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Samsung HW-Q900T 7.1.2 ATMOS Soundbar $770 Pickup BNE (or +Delivery) @ VideoPro


Cheapest this has ever been. I got one recently and it gets loud with great bass while maintaining excellent sound quality overall.
Only difference between this and the top of the line HW-Q950T is the two additional rear speakers but IMHO at this price this is a steal.

True Dolby ATMOS & DTS:X with 7.1.2ch Sound
Q-Symphony compatible with QLED TVs
HDMI e-ARC + 2x HDMI in
Optical In
WiFi with Alexa built-in
SmartThings compatible


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  • how is this compare to Sonos Arc?

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      Given Sonos Arc + Sub is almost triple the price of Q900T with very comparable audio experience, Q900T is the winner for me.

      • Can you add speakers to the Samsung?
        It's funny as they say over and over that it's TRUE 7.1.2, but it is barely even stereo, and only virtual rear's and virtual sides which is crazy at this price.

  • Shipping to Perth is $395 :(

    • Oh wow! Brisbane is $45 and Sydney is $85. It will be better to buy the Q950T from Ebay deals for places further away… although stock is drying up to it being EOL.

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    Is this not the same model?

    $790, but free delivery.

    • Seems like the case… cheaper for those who cannot pickup from BNE.

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    Anyone has any idea about Edifier B8? How would this compare?


    Cannot find any reviews for this soundbar. But looks like a good budget soundbar

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      I think its reasonably priced but Id stick to a cheaper samsung unit as they are clearing 2020 stock.

      • What would be a good samsung unit around the same price? $300 mark

    • If it suits your requirements, I would consider stereo speakers over cheaper soundbars. Often even decent stereo speakers will sound significantly better than top of the range soundbars.

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    Take note:
    This model Samsung HW-Q900T is without the extra 2-rear speaker that Samsung HW-Q950T come with.

    • Condition: Opened – never used

  • I got this and returned it because the amount of issues I had with EARC and the auto switching between Atmos and 5.1/7.1 became unbearable. (The tv is a Sony x90h so no problems with the age of tv as it's only a month old) When switching source Channels on tv it would stop until I turn off soundbar and back on. The app is next to useless with only treble and bass EQ.
    Another huge flaw is the placement of the screen as its completely unusable because it's on the top, so when you're sitting you can't tweak on the fly as you have to get up to view the tiny little screen and see what you're actually adjusting.
    On a side note, I got this for the center speakers as I had a 2.1 Samsung before and honestly for a 7.1 channel soundbar I expected the front speakers to be alot better for dialogue scenes but found myself having to turn it up for dialogue then crank it down when action hits just like I was doing with my 2.1.

    Thought I'd just give my input as I was tossing up whether I get a Sonos arc or this for months and decided on this to save the coin.
    Ended up getting the Arc on special and the bass without the sub is enough for the living area.

    • Thanks for your input. I have the same TV and so far it seems flawless. I bought the soundbar knowing that it I face any issues I can get full refund from Samsung till 30th June. Fingers crossed the experience stays good.

      I personally love the center channel on Q900T but I know that sound can be very subjective. I tried both Sonos and Samsung in the store and found Samsung to be slightly better to my taste. That being said it’s mainly the big difference in price due to EOL sale that pushed me towards Samsung.

      The screen being at the top is not ideal but all my media is coming from TV or via Airplay through TV so I don’t have to change source very often. Having a dedicated Bluetooth button on remote is somewhat helpful too.

      I think anyone looking to spend this much should definitely try both of these in store before buying.

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        Just remember that in store is setup in unrealistic settings and the Samsung had a proper Atmos demo in store which I for the life of me could not replicate at home no matter which room I tried. Whereas the Sonos demo was just music and an action movie but no Atmos elements.
        I loved the Samsung instore and thought sonos was pretty average for the price which is why I finally bit the bullet and went with Samsung. But for me it was the complete opposite at home, but I totally get what you mean.

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