This was posted 7 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[NSW,QLD,VIC,WA,SA] 1 Free Pint of "Chip Happens" @ Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shops


Free ice-cream!

Courtesy of the 2021 Easter Hunt, I received this sms and so did others, and the url wasn't unique.

Sign up with the linked url and you'll have a free pint to collect

Don't delay though, I'm sure they'll pick up on the error soon enough…

Just for jv, these are worth about $12 each at the supermarkets (on special at Coles right now for $8)

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    Have to be within 40m of a store to use the link. They've got time to can it..

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      Can sign up via the link and the pint will be in your account, but waiting to redeem.

      I only think they'll scrap the unique link and change it to something else, I doubt they'll remove the pint from your account

      • I must be doing something wrong. I clicked the link, entered my email address, opened the email that was just sent, clicked the link and it said logging back in. Nothing in my wallet.

        • Yeah I got the SMS yesterday, but the same thing happens to me.

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            @hamza23: I did it with a different (new) email address and it started working. I'll just use that email address as my account from now on.

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              @hamza23: Ah yes that happened to me as well, dunno why

      • Where do we see this free pint in our account?

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    You'll receive Chip Happens. Which is chocolate + fudge + potato crisps. No other options.

    • Sounds like a delicious combo

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      My store was out of Chip Happens and let me choose any flavour.

    • ewww potato chip?

      • Exactly, I had 2 spoons and chucked the rest out. Goes like, yum, chocolate, yum fudge, chips eww

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          Hard to make choc chip icecream awful, but they did it.

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    lol sleepy mods prob remove as duplicate

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    I still have some pints from the Uber eats promo 😭

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    Each account has an ethereum address? Interesting that there’s blockchain tech used for something simple like this lol

    • In the past promos you've been able to send vatoms to other people.
      Can't seem to do it this time.

      • There is an option to drop the vatom on the map… and then others can pick it up..

        • Cool, thanks!

  • Whats a vatom?

  • Thanks OP.

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    Wow an awesome food deal that's also in the ACT!

    Thanks mate. Housemate and I both claimed a free pint.

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    Sorry - it says wait till 12pm to catch the eggs and then redeem ? How are people doing it now

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    T&Cs: 3,930 x Single Scoop of Chip Happens in Waffle Cone (valued at AU$6.40).

    Guessing it's a scoop and not a pint? When you click on 'tap to redeem in shop', it says 'scan QR code to receive your free scoop'.

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      I only got a three scoop cup, not a pint - not complaining though!

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    Just sign up will do or need to play the egg hunt game?

    • Im confused about this too, are we able to just show up to the store to claim or do we have to play the egg hunt game?

      • Also confused, I can see a link to claim if I’m at the store but no option for sms? Is that it? Says pint on first screen and then scoop in the next 🤔

    • Just sign up

      The sms was sent to those who have played before, to entice them back in

  • The literal worst flavour. I had one on two different occasions and it is literally inedible. Who thought it was a good idea to put vinegar in ice cream?

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      It's salt and vinegar flavour? I regret signing up.

    • What are you on about, it taste fine, just like a pinch of salt in chocolate ice cream.

  • So thats about 500ml or half a litre

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    Thanks mate got a free pint of shit happens

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    Anyone know if there is a Ben & Jerry's in Hobart or even Tasmania?

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      There is nothing of interest in Tasmania. Hell, it's not even a real state.

      • +2

        Not even any trace of COVID. Not for 10 months at least.

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          Not even COVID wants to live in Tasmania.

          • @BlameTheCat: That or someone four generations ago was immune to COVID.

            • @BlameTheCat: People are already getting their second dose of the COVID vaccine ;)

  • Got this a few days ago, have not collected yet but can anyone confirm its a pint and not a scoop?

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      Yeah I got mine a few days ago. I'm in Brisbane and there is only 1 store. The lovely girl said allowed me to change the flavour too. It's a hand packed pint - so not a scoop

      • Where is the list of stores?

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          - Hoyts Belconnen
          - Hoyts Woden

          - Ben & Jerry’s Bondi Beach
          - Ben & Jerry’s Chatswood
          - Ben & Jerry’s Manly
          - Hoyts Blacktown
          - Hoyts Broadway
          - Hoyts Penrith
          - Hoyts Wetherill Park

          - Ben & Jerry’s Mooloolaba
          - Ben & Jerry’s Noosa
          - Ben & Jerry’s Pacific Fair
          - Ben & Jerry’s Surfer’s Paradise

          - Ben & Jerry’s Burwood Brickworks
          - Ben & Jerry’s Flinders Lane
          - Ben & Jerry’s Melbourne Central
          - Ben & Jerry’s St Kilda
          - Hoyts Chadstone Shopping Centre
          - Hoyts The District Docklands
          - Hoyts Eastland Shopping Centre
          - Hoyts Greensborough Plaza
          - Hoyts Highpoint Shopping Centre

          - Ben & Jerry’s Fremantle
          - Ben & Jerry’s Hilarys
          - Ben & Jerry’s Joondalup
          - Ben & Jerry’s Northbridge
          - Hoyts Westfield Carousel


          Ben & Jerry’s Norwood

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    How does the QR scanning work?

