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[PC, GOG] Cyberpunk 2077 $31.79 @ CDKeys


Lowest historical price for Cyberpunk 2077, at least on Ozbargain.

Now excuse me while I T-pose through a car roof and drive off without pants to pickup my Afterpay Day bargains.

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    You've just been Cyberpunked 😎

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    Getting closer to a price where I might actually pay for this hot trash. I did the same with Fallout 76. Waited until it was almost free and by then they fixed up a lot (not all) of the problems.

    I not going to reward game developers for a slick marketing campaign but an uncompleted/tested game.

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      Same boat for me, I'm waiting for it to hit near $20 somewhere and will pick it up. In no rush as I'm still waiting for my 3070 techfast build.

      EDIT: not sure why you got downvoted originally, pretty sound opinion. If people disagree they should comment why….

      • Maybe they really really like Keanu Reeves or something? :)

        I would have preferred they spent that cash for Keanu on a longer and more immersive storyline (as promoted), and of course on TESTING!

        I still have hopes they'll make it all better in a few months. I won't be buying it until I see some major changes.

        • +2

          it wasnt a cash issue. they pivoted scope midway in the 4 year (not 8) development cycle. so time was the issue
          they had a baseline world built in 2 years then rushed the campaign in the next 2 with a johnny focus. the original idea was to have various different celebrities playing primary NPCs that you "follow" i guess. Then 2-3 years ago with the revitalised keanu hype, execs were like lock that shit down we are going full keanu

          theres leaks of an entire morgan blackhand and jackie missions that were scrapped

          but DLC is rumoured to be highly likely the blackhand storyline they scrapped as well as other missions they cut out according to former devs

          anyway if u went in with zero prior context from marketing hype, the game is an easy 7/10. Just play the game like mass effect linear storyline set in an open world map (Mass effect was essentially a linear story game that couldnt be open world since its space based, also due to limitations of old gen consoles they had to use the illusion of space travel and elevators as cover for loading. With cyberpunk its essentially the same concept except there are no loading screens and everything is set in one city. just play it like Mass effect and not GTA/RDR/Saints Row (since this isnt a game about commiting felonies and crime) and you wont be disappointed

          there are some aspects of the game that are 10 layers deep and really make you smile. THey needed another 12 months to "finish" the game and make the world even more deeper for people who like to explore. But $30 is a bargain for the decent campaign and experiencing the aesthetic of the world.

          heres hoping patches make it even better

          also funny you call it hot trash yet you dont even own it or havent even played it to give it a fair review

      • -2

        Looks like the downvotes got yeeted, the deserved updoots are coming through

        • -3

          coward downvoters ran

      • +1

        TBH $20 is my threshold for buying pretty much any hyped game, I've got a massive backlog of games I still haven't played yet so might need to drop that to $15 or even $10 soon

    • +9

      Despite all the hysteria online, it is actually a fun game to play with a reasonable story line. It isn't extremely long but you can continue doing side mission for weeks after you finish the main campaign. I really enjoyed it. I think I paid around $50 at release from one of the online KEY sellers. I rarely buy games when they are released but this was actually worthwhile for me.

      • +7

        It's not hysteria, it's a real problem with the industry that has been highlighted by the biggest release of the year. Afaik Sony still won't sell this digitally.

        • +10

          Sony won't sell it because CDPR promised refunds to disgruntled buyers despite Sony not having a refund policy.

          Modern Warfare bricking PS4 consoles? Still continued to sell it.
          Fallout 76, the worst "AAA" game in modern history? Still continued to sell it.

          I've poured more than 200 hours into Cyberpunk, and am definitely getting my money's worth. I think that some of the sidequests have even more story and exciting moments than the main quest.

          I can understand the outrage over not being able to play it on last gen consoles, but tearing it apart having never played it through is unfair.

          • +2

            @Heero: I've played it, it's hot trash.

