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[Afterpay] AMD CPUs - Ryzen 5 3600 OEM $219.20, Ryzen 7 3700X $389.60, Ryzen 9 3900X $579.20 Delivered @ Ninja.buy eBay


Ryzen 3700x
Ryzen 3900x

Ryzen 5800x $575.20 - for those that missed the Harris Technology deal yesterday.

Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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    At this price is the 3700x a better alternative to the 5600x? Currently have the 2600.

    • Depends on what you do on your pc. Gaming, photoshop then 5600x will be faster, video or media encoding or apps that can use all eight threads on the 3700x will be faster on the 3700x.

      • My 5600X has a cinebench of 4650. The average 3700X with an overclock is around 5000. It's faster, but not that much. At the same price I'd go with the 5600X, if the 3700X is cheaper than it's definetly worth considering.

        The wraith prisim with the 3700x is also a lot nicer than the wraith stealth with the 5600X, the stealth actually does hold the 5600X back a bit, I was getting 4200 cinebench with it (in a case with poor airflow)

        For gaming the 5600X no doubt, if you want to save some money the 3600 or an intel CPU is the way to go rather than a 3700x

    • Single core will be faster on the 5600x

    • I think the consensus is that we will be in the ryzen 6000 and 7000 series before you see much difference with the extra 2 cores for gaming.

      The real choice should be the 3600 or the 5600x - and at this price the 3600 is extremely compelling. Significant boost over the 2600 also.

      Of course if youre into mutlicore saturating workloads like blender and video editing etc then the extra cores are what you might want to go for

  • The pricings are not what the post claims?

    • You need to select Afterpay as your payment method and add the discount code to see these prices.

      • Select AfterPay as payment, enter discount code, and then enter eBay Gift Card code if you don't want to use AfterPay.

    • Did you apply the 20% off coupon? What did it come to?

  • I'll just wait. I don't like being forced to use afterpay

    • buy ebay gift vouchers from shopback with 3% discount and use that. You don't need a afterpay account.

      I did that when I bought the HP Elitedesk G6 800 i7 for $1136

    • You're not really being "forced", more like "coerced" - i.e. you have a choice not participate, and forgo the discount.

      But I'm of the same position - rather not hand over my data to yet another shady company, so I'll happily avoid the discount if it avoids the downsides.

      • For me it's not the "shady", it's that Afterpay is deliberately used to allow people to purchase items they can't actually afford. Capitalism!

      • You can avoid it altogether, I did this with Good Guys eBay to get a chromecast.

        1. Pick your item.
        2. Get all the way to payment screen.
        3. Select afterpay as your payment type.
        4. Enter the afterpay code "PAPDY20" in the section where it says to enter coupon or voucher.
        5. In the same place you put the afterpay code, enter a gift card code.

        For me, I am with Suncorp and they give me 3% off ebay gift cards. So when this stuff pops up, i find out what I owe (in the case of my Chromecast yesterday it was $79), buy a gift card from Suncorp Benefits app for that amount, then enter it in.

        Got my item at discount, and never had to use afterpay.

    • You can use the code without using afterpay plus get an extra 5% off through Cashrewards if you enter the afterpay code but pay with ebay gift cards bought through cashrewards. No need to sign up to afterpay. Maximum 7 ebay gift cards can be used with the afterpay code.

  • Any chance of someone doing a non after pay 3600 for $220 ?

    Or is after pay providing so much of the discount it's impossible.

  • Good price for 3900x.

  • if you get the 3600 will the motherboard support future CPU's?

  • Are you guys expecting CPU prices to dip lower than these in the near future?

    • Depends on how near. If you meant within the year, maybemaybemaybe with the Black Friday~Cyber Monday deals but I don't have my trusty crystal ball with me today.

      • Okay thanks for the insight. Is it expected for these prices to be the norm though or are they still fluctuating?

        • They are fluctuating. There has been no official announcement from AMD that this is the new MSRP for these CPU's in Oz.

  • My PC is 7 years old now. Was only mid-range at the time that I bought it.

    Honest opinion on someone that knows a lot about this stuff. I was looking to upgrade the whole system, but is there really any point when video cards are so scarce/jacked in price. I've waited this long, should I just continue to wait until that normalises, even if that may be a year or two?

    • whats another year lol

      says me, running a 4/5 year system with all the latest accessories :'(

      • I'm very similar, I got a 144Hz monitor 6 months ago in anticipation of upgrading, have new keyboard, new chair, new mouse, but still the same old rig.

    • Same here, mid range but now 12 years old. Somehow still hanging in there.