    Do we need to scan in store to redeem?

    • Yeah - im a bit confused by this too. I click redeem and it's asking me to scan a QR code.

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        Basically you should 'show your screen of the prize' before doing the QR code, then after the QR code is scanned, it disappears.

        Very tasty Sorbet, as the Flinders Lane store (Melbourne) didn't have stock of the listed flavour.

    • +1

      Well yeah, I wouldn't go "redeeming" it until you're in store ready to buy…

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      Strange process, but this is what I just did. you show the screen on your phone ready to scan QR code to the person in the store so they can see what you have “won” then they get you to scan the QR code.
      Get a free pint and another voucher for buy one scoop get one free.

  • What's better, this or maccas sundae

  • +3

    thanks OP. Enjoying Boots on the Moooo’n!

  • "Augmented Reality Error, there are no vatoms near you on the map", what to do?

    • Have you given the website location permissions?

    • Are you within 40m of a store?

      • Got it thanks!

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    So I got a free pint which I will redeem today, but I also won a free scoop of Netflix n Chill'd which also appears in my wallet! Also really nice that they let you redeem up to two Vatoms per day. Thanks OP for your contribution. :)

  • Cheers!
    No stores fairly close by but may make a trip just for some

  • Doesnt work now after I give camera permission no QR code appears can just see camera 🤔

    • I thought they gave you a code to scan at the store?

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        A pint is a lot of ice cream! :)

      • No it just activated my camera?

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          Yeah that's normal I think and they give you a code to scan at the store.

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            @nmcc08: Oh get it now, they made it complicated at.

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    Thanks OP. Partner n I grabbed a pint each from MC. Her camera didn't have permissions so…she can grab another pint at another store xD.

  • Hey All, do you have to find an ‘egg’ to win a prize or are there QR codes to scan at each store?

    • +2

      If you register then you should get a free pint as a guaranteed prize.
      After that there are "vatoms" (easter eggs) floating around the world near each shop. They spawn every day at 1200.
      You can pick them up if you are within 40m real world location and get more prizes (free cones, buy1-get1, upgrades.)

      • Thanks for replying - makes sense to me now!

  • Who doesnt love a FREE BJ?

  • Nothing working on my end, how long does one have to wait for an email to be sent by B&J?

  • Made in the USA

    so much for supporting Australian farming….

  • Super weird.
    I did the thing, it came up as a free pint of Chip Happens.
    I waited until I was instore to redeem. Hit the redeem button, gave access - then it disappeared and said buy one scoop get one scoop free.
    The girl still let me have my free pint of Chip Happens (maybe I should have asked if I could get a different flavour because it ain't the best) thank goodness as I made a special trip to Carousel to get it.

  • +3

    Interesting promo…get people to experience Ben and Jerry's…with possibly their worst flavoured ice cream!

  • I managed to get boots on the moon hand packed, seems to be no eggs today checked after 12 and now

    • +1

      No vatoms in Perth today either.

    • Do they always appear at 12 midday do they appear randomly any time after 12 midday? I’m in Perth too & don’t want to bother continuing to check all afternoon if unnecessary (although I guess ice cream is never really necessary)

  • vatoms spawned in Perth at 1200 today.

  • Very easy to find Easter eggs in central Melbourne. Looks like they are giving away more Boots on the Moon in some of them.

  • They didn't have any chip happens so can select anything. Winning

  • My local store ran out of Chip Happens, so they gave me Boots. Not sure which are better, but free ice cream. Can't complaint!

    • +2

      boots is 100% better.

      btw, you can pick whatever flavour you like according to the terms and conditions of the competition.

      1. Prizes (b) and (c) flavours are subject to availability in scoop shops. If sold out customers can select a different flavour of choice.
      • Dang… the checkout chick just gave Boots and said it's quite similar in taste LOL

        Since it's free, who am I to ask for more? But will check em out later after dinner.

    • +1

      Boots is definitely better.. wasn't a big fan of Chip Happens… :)

  • Went to redeem tonight and it looks like they changed the promo to buy one cup get one free?? Anyone else confirm?

    Even if you have the free tub it’s now been changed

    • +1

      Maybe? I clicked to redeem the tub and it vanished with the two for one offer appearing, the girl wasn’t sure what was going on but gave me the tub anyway, probably because she had already packed it and there were a few other customers waiting.

    • Mine still says a free tub. Just took a screenshot. I'll show them that first then.

  • I got a pint, she said not have that flavor, let me choose any of that, so good