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[PC] Steam - Platinum VR Collection Build your own Bundle - $9.95/$14.19/$21.29 (2/3/5 games) - Fanatical


One of the rare build your own VR bundles is back on sale.

You can choose from the following games:

  • Sprint Vector
  • Dungeons & Treasure VR
  • Raw Data
  • Narcosis (not offered anymore)
  • Conductor
  • Battlewake
  • Craft Keep VR
  • SVRVIVE: The Deus Helix
  • Cosmic Trip
  • Rainbow Reactor
  • GRIP: Combat Racing

Choose carefully and make sure the games you pick are not cheaper to buy on their own from somewhere else - in other words, check the all time lowest prices for the games you are interested in.


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  • Can anyone give any recommendations, any of this worth playing?

    • Raw Data plus one other depending on what you like.

    • -2


      • +1

        Aren't you a helpful little elf?
        Maybe offer SmP46 some of the VR games you made?? ;-)

    • @Smp46 Raw Data plus Battlewake (made by the same people who made Raw Data) or plus Cosmic Trip/Rainbow Reactor.

  • I'd hold out and wait for a deal like humble bundles VR deal to hope to come along again.

    • +1

      That won't be happening too soon again given the rarity of those types of bundles.
      Raw Data plus one other game is definitely worth the $10 to play over the Easter break.

      • That deal was awesome value and a pretty rare one with games of that quality for the price. Grabbed it in a heartbeat.

        Totally agree with Lysander that if you don't have it, Raw Data, plus one other game is good value in this deal.
        Even that and 2 games is worth considering.
        Just look them up online and see what they are like and how much they are elsewhere first.

      • True, 2 games for $10 is a good deal. I'll have to take a look at Raw Data now

      • ahh but Lysander you said THIS bundle wouldn't come along either, and it did - one day later.

        You can often find people in the /Streamtrades reddit who will trade games from this VR bundle. I was able to trade a few CS:GO keys for most of the VR games in the first HB VR bundle - except for GORN.

        Humble Bundle don't tend to repeat bundles though, so most likely Humble Bundle will have another VR bundle soon, but it'll be different games.

        • True but if I look at HB history and how many VR bundles we have had so far - you can do the probability math.
          The only bundles that HB repeats are Codemaster ones if I remember correctly and ones from another publisher whose name I cannot remember right now. Other than that you are right - if there is another VR bundle in the future (and there will be at some point) it will not be identical to this one.

  • Doesn't look like Narcosis is being offered?

    • True. Updated. Thank you.