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[NSW, QLD] $20 Gift Voucher ($20 Min Spend in-Store) @ Spotlight (VIP Membership Required)


Valid till 27 May 2021 at all NSW and QLD stores. Single use only per VIP member.

Full credit to the Facebook poster.

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    Is that barcode unique?
    Can't see spotlight giving 20 bucks to all of NSW and QLD

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      Same code according to Facebook comments. Usable once per VIP card.

    • You'd be surprised 😄

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    Is this in response to the flooding? Not sure how I feel about taking advantage of their goodwill.

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      Yes, I'm gathering it was sent to people who are registered with regional stores in areas that were/are affected by the floods.

      I mean it was a wet week in Sydney as well but I don't really think we can say it was or is a "trying time"!

      • Towels and bedding is what most people need right now so makes sense.

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    Well done spotlight.

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    I was going to ask why no Victoria, then I remembered what's going on over in QLD/NSW.

    • Goto NSW to buy :) closest to Victoria.

  • Perfect

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    If you do not wish to utilise this $20 gift, please feel free to pass it on to someone in your community who may need it.

    I think you can get away with it now as before spotlight required you to show the email in-store at least that is my experience.

    • +2

      I think "in your community" is important wording…

      • +9

        ozbargain is definitely a community

  • Was it originally an email or..?

    • Yep it was, I received it via email.

      • I didnt get an email. I wonder who they targeted to send it to? I have used screenshot vouchers before but I always feel a bit funny doing that

        • Residents registered near flood affected areas.

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    Should be ok for everyone to use.
    "If you do not wish to utilise this $20 gift, please feel free to pass it on to someone in your community who may need it."

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    I think this is the equivalent hi res version


  • Thanks for posting. Would be able to upload a higher resolution image please? Thanks

  • nooooice.

  • Bright idea 👍

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    Feels a bit like exploiting their gesture to people actually affected by distaster though

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    Spotlight staff often ask to see the original email itself (it it came from an email). varies by staff member.

    • Yes, and I never see the self checkout operating, which put me off using any vouchers.


    Valid until Thursday 27th May 2021 at all NSW and QLD stores only. Gift voucher is single use only, and must be presented to receive discount. Save $20 off your total transaction (Min spend $20). Not to be used in conjunction with additional voucher or Team member discount.

  • Just tried but didn't work.
    The high res image uploaded by @NeutralName didn't scan. Then operator asked manager over the phone and was instructed to see the orignal email. So no luck!

    • Oh that sounds a bit awkward. What did you say?

      • I didn't argue, just left the stuff there. I wasn't keen to buy on full price.

    • Bummer

    • i used it this morning and this voucher and no problem with that

  • Voucher didn't work.

    • Thanks for the update. Which store did you try? I’d be interested to hear if anyone gets this to work.

    • Just worked but used my target email barcode. Didn’t get asked for membership ID so they have done something on the back end? But I don’t see how they would be able to implement something.

      • Do you mind sharing a higher res screenshot of the barcode, like the one OP posted from your email? Same barcode number presumably

      • Hi Sheng, is the bar code the same as posted here? Can you please upload a high resolution image?

    • Use the link supplied by maccam below……worked perfectly today for me.

      Took an already discounted item to the counter, they scanned the code and $20 came off. No drama, it just worked.

    • Strange your attempt failed - seems to work for others! Maybe try again.

      Worked in Brisbane store today. Got a FREE cast iron casserole dish Couldn't have been easier.

      An invalid Neg Vote by Voting Guidelines!

      • I didn’t think it was me who did the neg vote, I didn’t mean to, I just looked and it was me so I have removed the vote

        • -1

          These things happen. I accidentally upvote Deals I haven't even looked at on the phone. My fingers slip while scrolling.

          I looked at your comment - as was curious about the neg vote. It stood out with so many upvotes.

          Have negged a Deal when meant to upvote. Luckily I saw my mistake & revoked it, like you did.

          Have you tried the voucher again?
          Used today with the copy of the email. Some staff can doubt scanned images - I just try another staff member.

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            @the INFIDEL: I didn’t but I received a $10 voucher for Mother’s Day and that was enough for me, thanks

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              @loulou1: Still plenty of time!
              Popped in yesterday with $10 voucher & looked what to buy with the $20.

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    Me and my partner bought 2 bath towels and large bin for $4.5 after $40 discount.

    Thanks OP!

    • In a Sydney store?

      • +1


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    Full message is at : milled.com/spotlight/our-thoughts-are-with-your-community-gKqDS5_MdSwBRoBJ

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    Used today with barcode provided by maccam01 (thank you!) in QLD with no problems. There’s also 30% off everything at Spotlight until tomorrow.

  • Thank you OP. Worked for me in Brisbane, Holland park store

  • Just be aware the $20 comes off the full price of anything you buy. I bought some fabrics (VIP discount) and some bakeware that was 40% off. Took a while to figure out the docket… $20 off the full prices only. So I only ended up saving $3! Feel like I wasted it…

    • Interesting and unfortunate that wasn’t the case for me, I got $20 off discounted prices.

  • Thanks so much, it worked for me. I also used the hyperlink by maccam01. A great deal!

  • Work for me, they asked for an account as well

  • Could someone that has original please email voucher to me (please contact via PM).

  • $40 cast iron casserole dish
    Bought in Brisbane store, marked down to $28, then at checkout - FREE!

  • Did anyone 'accidentally' used this voucher in other state and it works?

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