            • +7

              @Where's_That_Cake: I bought it on presale for my PS4 Pro. Paid $99 for it.
              Played it for two sessions, about 6hrs total.
              Crashed constantly, BSOD's everywhere, unplayable bugs requiring restarts (as opposed to the funny bugs).

              Entirely, unplayable hot trash on my platform. I was fully refunded and will not throw a single dollar at this thing.

      • +3

        It was pretty trash IMO. There's more story than depth of the game play.

    • +4

      Speaking of fallout, your money is better spent on Fallout New Vegas, an 11 year old game in the same genre which is more fun than cyberpunk

      • +1

        I LOVED New Vegas! Gripping story line that hooked you in and didnt let go.

        Fallout 4 was good, but not to the same standard as Vegas. 76?????? like a completely different (and more horrible) version altogether.

      • +1

        but is it cyberpunk themed, does it have high resolution graphics, does it avoid loading screens.

        its not the same genre at all. the creepy 1960s post apocalyptic theme isnt for everyone

        some of us want to play a game with those 2 elements, the game still delivers in that aspect

        also what if i told you that you can play both

    • While I agree, don't put this in the same category as Fallout 76, that was crap in every aspect. This is a mostly good game that's half baked

  • +2

    same old same old comments will always continue I guess. Anything new to know?

    • +13

      Anything new to know?

      The first person convicted of speeding was going eight mph.

    • +3

      Anything new to know

      I'm eating a snag right now…but idk if you need to know that or not.

      • Early bbq or leftovers? Either way good shout.

        • +1

          Haha leftovers for sure. Wondering if I should sneak out to bunnings for a cheeky 3rd.

          • @Bargains of Oz: Haven't seen any new decent Bunnings deals to have a reason to go out

    • +2

      Next major patch seems to be working on adding some actual cop / gang AI which to me is the most awful missed feature

      • any idea when this 1.2 will be out?

        • +1

          No idea and I wouldn't trust these guys on release dates anyway lol

        • 1.2 is already updated as far as I can tell from my version

      • Also cars that don't just now you down

      • which to me was a valid but over exaggerated complaint. the game isnt gta or saints row. why is police so important. you are a mercenary net runner not a car thief or bank robber

    • You can't ride a menstrual cycle!

  • +1

    This game will keep going lower lows until it bottoms at $10

  • +9

    I bought the game via Ukraine VPN ($34 AUD) via GOG.com and this was pre-order price. So definitely worth my money at the time of release.

    The game for me was meh, I might have had 1 or 2 glitches through game play. But I felt the whole game was relatively boring. Just stack armour and you can't be killed no matter the difficulty.

    If you only do the 3x main story missions the game ends in about 6 hours. So make sure you do the side missions which is where the game fleshes out.

    • Just checked, I am at 72 hours so far and havent finished.

      Only one serious bug, takumura calling and not speaking. Not the end of the world.

      Cant complain for the ~$30 or so on GOG (launch day vpn).

  • upvoting comment. still not cheap enough for a good deal though ;)

  • +5

    The biggest crash and burn game of this decade?

    • +1

      Not even close.

      • +5

        For the hype it is

    • +2

      I think no man's sky still takes it.

      This is a buggy mess and still needed more time in the oven, but atleats the devs didn't make blatant lies during interviews.

    • Star Wars Battlefront took that crown, though Cyberpunk is on the same trajectory.

      • Did they have to return physical copies?

        • No, microtransactions.

  • +10

    This game is inconsistent. Some of the writing and characters are fantastic, wiping the floor with the best other RPGs i've played. There was this one quest where you effectively investigate child abuse and it is legitimately chilling and believable in terms of the character motivations. Another quest that's memorable for me is the one where you become security to the cyberpunk equivalent of Frank and Claire underwood. On the other hand, the open world feels like it was made in one afternoon- the city is just a giant pretty blade runner facade with no substance, and nothing works as it should. I am really upset that they shipped a fundamentally broken, incomplete game that needed at least 2 years more in the oven. It could have been phenomenal

    • +1

      Excellent take on it. Disappointment was my key feeling when giving this game a go. Thankfully I wasn't the one that pre-ordered (a mate took that bullet, I'll take the next).
      It just feels unfinished… and you can see where things 'could' have gone, and where the marketing hints it is (falsely). If only.

