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Philips One Blade Rechargeable Wet and Dry Electric Shaver $54.95 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Was suggested this razor by a friend, went trawling and found the closest lowest for this product was back in late 2020. Seems to be the best recent price if you need a handy electric shaver/trimmer.

Most reviews and OZB comments have stated, DO NOT use this around the crown jewels… Might be something for possible buyers to keep in mind.

EDIT: Credit to funky for cheaper AU link without the need for a power adapter!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Can be used around the crown jewels, just have to be careful.

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    Really happy with mine, perfect for a 'good enough' quick everyday shave.

    Call me weird but not really keen on using the same shaver on my face as down below anyway!

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      i got 2 razor heads, 1 for my small face and 1 for large dongle, or the other way around

    • Are they better than electric Shavers? I brought a $120 electric shaver and either it's my face or hair it's all patchy no matter how often I go over the same area

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        Yes, had the same problem. even got an expensive Braun electric shaver and you had to go over the same area 3-4 times and it still came out patchy.

        This is very easy and leaves you quite smooth. It's like a micro bladed pair of clippers so gets a very close cut but too small to pinch the skin so safe to use.

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    Cheaper here and from Aus Amazon and has AU plug:
    Philips One Blade Rechargeable Wet and Dry Electric Shaver for Trim, Edge and Shave with 3x Click-on Stubble Combs, Black/Lime, QP2520/30 https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07DVKQK5H/ref=cm_sw_r_u_apa_fa...

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      Thank you Funky, cancelled my order and reordered with your link. Updated post!

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    Shavershop have it for $54.95


    Love mine, it's such a great shave and quick and easy

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      That one doesn't come with the extra blade, better off with Funky's link above

    • +14

      Because not everything in life needs to be the cheapest crappiest option?

      • -2

        I own and use it, blows away any shaver I've tried thus far.

        • I can say the same about the Phillips One. It must depend on the facial hair.

  • Good razor, but if not in a rush keep an eye out for the Pro model with lithium battery which goes on sale for not much more

    • It is 79 on Amazon now. Is that a good price?

      Are these close to a smooth shave or better off getting something else if a smooth shave is what one is after? Any recommendations? I've been looking at the Braun series 5 5140s.

      • Not that great, was $67 last month, as low as $55 around Black Friday

        There is also another Pro model that has a bigger battery, 90mins runtime vs 60, and a digital battery level display but haven't seen that one drop below $99 though don't think it's worth the extra anyway.

        As for the shave, it gets pretty close. Not quite like a razor shave, but close enough to pass as clean shaven.

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    I've been using one of these for the past 2 years and absolutely love it. Yes it's not quite as close as a razor but it's so much easier and i haven't cut myself while shaving since i've had it.

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    how long do the blades last?

    • +5

      They say 3 months but I feel more like 6

    • I used to have the Pro model - and returned it to Amazon. The blades clip on with a flexible plastic mechanism, but it's very very thing and cheap. My first blade broke in just 2-3 weeks just from normal daily use. And I broke the next blade shortly after because I accidentally knocked the shaver off from the side of the basin into the center.

      The shave was pretty good otherwise and was quite happy with it.

  • Have these gone up? I swear I paid around $50 for the Pro years ago.

    Unfortunately one of my gfs bumped it and dropped it on the ground and it doesn't feel the same. I love it, I use it to shave my beard so my shaving is super quick afterwards.

    • +15

      One of my gfs…

  • Genuine question. Is this something like Gillette fusion pro ?

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      Nah that's just a razor with a vibrator.

      This is a different form of electric shaver - the tiny mesh moves against itself to basically act like tiny shears.

      • They're like very fine clippers. Only the edges do the cutting, not the flat surface. Love mine.

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    Thanks OP,
    Grabbed one.

    • Received mine today. Fantastic shaver. Finally not needing the shaving cream anymore.
      Missus wants one too for her legs.

  • Any clues on bargain refills ????

    • +1

      Recently I think best deal was a new signup with Shaver Shop to get $10 off the 2 pack bringing them down to $25 or $30, but they only seem to have the singles listed now.

      Best I can find at the moment is Amazon matching Myer on the 2 packs with Amazon getting down to $32.05 with S&S.

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    Been using this for 18 months, it's great but if you want a super close shave it won't be your thing… Well speaking from a middle eastern perspective so if you have fine hair YMMV. :)

  • The pro version of this works amazingly. it is a close shave (but not razor-close) and you won't cut yourself.

    It may just be my technique but I've found it will throw hair everywhere though. The sink, the mirror, the floor. Everywhere.

  • I have one of these but after some time the plastic comb that clips on is getting loose, the plastic must be worn a little bit. I see the new ones come with a fluro green clip-on comb instead, that's a different style.

    Can anyone say if the new style fluro green clip on combs work well - better than the original combs or are the original ones better and I should try and replace those?

    • I think the green one is for body hair

  • How do these compare to traditional electric shavers?

    Philips Shaver Series 5000

    For example

    • +1

      I got a high end shaver and this, they are pretty close in the final result though a shaver is much faster. Also a shavers multiple blades last years really.

      • I found that my Philips 5000 series is still doing it's job 4 years later. I really want to sharpen the blades though.

  • This or Braun series 5?

    • I'd go for latter or better phillips ones. It looks like most people settle into a habit/routine so start off with one and stick to it.

  • is this better than 10 dollar gillette razor at woolworths

    • No comparison, this is way faster and 0 cuts (not quite as close a shave though)

      Doesn't turn you into a soyboy like Gillette too

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    Thanks for the disclaimer. I was actually going to ask if anyone had TESTEd these.

  • +1

    Bought one thanks

  • if anyone is interested, you can buy from Shaver shop for $69 delivered using their $10 voucher for signing up to their mailing list

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