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½ Price Mayver’s Peanut Butter 375g $2.50, Ichiban Noodle Bowls 150g $2.20 @ Woolworths

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    Amazon AU will most likely price-match starting Wednesday

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      The only issue with buying them from Amazon is that sometimes they get broken, so you need to deal with the mess of cleaning up the rest of the jars, and the time you have to spend on contacting them and getting a new order for the damaged ones or a refund. Also, you have no way of knowing the expiry date of the batch you'll get if you have to buy more for future use. If they're the same price I prefer a store purchase to Amazon.

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        yup I agree. I normally go for amazon for subscribe and save to save 10% instantly and without it I think it would just be a lot easier to drive to the nearest woolies and get the ones you like.

      • Isn't this where you order the jars with a few items of clothing, and get the whole lot refunded at once due to damages?

        • Still not worth it imo. Also, I doubt they would ship these with clothes in the same box.

        • wouldn't they ask for a photo?

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    I've never tried this brand before, but do enjoy Butter of the Peanut.

    Would you recommend?

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      Number 1 Peanut Butter.

      • Number 2 imo, Pics slightly better

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          Pic's is also my #1 and Mayver's is my #2. Mayvers has a wide variety and I'd get some when they're half price.

          • @Sploots: Same here, all outta pics right now, going to stock up on mayvers.

            I'll bet mayvers half price at Coles next week.

            • @TEER3X: Hehe, I reckon you're right!

              Do you know if Pic's ever goes on sale?

              • @Sploots: Was half price about 3 weeks ago or so, at coles. Posted on here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/607515

                Hopefully at some point on sale again.

                • @TEER3X: Oh, no way! That's awesome. Thanks for this. I just looked at the history on OzBargain and it's been on sale every month this year already.

                  Guess I've missed it every time, haha.

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          I'll add I feel my order is:

          Pic's > Bega No Added Sugar > Mayvers.

          I've had issues with my Mayvers separating and never going back to normal.

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      Mayver's Dark Roast is my #1. Prefer Mayver's generally over any other brand including Pic's. It's great.

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    • I like Mayver's flavour the most, but I like Bega's texture and prefer them overall.

    • Definitely my favourite, I've been eating the Protein+ peanut butter for breakfast for the last few years.

  • Is the pork flavour noodle taste better than beef?

    • Yes

    • I liked the beef better, but pork seems to be more popular.

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    I've been waiting to try Mayvers when it went to 1/2 price.

    Love Pics and Bega was pretty good but maybe a bit too oily.

  • Do you think something tasty can be created by mixing these two? A stay taste-alike?

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      The Peanut Butter and the Noodles?

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    They are 150/140 grams not 200.

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      Didn't even notice myself. The catalogue has 200g.

      Added a note.

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    I recommend trying the one with SKIN ON. It gives the PB that extra 'something'…
    (Combine with Rose's English Breakfast Marmalade on your Raisin toast of choice.)

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      And another benefit is it helps you poop because the fibre is doubled

      • Much lower carbs too, if that is a factor for you.

  • Time to stock up on the Mayvers!

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    It becomes very thick and dry if not consumed quickly.

    We now generally wait for Bega Simply Nuts to go on sale. Also the label peers off easily, perfect to reuse for spices.

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      I also prefer the Bega Simply Nuts, which are of Australian origin.

      Mayver's, if I can recall correctly, used to use Australian peanuts. Now they're a mix of "unknown" origins citing a "shortage" of Australian peanuts. Unless the actual packaging on the jar says 50% "Argentinian" peanuts, and will be in line with Australian Consumer Law for their advertising, I still don't know what the other "50%+" peanut origin is.

      • Even Bega acknowledges the current shortage, which is why their regular range is only 85%+ Australian atm as well (they also source from Argentina).

        • Bega Simply Nuts is still 100% Australian though.

    • Yup its bizarre that a peanut butter which is basically fat, protein, and fibre can somehow dry out.

      Never had it happen with other nut butters.

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    Come on Amazon, price match already.

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      • No subscribe and save unfortunately

  • I’ve never had this brand peanut butter before, is it meant to be this runny? Mine is runny and loose like water

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      Diarrhoea consistency

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