    • If building a new PC is going to take a big chunk out of your pay and you've got a running PC and you have other things to spend those monies on… Screw the new PC.

      GPU prices are absolutely cracked this year. May as well take care of the other things in life you wanted for now.

      I got everything except for a 3080. But I figured I could go to gym for almost a whole year, just from the price difference from MSRP with the current price jacks so I started going gym. Lost 4kg so far. Much recommend.

      • I guess my question really is this.

        Without a new GPU, there isnt much point upgrading everything else is there? Particularly if it would take a year or so to get a new GPU at a decent price close to MSRP, all the components you had already bought would maybe be lower or superseded again.

        • I'm in (mostly) the same situation as you, my rig was an i5-6400 with a GTX 970.

          I got sick of waiting and ordered a 3060 TI at launch, which turned out to be an ok decision as they're currently more expensive than the launch price.

          I ordered a retail Ryzen 5 3600 yesterday plus a motherboard which will replace the i5-6400 once they arrive.

          In your case I probably wouldn't order a new CPU without already having (or planning to get soon) a GPU.

          • @Stoz: very similar situation here, got an i5-4690 that has served me well for 7 years now.. but would need to upgrade mobo + ram as well making it a difficult decision. current ones would go to sister so wouldn't go to waste/selling them again

        • Really depends. I got my 5900X at $870ish, x570 Tomahawk at $270ish, Crucial ballistix 32gb 3600 cl16 ram at $180ish, RM850x at $175ish, Corsair MP510 960gb for $155ish, delivery fees included ofc, throughout the last couple of months.

          Cashback offers usually have caps so buying piece by piece over a long time is the way to go for me.

          These components have been out for a couple of months ~ years now, but I don't think their prices would get smashed by miles for a while (1~2 years). The 5900x might (?) get slammed as it is a relatively new product with the new adopters tax on it, but I think the rest of the components prices would put up a good fight against the bargains to come in the next year or so.

        • It would depend on your workload or specific games wouldn't it? Depends on what the bottleneck would be, since a new CPU might be nice? But yeah most likely your old GPU is the bottleneck to begin with

  • can you buy Ebay giftcards with paypal.

  • I sure would like a discounted Ryzen processor that I can buy using my debit or credit card. Not enthusiastic about these Paypal-only or AfterPay-only deals.

    • You can use this promo and pay with eBay gift cards, read comments in other threads if you need more info.

      • If you want to buy an eBay gift card then you may only pay using Paypal. And you take several risks, such as waiting for gift cards to arrive but the product sells out. And you're not covered by any additional production your credit card offers. And does your credit card provider consider the purchase of a gift card as essentially a cash withdrawal (you're not buying a product, you're buying currency equivalent effectively) and start charging you the maximum interest from the date of purchase?

        • Cashrewards sells choice gift cards.

          • @Lukian: This is my point. What's wrong with just offering a good price on a CPU that you can buy using a debit or credit card?

            And whether you buy your gift cards from Cashrewards or eBay/Paypal you still have to wait and take a risk that the product is gone. You're laundering money and that's risky.

  • Cheers OP, such a bargain for a Ryzen 3600. Bought one for my friend who's building a budget gaming rig, came out to just under $210 after GC discounts!

  • Anyone have a ebay gift card with 20cents on it that they don't want. My order is $575.20 for a 5800X and I really don't want to buy a extra $25 gift card for 20cents. I'll give you PayPal credit fot it. Pm me

  • Ahh damn it I bought the 3600

  • So I'm looking at building a new PC. Not for games, but for running Adobe Premiere Pro - encoding videos.

    I'm thinking of the Ryzen 9 3900X, thoughts on a suitable motherboard? Initially 64GB but will need to handle 128GB eventually.

  • Has anyone had received theirs and/or if they are marked as posted on eBay?

    • Got mine on Wed. Got a txt from couriersplease 2 hours before delivery.
      On Thursday an email from ebay with tracking/sent and then an email later that day to say it was delivered…

    • Haven’t received it and it hasn’t been marked as posted on eBay. Says it will arrive by 13 April.

    • Nope. Nothing so far.

  • Anyone not got their 3600 yet and in the same boat as me?

    • Hi mate. I just got mine today. Ordered on the 20th and am located in WA.
      Got no indication that it was coming. The eBay order status has yet to be updated.

      • They had just cancelled my order and refunded me without notice. Now i'm left stranded without a CPU as I have sold my old one 3 days after buying the eBay one as I assumed I would have received it soon after.