      Could have been huge. Promised a lot, hyped it up with Keanu, lots of prime time advertising (a ridiculous amount of TV advertising actually), and for what…. an undercooked and underperforming hype-fest.

    • basically symptom that it genuinely would have been game of the year material. but was rushed out the door to get that cross generation console money
      in the end covid neutered ps5 sale volumes anyway

      everyone lost in this whole debacle

  • +1

    The game reading from the roadmap is still like a year off from been 'fixed'. By that time i can pick up the game for $10 and get the better experiance.

  • I think I'll wait till it hits Game Pass Ultimate or PS Plus

    • +1

      Its not on PSN as it got pulled. Its been like 3 months lol

  • +1

    Really enjoyable game but still has a fair few bugs. A lot less bugs than release but there are still bugs there. People who can't stand any bugs may want to wait for a few more patches.

    The most annoying bugs I encountered were crashes (crashed twice on first play through, didn't crash on the second playthrough though), randomly dying for no reason (happened 3 times), and a musical bug during a key point of the game that had loud music stuck on repeat while I was trying to listen to a conversation. That only happened on the first playthrough but it required restarting the game to fix it.

    The rest of the bugs were superficial and didn't pop up often. But stuff like characters walking through walls, and the occasional floating cigarette.

    Gameplay is excellent, story is interesting and the side missions are well fleshed out. Not the longest game in the world but plenty of side missions to do. I would recommend focusing on the side missions as they affect the main plot.

    • "l bug during a key point of the game that had loud music stuck on repeat "

      Ah forgot about that. That really pissed me off at the time. The same guitar riff over and over and over.

  • +2

    Is it out of beta yet?

  • Price is falling down which says a lot about this game which came around 4 months ago.

    If you're waiting for this game to be good, unfortunately you have to wait a lot more. Their recent update (which has a TBA date) doesn't really improve much except for the spawn radius of the cops to make it look more "realistic" (but really it's the same shit).

    I learnt my lesson in pre-ordering games, even from a well-beloved company that had a good reputation.

    • it would help if you dont spread misinformation

      the latest patch details were a teaser of the 1.2 patch. detailed notes are coming

  • +5

    Weird as it may sound the game being buggy on release has helped it a tonne.

    The game, massively pre-ordered, doesn't have the revolutionary AI and world they promised. It's a fairly standard open world RPG with mediocre AI and limited scripted interaction.

    But because the game came out buggy it's got a lot of defenders going "hey the bugs aren't that bad it's got a good story" and people rarely mention that it's just not what they said it would be and what buttloads of people per-ordered for.

    • +3

      Exactly right.

      The hype on this game was that it was something revolutionary, immersive, rock solid massive online world, hours and hours of game play.
      None of it has come to pass. Main story line done in 6-7 hours??? Come on.

      They should have spent less on Keanu Reeves, and more on game development and testing.

    • +1

      "doesn't have the revolutionary AI"

      Any AI, just a bunch of dumbass NPC's.

    • people rarely mention that it's just not what they said it would be and what buttloads of people per-ordered for.

      Dear god no lol, this game has produced literal mountains of salt and complaining (most of which is justified)

    • +2

      Yeah this exactly, the CDPR defence force is real. When I went onto a popular forum to ask about audio issues I was bombarded with defenders saying it was my setup even though I have no issues with any other games on my PC. I also asked whether enemies were supposed to float into the roof areas of rooms and shoot me through the ceiling, y'know they defended that too. By pointing out issues with a game that I preordered I became their online enemy lol

      • +1

        You forgot cop's who appear out of thin air, anywhere-time, to hand out an ass whoopin, or car's continually appearing & disappearing, or magically dropping from the sky…

      • Happens all the time unfortunately. Every time an ArmA game is released, if post about an issue on the forums you get yelled off the forum with everyone saying that the game is perfect. Great games, but buggy as.

