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Carbon:ate Carbon Steel Skillet Frypan 24cm $40, 30cm $56 Shipped @ The Fresh Australian Store


After doing my research and reading this thread from the forum on carbon steel pan, I decided to give it a go. There are not a lot of choice out there and the well known brand like de Buyer or Lodge are quite expensive. So I came across this brand but cannot find much info online. At the end I got in touch with John from Fresh Australian Store, he was able to give me a lot of advices and after mentioned to him about Ozbargain, he is offering a 20% off for our community to try their carbon steel range. I'm getting the 30cm myself and thought to share the love and hope if anyone brought his before could comment on this.

Carbon:ate Carbon Steel 30cm (12 Inch) Skillet Frying Pan $56
Carbon:ate Carbon Steel 24cm (9.5 Inch) Skillet Frying Pan $40

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  • Needed a smaller frypan so will give the 9.5" a go.

    For those ordering, make sure you know the seasoning process and don't use for acidic foods.

    Watch this video too: https://youtu.be/-suTmUX4Vbk

  • Got into carbon steel myself through this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/591384

    so much better than cast iron.

  • I found some slightly cheaper alternatives:

    24cm here for $34.95 with free shipping. looks pretty similar - has the same type of removable silicon cover on the handle - maybe same factory.


    … and here are some 30cms for $39.95 + postage ($9 to 2000, $12 to 3000)

    frypan: https://www.victoriasbasement.com.au/p/benzer-far-east-colle...
    wok: https://www.victoriasbasement.com.au/p/benzer-far-east-colle...
    wooden handle wok: https://www.victoriasbasement.com.au/p/benzer-far-east-colle...

    • looks like these are the thinner type. I heard it will warp after a few uses…can someone confirm?

  • Look pretty good for a 3mm thick pan. I've grabbed one. Thanks for the code OP.

  • If you're looking for something in between a Lodge and lighter Carbon Steel, then then I highly recommend Solidteknics: https://www.solidteknics.com/SATIN30cmskillet

    I have a 26cm pan, gifted to me from the missus, that is jet black from all the seasoning I have applied from the past 2 years of continual use. Much lighter than Lodge pans. Australian made as well.

    The company is as kooky as they get. And the website is a clear case of way too much information: as in overselling the shit out of it. It's a bit mental. Reminds me of the Dr Bonner's soup labels. They also have bunch of really confusing names (noni, raw, satin, lightning etc which barely makes any sense).

    But I can attest to their quality and performance from the couple peices I have.

    For some reason, they are constantly launching Kickstarter campaigns to release their new ranges. Latest one here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/solidteknics/solidtekni...?

    Also, not a lot of stores seem to stock the brand, and all their new range is never available, and therfore rarely found on discount.

    • Kickstarter seems to be the best way to buy these pans if you can wait.

      Pans themselves are very good and tough. Not cheap but worth the investment for something that will last a lifetime.

    • Could you tell me:

      • Does the handle get too hot to hold?
      • How do you find the quality? Any warping? Any metallic taste in the food?
      • Hey mate, zero issues. The long handle on the 26cm pan I use, never gets too hot to handle. Even with my dainty hands.

        They have designed it in a way that creates quick heat dissipation before reaching the end of the handle. The handle is slightly curved/wedge-shaped and there are cut outs that prevent heat from travelling all the way.

        No warping whatsoever. Pans are damn solid. It is the best pan I currently own in the kitchen. And I cook most days of the week.

        It is far lighter than the Lodge pan I havem, that never gets used because way too heavy to handle and clean.

        I give it a quick scrub after use, then apply full blast heat on the gas stove to dry off any moisture, wait until smoke starts to appear and then apply a few drops of Rice Bran oil and wipe with a soft cotton cloth (old white tee shirt cut up). The seasoning process is very easy. My pan is now jet black from approx. 2 years of use and nothing sticks when cooking with it. Eggs slide right off.

        It takes a few months to really develop a great non-stick surface, but follow the above method it will come with time/use.

        The 30cm wok is handles differently. It's ALMOST too heavy to handle with one hand/arm. The hole/opening for the handle is awkward and not designed for one hand/arm use. There is no tossing action possible with this pan unfortunately either. So when stir frying, I rapidly use a wooden spatula to move and stir the incredients around to get even cooking. Never have any issues with getting incredible results. Fried rice, noodles, and any quick stir fry dishes get cooked evenly with great charring.

        I always use a tea towel folded up to grab the handle/s. The handles are too short and close to main body of the pan. I use this pan quite a bit despite the limitations mentioned above. I've had for just over a year now, and almost jet black from regular use and is definitely non stick. Same seasoning process as per above.

        Hope that helps!

        • Thank you for that excellent reply! Very helpful. I can see what you mean about the wok, the design looks difficult to use compared to one with a long handle.