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[Afterpay] Seagate 2.5" Portable External HDD 2TB/4TB/5TB $63.20/ $103.20 (OOS) / $135.20 (OOS) Delivered @ Shallothead eBay


2TB Seagate BACK UP PLUS External Hard Drive Portable HDD 2.5" USB PC MAC BLACK

4TB Seagate Basic External Hard Drive HDD 2.5" USB 3.2 Portable Silver OOS

5TB Seagate Backup Plus External 2.5" Portable Hard Drive HDD USB 3.0 Red Price increased from $169 to $179, however, 5TB is still available for $135.20 from the following links (thanks pixxelpusher)



2TB = $31.63 per tb
4TB = $25.8 per tb
5TB = $27.04 per tb

The 4TB is best value per tb, however, 2tb ones are shuckable into laptops as they are 9mm. 5TB is red and goes faster ;)

Even cheaper with Swap eBay Gift Cards!

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This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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  • Your payment didn't go through. Please check your payment details or select a different payment option.

    Tried to pay with ebay voucher after applying the PAPDY20 code.

    • You can only apply 1 voucher per transaction, so this will not stack with the $50 ebay voucher from this deal.

      If you don't have afterpay account, make sure you have gift cards that can cover 100% of the transaction costs.

      • Sorry I meant eBay gift card. I heard people saying you can stack with ebay gift card

        • Yep you can.

          • Select afterpay as the payment method.

          • Enter PAPDY20 code.

          • Enter your ebay GC code (if you are using swap cards, use the 'pin' numbers).

          If you don't have afterpay account, make sure you have gift cards that can cover 100% of the transaction costs. If this still doesnt work, make sure all items in your cart is eligible for the PAPDY20 code.

          • @CodeXD: Tried that. My gc covers 100% but payment will.not go through

            • @jamba: Sorry, not sure what you are doing wrong. I've checked each of those 3 links and the code applies correctly.

              Might be worth checking the original coupon deal to see if anyone else has that issue.

              • @CodeXD: I'm having that same issue currently, completing the instructions as written, I get the "sorry payment won't go through error". Then I click again, and it says "congrats on your order", but then you click the order, and it says "the order wasn't fulfilled".
                It then doesn't show up in your past orders, and the giftcard hasn't had any money removed.

            • @jamba: You need to leave at least $50 so you can "pay with afterpay"p

              • @AlyAly: This is not true, I bought the 5TB portable HDD and paid off 100% of the remainder with gift card. Did not have to leave any amount for afterpay.

                • @CodeXD: Haha, so you don't need to pay with afterpay for the afterpay deal
                  Did not expect it, I thought I was very cheeky only leaving $50 to afterpay it😅

  • Are any of these shuckable?

    • I've bought the seagate 2TB ones before and I can confirm they are shuckable.

      From reading other deals, I believe all seagate portable ones should be too. Only WD are not.

    • +1

      Im really hoping the 5tb is.

      Even if its SMR, BRTFS Raid1 will make one of those 4 drives in 1 5.25 bay caddys really effective.

      True itx nas, without a compromise.


      Looks like it is!


  • These are also available from bing lee ebay store

    • 2TB and 5TB are, but 4TB is higher price on bing lee ebay store.

    • I don't have Afterpay, so I went in and picked up a 2Tb at my local Bing Lee.

  • +2

    5tb is a lot of Linux ISOs. Maybe even fit some VR ones

    • +3

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • i think you mean $25.8 per TB and not GB :P

    assume these would be just as good for a NAS compared to WD 3.5" reds?

    • Updated, thank you :)

    • +1

      Absolutely not.

      If you have "real" reds, not the smr blunder they made, then these will perform woefully by comparison.

      Rebuilds jumped from 19 hours to 9 days, in testing.

      • This. SMR is complete trash for RAID arrays. Stay the f away from that trash.

  • +1

    R they the same model, just difference in TB? The 4 tb one is “basic”.

  • Picked up 4TB thanks!

  • How fast are these? Are they only good for backup? I was thinking of using an SSD for movies and music in my car etc…

    • -1

      Even though these drives claim USB3.0 always assume a USB-A device will perform at most, USB2.0 speeds. So 480megabit.

  • I need 5TB 2.5 which will stay in it’s USB case, but will however cop a hammering. Should I wait for a WD deal instead?

    • +1

      Only ones I can think of are these Lacie rugged portable hdd. But ofc there's a premium for these. Not sure if you can buy thick silicon cases for the seagate ones to get the same protection tho.

      • Sorry I mean data hammering, seems like Seagate are more likely to fit SMR disks into their external drives.

  • Good Prices

  • Any of these suit as expansion for xbox one?
    Google is confusing on the topic.

  • Any ideas on the height of these? I'm sure the 2TB will be 9mm, but the others will still be 12mm?

    nevermind… had a look…

    • +2

      Based off the description, 2TB and under are 9mm, and 4TB or higher is 12mm

  • great price for the laptop shuckable 2TB, thought this deal was great and bought 2, wish i'd waited haha. always the way

  • I have a 3tb Seagate portable and now need more storage as it's ran out of space. Is something like this 5tb similar, and a good buy? Or if I'm not in a rush, wait for a better deal?

    This one at Bing Lee Ebay is $135. Haven't bought a HDD for a few years so out of the game. Need it to be small for laptop, (MS Surface laptop for biz 3)

  • somehow afterpay just doesnt want to verify me. i guess ihave to use gift cards.

    so i want the 4T version, it is 103$ a bit over 100$, what do i do now?

    • +1

      On the ShopBack app, buy $100 and $20 celebration swap gift card. Exchange them for eBay and then buy this. You'll have left over for next eBay purchase.

      • but do i still need to use afterpay? i cant even register afterpay, it keeps saying there is a problem just on the first page where you put name/DoB into it.

        edit: nvm it worked. i have to keep applying giftcard until afterpay is no longer needed to pay anything.

  • So should I cancel the 500GB SSD I booked for pickup at Officeworks for $49 and get one of the 2TB ones right? Only sounds logical.

    • +1

      These are not ssd's.

      • Bit of a noob in these things. What’s the difference? Aren’t both portable hard drives?

        • No, one is a portable hard drive, one is a portable solid state drive.

          One has no moving parts and can be beaten around in a bag or pocket with no concern.

          One is spinning platters and read heads, which require careful handling while in operation, and (less, but still some) care in transporting.

          The hdd vs ssd difference, is why you never move a previous generation laptop, while its powered-up.

  • 4 tb oos

  • The 4tb is out of stock now :~(

    • Was in stock last night got the second last one.

  • +1

    It regularly gets restocked every few minutes.

    I tried around ten times yesterday in an hour whilst deciding and it was in and out of stock.

  • +1

    The 5TB from this seller are now $179, so after the 20% code come to $143.20 not $135.20.

    These ones come to $135.20 after the discount:



    • Thanks, I've updated the description.