        Unfortunately it goes the other way too. If you compliment the good stuff about Cyberpunk then you often get told your in denial.

        Personally I think it's a great game, but it's far from perfect and on release it was completely broken. Even now, it doesn't crash for most people, but it still does for some, and it's still buggy.

      • +1

        See even you, someone agreeing with me, yes anding me, have fallen for it.

        I'll make an analogy. It's not perfect but you'll get the idea.

        Tesla advertises their next gen top of the line Tesla. Self driving is now 100% for any location from garage it race track to off roading, it will do it without driver interaction. In fact if you're stuck somewhere 300km away you can dial up your Tesla, wherever it is, even in a paid garage and it will pay the bill, open the gate and drive itself to you. It will run on your enthusiasm. You can give it electricity the normal way but it's you're just happy and enthusiastic that'll give you an extra 30% range. It is bigger on the inside than the outside. You can fit a 150m^2 apartment in a 10m^2 car that's only 1.5m tall.

        All this, Tesla advertise, for $50k. It's a year away please buy one through our KickStarter.

        Two years later you get your next gen Tesla. Turns out it's a clone of a 10yo design Prius. They're done some fun stuff with the paint and added a spoiler and the interior is different but it's clearly a Prius shell and internals.

        Also one of the tires is flat, the headlights are spotty, the radio is crackly and every fiftieth or so person complains that it stalls all the time.

        And everyone complains about the tires, headlights, radio and stalling. Everyone counters it with "yeah but other than that it drives pretty well, gets you where you're going, and is relatively environmentally conscious, compared to non-hybrid petro vehicles".

        Neither spends much time talking about how you were promised a bunch of crazy things that might not even be achievable and sold it on that basis.

        The bugs are the ultimate distraction for how disappointing the product is. Even if the fixable bugs are fixed you've still been sold a 10yo Prius when you bought a next gen Tesla.

        • I get what you are saying and I agree though I never addressed it in my post but I also have to say that I didn't follow the CDPR hype train for this game whatsover. I preordered it as I was looking for something new to play and because I trusted that CDPR would not put out a lame and broken game. So yes, revolutionary new AI is not present, help standard run of the mill AI is not present. What we have instead is early PS3 level AI.

      • +1

        can we stop with the black and white comparison

        there are people shitting it as if the game has no redeemable qualities
        there are people shilling it as if it was flawless
        but there are ppl in the middle that get labelled as either side who still got enjoyment out of it but recognise its issues and that the game isnt what was promised
        you also cant call people out on their bullshit making up disingenuous comparisons and callout bullshit failures that the game never promised to have without being called a shill either

        I cant say a good thing about some aspects of this game which they delivered wonderfully without being called a cdpr (profanity) because this game apparently was a massive conspiracy to steal 60 bucks from everyone and CDPR shat in everyone mouths everynight until you asked for a refund

        this game has problems but everyones acting like its the worst thing thats ever happenned in gaming and is irredeemable

    • +4

      I love the game, but I agree. It's not what they promised. Nowhere near what they promised. CDPR also pulled out some really dodgy tactics with the reviewers which is unforgivable.

  • +3

    The game itself is not finished, the bugs are only half the problem. It is the least interactive open world I’ve ever played, I’m not sure what CD project red plan is, but if it’s only bug fixing then I’m not interested. They need to work on actually finishing and polishing the game

    I returned the game after a week

  • The bugs are not game breaking, ya all too sensitive. The bugs actually make the game fun

  • Hmmm I’d consider it if it was discounted on Steam… got credit there that I should use at some point lol

    • +1

      Use it on something better than this.

