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KeepCup Original Doppio Large 16oz/454mL - $8.36 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Was looking for a new KeepCup on Amazon. Mostly sold out or >$20, but this particular model seems to be at a good price. The picture is misleading - when you add to cart or buy, it shows up as "KeepCup 9343243009616 KeepCup Original Doppio 454ml, Multicolored" i.e. the large size (the EAN13 code also matches the large size).

I believe it's the same as this one on the official KeepCup website - large size there is $19 (+ delivery)

Cup: Polypropylene #5, Black (Black C)
Band: Silicone #7, Soft Charcoal (Black 7C)
Lid: LDPE #4, Black (Black C)
Plug: LDPE #4, Smoke (418C)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Can't seem to get the $8 one? They're all showing up at $18 or higher.

  • I do not understand the point of keepcups. They seem wildly overpriced, and worse than just about any alternative. Work got us corporate branded keepcups 18 months ago, half of them seem to be falling apart, meanwhile my generic, bought from a camping store, metal tumbler is still perfect 15 years later.

    • I got given a hydroflask mug by a Canadian friend.

      I thought it was wanky at first, but it's metal and indestructible.

      I've dropped it while riding my bike and only scratched the lid and not damaged the cup at all. Whereas I've seen a keepcup shatter after being dropped in a garage standing height.

      Why people want to drink hot liquids out of plastic all day is beyond me.

    • Yeah, the plastic ones aren't great. I got a cheap Bunnings one with a free coffee thrown in and it's not the best quality.

      However the double wall / thermal ones are really quite good - they keep coffee hot for a decent amount of time… as opposed to the plastic ones where the coffee goes cold VERY quickly.