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[Afterpay] iPhone 12 Pro 128GB $1395.99 | iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB $1549.99 Shipped @ Mobileciti eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Biggest discount I've seen on iPhone 12 Pro's and Pro Max's. Maxes out the $300 limit of the 20% coupon on all models.

12 Pro from $1395.99 Delivered Link

12 Pro Max from $1549.99 Delivered Link

Mix of capacities and colours currently available.

Further discounts using discounted GC's

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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              @radicalhaqer: I purchased a lot of things from mobileciti before, they have great customer service, if there is an issue with the device, I believe they can fix it. I will check the device once received, I will not activate it if anything wrong, will send it back right away.

              • @Tian355: Cheers. Thanks for the info. I might go ahead with it as well then.

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                  @radicalhaqer: Hey, just received the phone 30mins ago, the seal was broken but phone was brand new, no fingerprints no scratches and marks at all, check the series number before activate it, the phone was made in Oct 2020, so its old stock, not new made, but I don’t mind at all for its price,I’m happy about it.

                  • @Tian355: Appreciate your update. Just confirmed my order as well. Enjoy your new phone!

                    • @radicalhaqer: How is your phone, could you give us an update?

                      • @mjjeje: Havent' received it yet. Will let you know.

                      • @mjjeje: just received my phone. Outer packaging was horribly done. Actual phone box came out of the secondary box. Outer plastic wrap was undone too. Phone was placed incorrectly (flipped side) in the original box. I could see white circle markings on the back of the phone,which went away when i wiped it. Phone itself looks scratchless but it certainly looks like it was fiddled with. checked the serial for warranty coverage and got a message saying "the phone isn't activated". So will try to activate later tonight. Anyway to check if it used or something with imei or serial number?

                  • @Tian355: when is your limited warranty expiry date? mine is 11/11/2021 - does it mean it has been activated before?

                    • @mjjeje: I got the iphone but i am not able to activate the phone..

                      • @Siddh: Ooh why?

                        • @mjjeje: Not sure.. apple tech also tried but no success.. sent email to mobileciti and will request them for replacement

                          Any how they are selling used new units as brand new, so they will not have any option and need to give me other unit.

                          I will keep u all posted, so in case if it happens with someone else, they will not what to do.

                          • @Siddh: Okay thanks. Keep me posted. I can activate but when it came the phone has lots of fingerprints and the usb cable is not neatly tied - obvious that it has been taken out before.

                            Dont think i can return it since i already open and activate it but very disappointed.

                            • @mjjeje: You can still return as seller is selling used piece. They have advertised as brand new.

                              • @Siddh: I have sent them a message asking for an explanation. Apple live chat told me that warranty is activated once the first user activated the phone, so given the warranty has been running for a couple of months, someone has activated the phone before?

                                What’s more disappointing is that I’ve bought from them multiple times without issues (or at least not that I was aware of) as well.

                                • @mjjeje: Hi guys,

                                  I went to their parramatta store, and got the brand new replacement.

                                  Completely sealed pack. Warranty checked

                                  All good

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                                    @Siddh: they haven't replied to my message. and i'm unable to visit the store (different state) :( oh well, glad you managed to get a replacement. Very dishonest way of business.

                                    • @mjjeje: I suggest just call them and talk to them on phone

                    • @mjjeje:

                      mine is 11/11/2021 - does it mean it has been activated before

                      Someone must have activated the phone around 11 Nov 2020, and then wiped the device clean.
                      Why did you not check the serial number yourself on Apple's support website before even opening the box?

                      In any case, this is extremely dishonest of Mobileciti to pass off an used / activated phone as brand new.

                      I certainly won't be buying from them.

                      • @DoctorCalculon: I assumed it was brand new (I guess it was my naivity). And only realised it after activation and saw the limited warranty date.

                        Anyway, they replied and offer me a full refund for the iphone. Will see how it goes next.

  • I bought from them too and same story about packing. Was very disappointed as well but given the price I took the chance. Came home and activated and got full 1 year warranty. They showed me in store that device was never activated which was true. Also phone itself was spotless. Accessories all good.

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    Another one reporting in. Bought the 256gb iphone 12 pro blue model. Apart from the outside plastic packaging being completely broken, my unit also came with scratches on the camera lens and a round mark impression on the apple logo (as if it was placed as a demo unit). Contacted them on the day I received the phone and have not received a reply on ebay yet.

    • Hi ilikeblue

      We definately have no intention send open box or used phone if you purchase the brand new one. If any mistakes we will definitely offer return for replacement or refund.

      I have pm you earlier to check see if you have any outstanding issues, haven't received your reply.

      Our CS team normally reply all the ticket within same business day, if you still have issues please feel free to send PM

    • Happy to report back that the issue is now resolved and will be getting a replacement this Wednesday hopefully.

      • I am glad to hear that you have received update from you team, you will be alright. feel free to send PM if you need any help.

        Sorry all the troubles.

  • Wow thought they were kosher.