This was posted 4 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[PC] Steam - Raw Data VR $9.11 (was $56.95)/Sprint Vector VR$6.87 (was $42.95)/Devil and the Fairy VR $2.41 (was $14.50) - GMG


Great prices for these three VR games - good opportunity to grab them if you want to play them anytime soon. Maybe a good opportunity to grab them for the Easter break.

Sprint Vector:

Devil and the Fairy:


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    Has anyone tried the wireless option of PCVR via Steam? How are the results?


      If you’re talking about using virtual desktop on a Quest 2 then I can comment. You’re going to need somewhat decent networking gear, at the very minimum being able to separate the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz band and having the headset connect to the 5Ghz exclusively. Ideally have your computer connected via Ethernet and have the headset as close to router as you can. If you can do all that then it’s flawless, for me it has been at least.


      can confirm Oculus Quest 2 (I presume that's what you meant) working wirelessly with Steam works fine for me. My desktop is connected via wire to my router (only about 3m away from my PC) and my Quest headset is the only device on the 5GHz spectrum on the bog standard Huawei router which Dodo supplied me some 6 years ago.


    all of these have been in bundles on for about $5 each from memory.. just want and I'm sure there'll be another bundle in a couple of months with them again as fanatical often recycle their bundles.


      They might be, they might not be - that is also why I said "if you want to play them anytime soon".
      Either way, if you want to play the games soon, e.g. over the Easter break, future lower prices are not terribly useful.
      Have a splendid day.