, you'd be surprised how quickly they dry naturally.

        • +1

          Or use a dehumidifier and dry it indoors

    • By that logic you should be showing in the rain this week, why waste water as well, right?

      • +3

        Also I hear walking is free so why own a car?

  • +4

    I just signed up for afterpay and paid for my first purchase. When I was redirected to the eBay, the site said, sorry we can't process your request. I checked my account before I try again….the money was taken from my account. Tried to contact AfterPay….. no phone number. You can email them and they'll try to resolve the issue within 21 days. First and last time user of AfterPay

    • Same thing happened to me, cancelling my account

  • Expecting a first child in a few months time and wondering how handy it is to have a dryer with kids? A must have or just helpful?

    • +1

      It really depends how many outfits you have for your kids

      We have enough for a good week
      That is having on average 1.5 outfits per day

    • +1

      Given you’re in Melbourne I’d say essential. We’re in Queensland and use ours only about 10-12 times a year with a toddler so not essential but nice to have. You’re going to do on average 3 loads of washing a week with a baby then toddler, and sometimes you’ll need whatever is in that wash, eg if you’re down to your last cot sheet, zippy suit, sleeping bag etc.

    • +2

      Very handy for kids and that is the main reason we got ours.
      Made things really easy for my wife, she always says its one of our best recent purchases.

    • +1

      yes, will save you alot of time.

  • Depends where you live. I am on qld and only need the dryer when it’s raining, otherwise the clothesline is fine.

  • Can you wall mount this sucker? Can't find it anywhere.

    • +1


      Very heavy but can be stacked with compatible washer. and kit.

  • I live alone and have a standard sensor dryer. I get home and change clothes, so I probably do laundry more than others. I use dryer 99% of the time.

    Works out to ~$8/mo for both the front-loader and the dryer.

    Something to keep in mind when you're looking at $800-1200 price increase on heatpump. If the slightly higher noise and humidity doesn't bother, take the savings. Invest in something, or buy yourself another toy.

  • anybody got the error "This code can't be applied to your order."?

  • what's the go to setting for a daily use of mixed clothes?

  • I literally just bought one last night $1450. Not sure if I can cancel it…

  • These are the best:
    - don’t consume much power
    - plumb the water straight into a drain
    - room won’t get hot n humid
    - doesn’t roast your clothes to a crisp
    - only need to empty the lint bin

    I use it twice a day and got rid of my clothesline, haven’t looked back!

  • +1

    These are great, doubles as an aircon too.

  • Sold out :(

    Couldn’t place order

  • +1


  • I bought this ages ago and this is a damn good dryer. Just remember to keep emptying the filter after one or two washes

  • Hope they restock it

    • +2


  • Hi everyone, i ran into a problem that Afterpay refunded to me after i completed checkout. I just signed up afterpay and have $600 limit. I guess i could be a reason

    • It’s not a bad thing. I just bought this and had a $600 limit.

      I still got the special price and paid for most up front so I’m happy there too.

  • Managed to get one this morning at about 12:30am using -5% gift cards from ShopBack.

    Saving another $60 stacked with the gcards

  • +1

    This is still in stock if people are looking

  • Ordered yesterday at 5pm with a 9kg Bosch Washer and they both arrived 10 minutes ago

    • +1

      Service is amazing.

      I ordered a dishwasher last year at 5pm Sunday and had it 7am Monday. Still can’t believe

      My dryer above due Monday. Happy with that as bought this morning.

  • Are these completely sealed? I have a combined laundry/garage, and I don't like the idea of car fumes and petrol fumes from the mower going through the clothes. Even if you can't smell it in the clothes those particles are carcinogenic.

    I've asked this question a lot and everyone so far has forcefully answered that it's sealed without really knowing. I suspect none of these condenser dryers are truly sealed, but rather extract the moisture and heat from the air but let the air circulate between the drum and environment. Maybe a combo washer/dryer is truly sealed but I'm not sure about that either.

  • Anyone stacked these on top of washers? Is the stacker kit just a gimmick?

    • It's a very heavy unit, but you should be able to stack it. Wall mounting may not be possible though.

      • I don’t mind stacking, just unsure if the stacking kit Bosch sell is a gimmick

        • I'm also looking for the stacking kit, it seems to be out of stock everywhere which is a pain.

          • +1

            @Jebus: I just bought a silicone rubber tote one and will see how that goes as the dryer comes today.

  • Back in stock, at a reduced price of $1190 after Afterpay/Giftcard discount

  • Damn Oz bargain! Ended up buying this because the Esatto sold out… I really hope this is worth the extra cost.

  • Got mine delivered today! The delivery is impeccable.

    • +2

      Got mine too!

      Didn’t use right settings first and clothes not dry. Now I’ll read instructions

  • Aaaagh Im gutted I missed this. Bosch washer is excellent quality. We are family of 5 in SA so power savings would be good.

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