Roborock S5 Max Robotic Vacuum $699, Roborock S6 Pure $539 Delivered @ Apu's World


Hi OZ Bargainers,

We haven't posted for a while.

Last Batch of Roborock specials available, limited inventory will sell out today based on previous deals.

Last Batch of Stock arrives W/C 26th April

Orders will leave our Sydney or Melbourne Warehouse W/C 26th April

Limited Stock is available any questions please let us know.

Use Code ROBO for S6 Pure

Roborock S6 Pure $539.00

Use Code ROBOS5 for S5 Max

Roborock S5 Max $699.00

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Apu's World


  • s5 max…. give me $100 more off

  • D9 for $379, so not sure $699 for S5 max is worth?

  • why Australia pricing is so expensive
    in Indonesia, normal price is around $500

  • Maybe wait til the new S7 comes out later this month?

    • wow, thanks for that comment, didnt realise the S7 is planned to be released this week (unsure if that applies to Australia though)

    • I just got my S7 review sample from China delivered today - looks impressive so far. I'm still charging it, but things I have noticed:
      * quite a small water tank
      * new rubber pickup brush design
      * has a cool glowing LED light on it
      * works in Australian accounts already (the S4 didnt for a while)

  • S6 pure is an ok price in this deal. Still $500 would be better.
    S5 max - ya dreamin. just over $500 is the goal price

  • I want an S5 Max but can't really call this a bargain…

    They have sold for $500-550 AUD a few months back.

    Sticking a discount code on an item does not automatically make it a good deal

    • What makes the s5 max better than the s6 pure?
      The only difference i see is the water tank capacity

  • Hi Paul,

    I ordered from the previous deal but it never arrived as Aus post lost the parcel. I asked for one from upcoming stock a few days ago but was told the April shipment was oversold 3x.

    Could you please send another from this stock?

    Order #6116.

    • You should contact your bank to dispute the transaction ASAP. I had the same problem with previous deal, i waited for a month and they sent it then they lost the parcel. I've been trying to contact them back both with SMS WhatsApp and email but without replied. Its been 3 weeks after last email. good luck! I read their customer review and they had a lot of lost package from AusPost.

      • Thanks for the heads up, never had anything lost through auspost before this!

        They did reply a few days ago saying there wasn't any stock… And then turned around and posted this deal on ozb!

        If I don't hear back this week I'll have it disputed rather than waiting.

        • I'm the same, never had anything lost through auspost before this. Seems like its not uncommon for this mob.

          • -2 votes

            @VeryHungaryCat: To clarify here to all, there has been a few lost shipments, this is not uncommon when shipping large volumes, we have shipped over 500 roborocks since the deals went live and have had about 4-5 go astray.

            All customers are protected, and we cover all costs for any lost shipments. No customer will ever be out of pocket for any lost in transit orders from us.

            Kind regards Paul

            • @Pauljo: What a joke. I've ordered thousands of items online, and only ever had two items disappear, one from this mob and one from Tobydeals. @Whatisyourbestprice, @destroyerx, @showMe Money and myself, that's four of us on this page alone. I'm sure there are more commenting on other pages and still more that don't comment online at all.

              At the end of the day @Pauljo, I still don't have a vacuum cleaner. If you want to make things right, you know what to do

        • It's another 8 days without they responded to my last email. I am following the process to dispute the purchase with NAB. NAB is asking for more information before they can do it. it's a warning and stressful to customers who deal with this business. You are better start the dispute process before it's too late.

      • wow. same for me as well
        Paul from Apu's world said, Aus post lost my parcel

        looks like Apu's is a SCAM

  • so does this mean this is a pre order? aa in we get it in one month?

  • Has anyone purchased from this site before? It looks kinda suspicious… previous comments showing no deliveries and zero reviews for the S5Max.

  • Hi OzBargainers, we haven't posted for a while, but here's the exact same deal we posted 2 months ago that you already downvoted:

  • lucky i didnt order it from them couple of weeks back.

  • I ordered from this deal on March 25th and missed out on the Kogan deal as a result. Such is life.

    What irks me is the customer service from Apu's World. Have sent 2 messages via their "live chat", one on the 11th April, the other yesterday, no response to either.

    Extremely unimpressed.

    Rep, can you please confirm that we can expect our orders for this item will be posted next week as advertised?

  • Ordered 2 weeks ago and nothing from them yet. Same experience as some mentioned. No response for phone, whatsapp and email.

    Please avoid.

    • Still no response from them on my end either. Even messaged the OP about order update, no reply. Lodged a case with PayPal, they refunded me very quickly thankfully.

      Would have been happy to wait if anyone from Apu's World had simply responded, but their lack of any communication is deplorable.

  • Yes… This is Scammer. They keep on telling you that they will dispatch on the 26th… In the week they will say that we will dispatch in the week of 26th. Well you know what they don't. Once the week is over they stop responding to your emails, whatsapp, chat requests. They are pathetic. Should not be allowed to operate in Australia. OZBargain should definitely not promote such Scammer.

  • Guys.. People who are facing issues like myself, please click report and report this website. Also leave a feedback on Trustpilot link below and on google reviews, so other people who trust OZBargain are not scammed.