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Norton Security Premium 5 Devices for 1-Year Digital Key $36 @ SaveOnIT


Be quick as I'm not sure when this deal ends.
My product key was emailed the following day after purchase.
Supplier said it can be stacked, but when I entered product key, my expiry date was for a year from today, but it didn't add to my existing subscription end date. I contacted Norton via their chat line and they extended my previous subscription expiry date by another year.
Saveonit's website says the RRP is $149.00 (sounds inflated). Their price was $48.51 and has been reduced to $36.00 for a limited time.

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    You don't need this in 2021. In fact since 2010?

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      I remember the bad old days, pre-2010, when we had to worry about identity theft, crypto-lockers, wannacry, etc…
      Tin foil hat maybe, but $36 isn't a lot for peace of mind, even today.

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        I'd pay $36 not to have Norton on my computer. It's the literal opposite of peace of mind.

        If you're doing dodgy stuff, get an antivirus. Anything is better than Norton. Even literally nothing.


      What should we be using nowadays?

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        Fully updated Microsoft Defender within updated Windows is deemed more than sufficient for daily use. Make sure you have decent ad-blockers too.

        Buying anything else is a waste of money and computer resources. With the exception of Malwarebytes which is good to run monthly or so.

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    Last norton I had (10 years ago) behaved like a malware

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      Norton 360 was an abomination.

      Made your computer come to a crawl….


    wait what? Norton still exist?

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    it is always been $36.
    been using for last 10 years.
    I know windows 10 has inbuilt and is OK for most of people. But still using it. since last 3-4 years very light on resources.


    Any recommendations for antivirus?

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      i've been using windows defender for a couple of years and never had any issues. Before that, I used Nod32 just because it was lightweight and unintrusive



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    Norton Security is a good product.
    The original company has been sold in the last few years, and has been spun off to two separate companies: Symantec Enterprise security (Corporate), and NortonLifelock (Retail). NortonLifelock recently acquired Avira which is a respected German antivirus company. Avira antivirus signatures should further improve Norton's detection.

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      Yep went back to Norton last year. Was given a three year gift card with VPN included. Was dubious as I had used them before years ago. Set it all up and has been flawless since. VPN works pretty well as well. Also turned off auto renewal


    Will throw norton to bin


    Aahh Antivirus’

    Takes me back to the 90’s when you actually needed them.


    Cool a cheap way to slow down my computer,


    I'd rather bin my computer and buy a typewriter than run Nortons

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    I honestly don't know what all the norton hate is about, i feel its from people from pre 2010 still hating on a product which used to be resource intensive and obnoxiously intrusive and havnt decided to give it another shot. I used to hate on norton(late 90's early 2k) but then went back to it in 2011/2012 and it has been perfectly fine ever since, not only is it good at what it does, critics also rate it as good.

    Below i've supplied a link to a testing labs site if anyone is interested which reviews pretty much all softwares;


    Note: I understand that built in windows defender is rated pretty good as well, noted on this site, but this product is also for people who want more options and flexibility and any other services which come along with the norton suite, such as spam filters for email clients and data backup features, it is more than just an anti-virus/malware.

    Small note about myself: I work in I.T as a server engineer contracted to a state government, so I am familiar with how most systems work and what would be good practice to mitigate attack surfaces in those environments.

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      I work in I.T as a server engineer contracted to a state government, so I am familiar with how most systems work and what would be good practice to mitigate attack surfaces in those environments.

      If you're using Norton to "mitigate attack surfaces" then you're an extremely shitty "server engineer" (whatever that is) and need to be fired.


      Agree - Norton has actually been really good since about 2010. People hating on it generally haven't actually even tried it since then. And you're right it's frequently in the top 4 recommended AV's since then.

      It's amazing how long it can take a bad rep to get out of people's heads but there you go.

      What I WILL say however is I preferred the simple security to 360 - I now don't have a choice. And the fact that you now MUST have a credit card attached to your account, defaulting to automatic renewals, and requiring to cancel the automatic renewal to go through and basically press the same "no thank you" button THREE times is ludicrous.

      2006-2008 was a crap year for Norton with a very high resource product, but here they go pissing people off again. For that reason I understand people not wanting it, but the ones who complain about resources I really feel haven't a clue. It uses less resources on my computer than Kaspersky, Trend Micro or Bitdefender so it's not justified for that reason…..

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    Looking to troll much?

    It was an explanation of my background and experience, no where did i say I used norton in my work environment. My post was just advice for anyone into doing their research instead of posting bias comments without explanation. example: Norton sucks, would rather bin laptop etc.

    If you cant see a post for what it is, trying to offer helpful advice, then you are essentially what is wrong with the internet.

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      Learn to reply to the proper post first, "server engineer".