Dodgy Seller BPC Tech on eBay

TL;DR: dodgy seller made offer that they can not fulfill,causing loss to buyer, and Ebay is not protcting buyer from that.

I purchased a 4tb 860 evo SSD from BPC Technology eBay( a.k.a Budget PC) in a recent deal .The next day they contacted me and said the item was oversold due to an ebay system flaw.Then they offered to replace the order with an 1tb modol and pay a partially refund. I said yes becasue eventhough it was not the best deal on eaby atm, I really needed a new ssd and wanted to get out of this oos shit.

But two days later, they called me again, claiming they can't do a partially refund, and require me to pay $169 to their paypal account (which is absurd), or to place a new 1tb order before they can give me full refund. But because the Afterpay promotion had ended and the ebay gift cards I used to pay was still held by them, I refused to do so.

Now after another two days, the 1tb ssd has arrived ( in a padded bag), and no further resonpse from them. The way ebay handles this is just let me return the item and get refund like nothing ever happened.

IMO, it's the seller's responsibility to deal with ebay no matter it's about stock number or making refund. now that their irresponsibility has caused a buyer's loss in time and opportunity cost, and they can simply walk out from it without any punishment?

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    Nothing ebay can do about it other than offer a refund and return postage - open a SNAD to formalise the process.
    You can leave negative fb for the seller.

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    Who let the dogs out…..who who who who

  • Come here for the bargains..feel the floods of sympathy….

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    Doggy Seller

    Are they pure bred or crosses?

    Do they come with papers?

  • Send it back as item not described and get a full refund.
    Ebay will side with the seller.

    • Not sure about that. I doubt if they're actually paying the return postage given that I'm with ebay plus.

      • *sorry i meant buyer.

  • After calling them, it turns out if they give me a particial refund, ebay will consider this deal done and charge them some fees. Or if they canceled the order on their behalves from the beginning, their record on ebay will be affected. Therefore, they prefer making me return the item and give me a full refund.

  • I think the key here is because you paid via Afterpay. The options of a refund have severely been limited. You can't initiale a partial refund on something from AP, even getting a refund is hard.

    • I in fact paid with gift cards, so Afterpay is not actually involved here. And during all the phone calls, they mentioned nothing about Afterpay.

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        Oh right, you mentioned Afterpay so I assumed that was the case. Having said that. Paying with gift cards can be just as annoying.

        • Yup, during my search for similar cases online, Pyapal seems to protect the buyer's rights better. Ebay just let buyer and seller deal with each other.

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    You have no loss. Send it back and buy your ssd from a normal place.

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      from a normal place

      What is a 'normal' place?

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        Not some dodgy place on eBay. Somewhere you can simply walk in, and exchange money for goods on the spot.

        • Like Harvey Norman?

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            @jv: No, they are Hardly Normal

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          BPC is in fact a brick and mortar shop in Melbourne. The buyer is in the right here, but I sympathise with the staff member who tried to please the customer, not thinking through the ramifications with eBay's fee system. I would pay them again and get the full refund on the first transaction, but it's a personal choice.

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