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Tefal Daily Cook 28cm Frypan $39.50 (1/2 Price) + Delivery @ BIG W


Pretty good fry pans, 1/2 priced as usual, flag me if this is not a good deal.

Cook up a storm with the Tefal Daily Cook Frypan. This fry pan features an exclusive thermo-spot to indicate the ideal start for accurate cooking. With its titanium non-stick coating and ergonomic comfort grip handle, this will become a kitchen staple.

Product Features:

Exclusive thermo-spot
Helps indicate ideal cooking time
Titanium non-stick coating
Ergonomic comfort
Size: 28cm diameter

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  • is this good for cooking steaks??

    • I think so yes, this would be better a lot of the cheaper frypans I would say, should last awhile without problems

    • Cast iron is much batter.

      • Definely, cast iron is more durable, I think I cooked chicken on a cast iron fry pan, it turned out to be beautiful

    • Yes works well for cooking steaks, just have to be careful not to scratch the coating.

    • Outside hot grill FTW

    • Not really since it is best to avoid high heat cooking if you want the coating to last.

    • You need high heat to sear a steak , I wouldn't use a non stick pan for it. Anolon would be a better bet

    • This pan won't last very long if your heating it up to the very high temps requred to sear your steaks. For steak or meats in general, cast iron is the way to go. I got my cast iron pan for about half this price from Aldi, admittedly on clearance.

  • FYI if you have Ebay Plus this is free delivery via Ebay
    Confirmed qualify for 20% off with Afterpay, but need to buy with another eligible item for >$50 spending.

  • this is made in france?
    some made in china

    • I don't know but the Tefal pans that I have seen that were said to be made in France had it proudly emblazoned on the base of the pan. This one doesn't.

  • Is this for induction cooktops only?

  • I've been using similar pans from Tefal. They are ok for the first year, but then the nonstick coating begins to bubble and finally leach into food. I am going back to stainless steel.

    • Same. My tefals non stick surface gave up the ghost pretty quickly. Don’t even bother trying to contact them about the “lifetime guarantee” they provide on the non stick surface, they’ll just say you overheated it or did something else wrong, and that’s the end of it.

  • I used to have a similar one and would spray it with canola spray just for extra non-stick satisfaction. Found out later, after it stopped being non-stick, that you shouldn't spray anything on it. Bought this particular one and didn't spray it and it's worked a treat and been going a couple of years .

  • Avoid non-stick pans altogether IMHO…

  • I prefer the 'Gourmet' version.

    Had one now for a couple years as my 'daily driver' and I've given one to a child moving out. He loves it.

    Big benefit is the metal handle (which doesn't get hot on the stove top while still being able to finish cooking in the oven.

    It has been cheaper $29 when I bought several!