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RX 6700 XT Desktop Gaming PC with AMD Ryzen R5-3600/B450 Mortar/16GB RAM/2.5" 480GB SSD/650W PSU $1488 + Delivery @ TechFast


Hi folks,
Launch day for RX 6700 XT. It's a 1440P card with good reviews performance wise, sitting between a 3060 Ti and 3070. Given the supply situation of those two cards, this is one of the few realistic opportunities to get into this tier going around rn. We have limited quantities at launch so be quick. We've chosen the B450M Mortar as a bang for buck option to keep price low as possible while delivering performance. Upgrade options available on most lines.

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 | RX 6700 XT 12GB Gaming PC: $1488 after 3600-6700XT-MAR

  • AMD Ryzen 5 3600 processor (if there's interest lmk in comments and I'll add 3700X)
  • AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT 12GB (multiple dual fan variants including AMD Reference)
  • MSI B450M Mortar Max motherboard (upgrades available)
  • 16GB 3200MHz RAM (2x8) (brand/model may vary)
  • 480GB 2.5" SSD (brand/model may vary)
  • Gigabyte P650B 80 Plus Bronze PSU
  • Lance-V RGB ATX case

We are planning another 3070 deal once our current orders are finalised, but it can't be anywhere near the $1488 price point of previous deals thanks to insane supplier price jumps.

3070 order updates - we are a few days behind but catching up so expect Intel i5/i7 and 5600X deal systems to continually go out today and large numbers next week.
1660 Supers have been difficult after a distributor did a pretty major dirty on us allocation wise, but there is a bulk dispatch of orders going out today, and we'll continue to ship as we can into next week and beyond.
On both, I know the waiting is hard but hold on to your order if you can, because the prices of the individual cards themselves are almost reaching the total price you paid for the system given how mining demand is affecting supply.


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    • +1

      6900XT is totally fine, all on hand

      • Good to know thanks

      • +1

        Is the 3060 deal still on track as well?

        • Good numbers of these are shipping today, into next week.

  • Hi Luke,
    Sorry new to these threads. If we order this particular system unassembled, will we receive it earlier than the designated 14 business days ?

    • It will skip build and testing but not be prioritised beyond that. They'll be picked alongside orders from the same date.

  • Looks like the deal is finished/coupon no longer works?

    • still works, jsut tried

      Sub-Total: $1,534.55
      Coupon (3600-6700XT-MAR): $-181.82
      GST (10%): $135.27
      Total: $1,488.00

      • if you use the B550M listing it won't work.

  • +3

    I haven't received my ryzen 5600x rtx 3070 build from nearly a month ago.

    • Same. The wait is pain. I waited so long to pull the trigger hoping the market would improve. I am beyond ready for an upgrade. God of patience send me strength.

  • Any chance for a 10700k, Z490, 6700XT build in the future?

  • I just bought this system and noticed that it may come with the Gigabyte PSU. Is this the GP-PGM range of PSUs?

    • no it clearly states its the bronze PB series not the gold one.

      • I've upgraded to the 750w Gold series though.

        • yeh then it is the PGM

        • We also have the MSI PSUs on hand.

  • Is it necessary to opt for a liquid cooler?

  • Hi Luke, feels like the coupon code has reached the maximum limit on 26 of Mar, is there any chances for me to get this discount code? Thanks

    • I just tried it and it worked. There's no daily limit or expiration date on it. Lmk if you still have issues.

      • yes, it works again, thx so much

  • Hey Luke, after a lot of lurking around, finally bit the bullet. Well, that was only after missus's consent.

    • Thanks! Consent, topical.

  • Hey Luke,
    Is this deal just for march or will it be on for longer? also how much longer do u think your 6700-xt stock will last?

    • Hard to say, no plans to pull down yet but we will be reassessing in April. 6700 XT stock isn't a problem.

  • Hi Luke,

    Do we have an estimation on the shipment time for this deal yet?


    • They may start to ship at the back end of next week, but I would expect the bulk to be shipping the week after.

  • I wanna get this for myself but my gfs gpu is starting to go after a year and a half and she doesnt even game

  • Hi Luke, is the offer still up? Getting an error on the voucher.

    • Just to confirm, the coupon code is still active, I checked this morning. I saw your purchase come through.

  • Hi Luke, what models of 6700XT are you fitting? are they all reference or are there any AIB models?

    • All reference to date.

  • Hi Luke,

    I have seen on https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/612968, the upgrade of power supply from 650w bronze to 750w gold is only $69. does it apply to this deal?

    I am planning to get one soon.

    thank you

    • +1

      Yep applies across all listings. I've just refreshed the backend so it should show up on all 650B -> 750G listings shortly.

  • Hi @luketechfast,

    Any AMD deals with a 6800 XT? Need a bit of extra grunt in the ray tracing department.

    Thank you

    • Not available in any numbers rn unfortunately!

  • Hi Luke,

    I can see that this deal is no longer available (closed around 1pm today according to this page).
    I would love to get a confirmation on whether my 3600-6700XT order (with the promotion code applied), which I submitted and paid for around 6am today will still be processed? The current status on TechFast website under my order history is 'pending'.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Yep, any order successfully placed is valid.

      • What a relief!

        Thanks for the prompt reply, Luke.

  • Hi Luke,

    Any update on this? Are we still on track within 14 business days for this model? Placed order about two weeks ago.


    • First batch of systems heading out today, slightly over 14 bd, but should get back onto that time range from there.

  • @Luketechfast Hey mate, placed my order on 25th March so into 22nd day. Hate to ask but any last update?

    • +1

      Hi mate, today makes it business day 14, remembering we work Monday to Friday, and we estimate 14 business days. It's a busy time so we're slightly behind on those days but I would be expecting dispatch next week for you.

  • +2

    Just received mine yesterday. One of the legs came completely broken off, the case is dented and the GPU came half disconnected from the PCI-E slot with the pci-e retention clip broken off. As well as that, the graphics card is literally bent. Not just natural sag but physically warped, most likely from some sort of impact during transit.

    Has anyone else who have received their build encountered a similar situation??

    • Terribly sorry to hear of what has happened, are you able to forward this to our support email, [email protected], if you haven't already so our team can look into this further for you thank you.

      ~ Christian

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