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Lenovo Yoga Duet Detachable 2-in-1, Core i5 8/256 GB, 13" 2160x1350 HDR400 Display $1297 + Delivery ($0 Metro/ C&C) @ Officework


Pretty good deal for a surface pro alternative

Comes with the pen and keyboard included for free unlike the surface

I'm typing from one of these. Very high quality feeling laptop and the screen is great. 16:10 display, and the tablet isnt crazy heavy (800g)

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  • Forgot how overpriced the Surface is now, this config would be about $2000 with accessories :/

    • Wish they'd bundle the acessories together, Microsoft's DLC model with the surface is ridiculous. No one wants a Surface Pro without a keyboard, and they charge like $250 for the thing.

  • How reliable are the dock clasps/clamps? I mean, are they prone to fail easily/early?

    • It feels really good. Haven't had it for a long time, but seems really high quality. Clamps with a few strong magnets

  • with the 11th gen rolling out and many below 1.5k price, many models of the 10th gen are below 1k now.

    • Yeah, but this is the first time I've seen stock of the 8GB model.

      All the game, I'll pass. This is reaching premium chromebook device territory, and while the Duet is good, it's not premium.