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Kuvings Greek Yogurt & Cheese Maker Pink $149 ($129 for First Time Customer, Was $199) Delivered @ Kuvings


Great little yogurt maker. We have had ours a few weeks after it was recommended by friends. If you use the signup code 20$OFF it comes down to $129 delivered

Kuvings Greek Yogurt and Cheese maker can make sauerkraut, tzatziki, pickles, vinegar, yogurt, cheese, Amazake, Nato and much more.

Comes with recipe book and how to use manual.

Recipe book with over 100 recipes
Preset recipes up to 72 hours.
Manual +/- button from 1 to 99 hours, 23°C to 70°C
2x two litre bowl containers
1x strainer, 1x bowl lid, 1x bowl handle
BPA free
LED display screen

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  • Wife's been using this one for about a year now: https://www.littlegreenworkshops.com.au/product/electric-yog...

    Her culture is great and the yoghurt has good consistency.

    What are the benefits of spending 2-3x more?

    • We had a cheaper yogurt maker like this…didn't last very long. Each to their own…

      • We've had ours for probably almost 2 years now. I remember seeing it in last year's eofy receipt audit

    • +1

      Her culture is great

      Is she Greek ?

      • Skata

        • Is that near Mykonos, but a bit crapier?

  • +4


    This one is $10. I use it and make great yoghurt.
    Use UHT milk or powdered milk if you don't want to boil the milk first.

    • Yeah, the EasiYo is good. We had one before we went to an electric yogurt maker. The electric versions ensure the temperature remains constant throughout the 6 to 8 hour fermentation period.

      • So does a tea towel wrapped around the easiyo lol.

  • Same company that invented kcups?