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Wacaco Minipresso NS, Portable Espresso Machine $48.50 Delivered @ MYDFX LIMITED via Amazon AU


Good things, in my experience.

About this item
* Innovative, hand-held espresso machine
* Portable design, perfect for enjoying coffee anywhere you go!
* Compatible with Nespresso capsules
* Compact and lightweight design fits in your backpack or handbag for convenient carrying
* Ultra-durable construction offers lasting performance and appeal. Allows you to enjoy authentic espresso anywhere you go. Makes a fantastic gift for any avid coffee-lover

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  • +2

    +1 for being cute

  • Anyone used this before, reviews please?

    • I have the regular size nanopresso with the barista kit.

      Can't comment on this mini version but the regular one is quite good! I do a lot of travelling for work so it has really come in handy and does the job to make a decent espresso.

      • The mini is larger than the nano. It's the model they released prior to the nano.

    • Their nanopresso is the bomb. This is an older model.

    • I have one of these, but mine is the model which doesn't use the pods.

      I can't recommend it highly enough. It makes damned good coffee, all things considered. Definitely better than a Nespresso machine.

      It does take significant hand/ finger strength to use, so it's not appropriate for everyone.

    • I have one and bought the extra pod attachment. Would definitely recommend

  • I have this and when I used to travel a lot it came in handy to whip up an expresso martini (just need to take nespresso pods with you).
    Super good at this price, I recall I paid around $90 some years back and went all lux with a case

  • I have this model. Used for camping over the last couple years. It's fantastic. Can get small amounts of coffee grounds coming through though, on occasion. Nothing too bad though.
    This is a great price.

  • Makes great crema espresso, and can top up with water and/or milk as desired. My nanopresso requires reasonable strength in the hands to push out the coffee :)

  • Suprised people like these. I have one and find the water / coffee shot amount is too small. It's made well, but only about half a full size cup. So you need to do everything twice to get one cup of coffee. Also need to pump quickly to maintain a decent pressure, Slow pumps seem to leak pressure.
    Bought the Barsetto portable espresso that was on here for $17. After replacing the o rings with O rings from Bunnings, it works a lot better. The pump is up/ down so you can basically lean / put your whole weight on it and it gives a nicer creama. Plus does a larger shot, plus has its own double walled glass. So haven't touched the Wacaco since.

  • +1

    Where do you get the hot water from? I realise you can pack a thermos of hot water, but you could also pack a thermos of coffee?

    • If camping, espresso options are limited due to the power requirements of a machine. So these give you the good coffee, but the hot water needs to come from good old fashioned gas or fire heating.

      When the alternative is instant coffee, it's worth the extra bit of effort. I use a camp kettle and one of those butane gas burners to boil it, which would also be an option for road trips etc.

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