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[Pre Order] Samsung 75" QN85A 4K UHD Neo QLED Smart TV $3820.75 + Delivery (5% Cashback Available) @ The Good Guys


Good price on latest model tv. Add 5% cashback. Also says $200 gift card but this is TBC.

5% cashback comes in at $173.42. $3647.33 after cash back. Minus $200 gift card = $3447.33

Discover next-generation picture quality on an LED TV with the Samsung 75" QN85A 4K UHD Neo QLED Smart TV QA75QN85AAWXXY. Quantum Matrix Technology features Samsung's proprietary backlights that shrink to 1/40th of their size and have a micro layer for precise light control for a lifelike viewing experience.

Note: Reading T&Cs it says must be purchased at full ticketed price for the gift card. The GIFT CARD is TBC.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • +7

    Good deal of it wasn't just one HDMI 2.1 port. What were Samsung thinking

    • +1

      totally agree… quite strange move

      • +1

        I'm 2021, when LG OLED has had HDMI 2.1 on all ports since 2019!

        • +1

          well i was watching the insanely confusing models they've released (US getting the brunt of the stupidity) and the reviewer mentioned that only the one with the external box gets all 4 HDMI 2.1… i thought well that's an epic fail .. especially since this isn't bottom of the range crap either…

          • +1

            @scud70: I watch Vincent on HDTV Test YouTube channel, he knows his stuff. Watch his channel before buying a new high-end TV

            • +1

              @reactor-au: that's the asian guy in UK right? pretty sure that's who i watched.

              • +1

                @scud70: Yeah, sometime I just watch for the entertainment factor haha

  • Does this TV have one of those off board boxes for it’s inputs? It looks awfully thin!

    • +1

      No for 2021 only the top range 95A gets that box and multiple HDMI 2.1 ports. It's so backwards. Guess it's LG or Sony for 2021 TV.

      • Thank you!

        Do you happen to know if the 2.1 port the dedicated eARC or different?

  • +2

    The GIFT CARD is TBC.

    If the gift card is TBC, how about remove it from the description?

  • +2

    I really like this new retailer called The Goo

  • "Samsung has set a new standard in picture quality, delivering next level detail, deeper blacks "

    <<< still not true blacks :-D

  • Pretty good given this is miles ahead of Q80T in terms of picture quality

  • -2

    The reviews from the US on this TV aint great. Some people outright saying just buy an OLED.

  • Yeah this TV is a miss for sure. The colour science is apparently not accurate, screw that.

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