Free 1 Year Roadside Assist with AAMI Comprehensive Car Insurance (New Customers Only) @ AAMI


Seems like a decent deal – free roadside assistance for a year with AAMI comprehensive car insurance.

I was actually looking around getting quotes for my car because my other insurer had put my renewal up by 30% (surprise, surprise) and AAMI gave me a quote that was not only cheaper than the original, non-inflated price from the other insurer, but also had a free year of roadside.

Only downside is I found out that my existing roadisde provider, RACV doesn't provide pro-rated refunds for cancellations, so now I have roadside assistance with both providers for most of this year… but hopefully this deal helps someone, considering roadside assistance is worth approx $90-$114 a year.

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  • Only for new customers :(

  • This has been running since last year.

  • This has been running since last year +1

  • I am with Woolworths Comprehensive insurance and the quote difference is $24/month. I don’t think a free roadside assistance justify the 24/month extra.

  • Just be aware, for the next year, they leave it on your policy, but it then costs ~$80

    • yeah but you're a mug if you keep going with your existing policy after one year. It is ALWAYS cheaper to switch provider or requote with your existing provider and take out a new policy.

      • For the most part, I would agree.
        This time around, even with the renewal, AAMI were still the cheapest (about the same as QBE) for my circumstances. I checked all the other majors, and even some of the smaller options.

  • Anyone actually used the towing assistance etc? The RAA product (in SA) provides 'X' km of towing (depending on what level you chose).
    However, the fine print is this distance is the RETURN distance from the roadside helpers depot. So I broke down roughly 8km out of a country town, but in the direction away from their depot. I had 100km towing, but their depot was 46km away. He refused to tow me into town. Was also a useless mechanic. I ended up pulling my engine apart myself, running into town to buy the $5 part, and got back on the road. Been an RAA member for 20+ years …not anymore. Plastered this info all over their Facebook pages for a few years. Just a friendly refresh/ reminder to fellow ozbargainers. Call up and check if with NRMA etc for interstaters. Key question, how is the towing distance calculated.

  • hey OP, same thing happened with me! both my cars been with RACV for years and every year they worked out cheapest however this year they were the most expensive.

    I also ended up switching to AAMI and got the free roadside assistance. RACV didnt give refund on the roadside so now also stuck with both.

    Suncorp underwrites AAMI and the gift card portal is also pretty good.

  • Does AAMI allow your own choice of repairer?

    • It appears not. Also market value. They used to own their own repair centres which I think they sold off but may still use them. Mixed reviews on these. Many not positive.

      I am with Shannons , agreed value, choice of repairer. And they are not only for enthusiasts cars .

      • Thanks! I will check out Shannons

      • AAMI do offer Agreed value as well. That’s how I’m using them.
        But no choice of repairer that I’ve found.

        • Ok, yes I see there is an option to change the insured value, but they originally offer market value and a higher excess than Shannons, this gives a low quote when you put your details in.

          Once you adjust then excess down and put the insured value up the quote of course rises quite substantially. You need to be careful when comparing companies and their quotes.

  • Does it stop if you cancel your insurance policy too?