expired DWI Deal of the day iPad2 16GB WiFi $489, Motorola XOOM 32GB 3G Unlocked $398 + Free Shipping

DWI Deal of the day iPad2 16GB WiFi $489, Motorola XOOM 32GB 3G Unlocked $398 + Free ShippingAffiliate

DWI are doing Motorola XOOM 32GB 3G Unlocked $398 again.
It's cheaper than previous deal by $1
Not sure if iPad is cheaper than other places or not but it's the cheapest I've seen so far.

iPad Apple iPad 2 16GB WiFi $489 http://www.dwidigitalcameras.com.au/store/product.asp?idProd...
Motorola XOOM 32GB 3G Unlocked $398 http://www.dwidigitalcameras.com.au/store/index.asp

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    That ipad sure is a good price !


    2% surcharge applied to payment with Paypal.
    Therefore, Ipad 2 = 1.02 x 489 = $499 and Xoom = 1.02 x 398 = $406


      What about CC. no charge with CC right?


        use paypal, it is recommended on whirlpool not to use credit cards as there servers are not secure.

        and i think there is a 2% charge for credit cards as well


        Visa and Master card : 2% surcharge
        Paypal : 2% surcharge
        Telegraphic transfer : $20 surcharge

        I've just got a Samsung tablet from DWI. Price and shipping are good. Hopefully there will not be any problems with the quality.

        Note that these are Hongkong stocks and you need to setup the language when first use, otherwise Chinese is displayed (and made me shocked for a few seconds):))

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    Before you order with them, you should read this:

    A whole bunch of us got shafted badly by DWI and left in the lurch for >2 weeks with the Galaxy note. So be warned… read more here.


    We're still waiting at the moment for our orders while they have the cash.

    I don't recommend them and would personally never use them again.

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    I ordered an ipad 2 16GB wifi just before christmas on 20th and recived within 3 days of ordering.
    Price advertised was $518 including shipping. I paid $518 via Paypal and there was no extra charge.

    It came with the adaptor attachment for the power cord.
    I am very happy with the fast shipping and the product.

    Hope it helps people who are looking at buying ipads.


    just purchased ipad 2 32gb wifi for 673$ at jb hifi..
    easy and fast transaction

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    just read shocking response letters to whosoever bought galaxy note… They r no different to shopping square. I suggest stay away people.



    We have checked with relevant departments.

    For the model you order, the reason that ebay orders can be fulfilled is due to a higher price, we cannot fulfill the lower price order as we do not make loss for any order.

    Perhaps, we may be able to get the model at a normal price(a lower cost) at the end of January from our supplier, but there is no guarantee."

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      It's a neg for me

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        yup I am also one of these people who are still hanging out for this retailer to actually proceed with the sale that they charged me for 2 weeks ago - apparently contingent on their cost of goods sold.

        how can you market something for sale - "deal of the day" (ie apparently below normal cost?), OVERSELL, take pre-payment from all buyers, and then not ship stock you HAVE until you're making a sufficient margin?

        they really should sell the highest spec'd ipad2 for $200 - using their logic, pay now and it should ship within 10 years - but no guarantees.


        Definitely a neg for DWI


      this is shocking

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    Yeah I am one of the victims too… they've got nice logo: "WE DO NOT MAKE LOSS FOR ANY ORDER" (quoted with caps, as per their original e-mail).


      Surely there is something you can do here (as i believe they trade with an Australian ABN here), as you have entered into a contract of sale? Any legal eagles (ie Ralph Nader) had a look at that on wp?

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    Obviously the phone sale is somewhat of a fiasco for them.

    Personally I have purchased over $10K worth of gear from them, over the past 18 months. The items were always shipped using FedEx, and arrive in Perth within 3 days.

    Latest purchase was 2 Motorola Xoom tablets which I ordered on the 19/12/11 and received on the 22-12-11.

    Lets hope they learn from this mistake.

    I do like the look/size of the 8.9" Samsung; http://www.dwidigitalcameras.com.au/store/product.asp?idProd...

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    Please DON'T ignore the warnings against dealing with these people. I don't want to go into it too much, as I'm still waiting for a refund.

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    Thanks for the heads-up on the pitfalls guys, I was thinking about buying some stuff off them…now I think I might just give DWI a very wide berth!

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    Sounds like deals from DWI should be banned from OZB.

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    May consider to report it to ACCC to protect consumer's right.


    Damm, why all the grey importer are doing the same? I was tricked by shopping square months ago for the Galaxy II deal. DWI seems making one step further declare they don't ship when they couldn't make money ON PAPER! I almost ordered their Xoom deal back a few weeks ago.


      Shopping square honored the deal - it was obviously a mistake on their site re pricing, and they were inundated. Was well worth the wait though!

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    pretty sure it is against PayPal policies for sellers to add a surcharge to use PayPal…


    I bought a XOOM 3G at NetPlus in Mayree WA yesterday for $399. Excellent unit, I like it better than my iPad…



    I have had bad service from DWI in the past

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