      • But …. I kinda want to experience T-Pose n bugs n stuff… FOMO is real!

        In saying that with game pass ultimate I’m now afraid to buy anything… I’ve already got 2 recent games which are now in game pass … saving grace were they were on PC but now EA is on PC … 😩

  • I'm all for a Witcher 4 release.

    • +1

      I'm not. Most of the team that worked on the previous titles have moved onto other studios.

      CDPR is about as dead as Bioware is now.

  • +4

    still overpriced by $30…

  • +2

    come back in 5 years and maybe it might be playable. game is not worth $30 when its a hot rushed mess.

  • +1

    I got this game on release… took it to holiday house…had ps5… no internet mind you… played it straight out of the box dvd version and still managed to clock the main quest. Ps3 graphics levels… a few random bugs and crashes but nothing game breaking from a clockability perspective. I think people expect too much from games these days and trashy as the finished product was it kinda was a solid 7 for me.

    • What I expect from these types of epic games is a massive time sink that can affect your own sense of time. So good to play that you forget how long you've been playing for.

      Skyrim, Fallout New Vegas etc.

      This game was promising and hyping epic level status.

      I think you've been very generous with your "solid 7" considering some of the descriptors you've used, but even if we take your 7 at face value- that's not good enough from this game. This was promising solid 9's and 10's. Even at a generous 7 (I'd currently rate it a 5), it's fallen well short of that.

      • I think a 5 is kind.

      • the fact that it didnt deliver the solid 9 is the dissapointing part

        but this game is easily a 6 edging on 7 depending on platform you played and how many bugs and what kind of experience you got
        e.g. i was fortunate to get very few bugs, none of which were game breaking. and the way i played it allowed me to explore multiple outcomes in a single playthrough and was kind of mind blown in a good way by some missions. i know some of these details i experienced were missed by other people who experienced stuff i missed because of playstyles as well.

        But the second most disappointing part is the people making disingenious claims about the game that was never promised, over exaggerating issues like water physics, typos and other nonsense as if that is such an important priority or comparing to older games that did one specific thing well and if CP77 doesnt do every game mechanic that every game has ever done perfectly, its unacceptable.
        let alone the single one liner smart ass nasty comments that dont contribute anything other than riding the hate train to sound funny that are in every CP post.

        this sorta nonsense dilutes the conversation around genuine criticisms about the game. The complaint of the week went from NPCs, to Police, to driving, to water. to typos. Now people on social are complaining about patch notes being delivered in a way they dont like. its exhausting

  • If you buy from cd keys, do game authors receive the money?

    • Not directly from you but CDkeys do of course buy their keys so down the line the devs get paid. If you're concerned about that but want a discount of this level consider GOG using a VPN.

      • Thanks! I did some googling around and its not very clear how they get the keys, sometimes legal and sometimes illegal. I guess i'll wait for a steam/epic sale.

        • There's nothing illegal about CDkeys, they grey import. Buy and sell keys (mostly region free) in volume from different regions and sell in others for profit. Waiting is a good choice though.

        • It's rare keys are ones where the publisher/author doesn't get paid but when it happens it's virtually always a small independent publisher. I'm not sure there's ever been one where it's impacted a big publisher.

  • Hows this game now after the updates? Is it worth a shot?

    • +1

      I've been enjoying is so far. 72 hours in, cant complain for the price.

      most bugs are pretty minor now. This was the 2 i ran into yesterday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5b7ugy0iI1Y
      (first one was really minor but amusing so i saved it.)

  • My main annoyance with this game is that they still havent fixed the mini map.

    Driving anywhere is like trying to drive and text. You are looking at the map more than the road becasue you cant see when the next turn is.

    Also, if you have to follow a car, a massive label shows which car to follow but blocks your view of where you are going. ffs, put an arrow above the car and the text saying to follow on one side of the screen.

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