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Samsung EVO Select 512GB $93.91 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via Amazon AU


Cheaper than the last time it was posted, possibly cheapest yet.

Edit: Cheapest was $93.30 last year

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    It was $93.30 last year.

  • Good card and price

  • Is this good for samsung phone?

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      You need to check that your phone supports 512GB cards. My S9+ only supports up to 400GB. S10 series (not S10 Lite) supports 512GB and S20 series supports up to 1TB as does S10 Lite.


      The S21 series has no microSD support at all.

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        Any phone that can take at least a 64GB card can take up to a 2TB card. The 512GB cards were not available for testing during the release of older models to be officially recommended. Some apps might not have been tested with higher capacities. If Samsungs file manager has issues try ES file manager or similar.

    • If your phone supports SDXC then this will work. Older phones might not list support for this size (because this size was not available when the phone was released) but if it lists support for SDXC, you're good to go.

      Not all Samsung phones take microSD, eg Note 20, S20, none of the S21 models etc don't

      I avoid any phone that doesn't; support SD expansion.

  • Hey all! is this a good card for a nintendo switch? thanks

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      Yes, I bought it at Christmas last year for the Switch and it works perfectly.

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    If only I had a MicroSD card slot on my samsung phone.

    Total (profanity) assholes to take it out. And yet I still bought it. shakes fist.

    • Ouch - which model doesn't have it?

      • the latest Samsung S21s

        • Eurgh - didn't they do this previously and everyone complained so they bought it back?

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            @wittyusername: Yes the S6 they did it on.

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              @Ronnnie: The S6 was a huge mistake. Compared to the S5, it had:

              • No MicroSD card slot
              • No removable battery (of course, this became permanent)
              • No wireless charging (the S5 could be upgraded with wireless charging)
              • No waterproofing (though the S5's waterproofing was pretty garbage, it was better than none)
    • Yeah that was a dick move from Samsung. Hope they don't do it to the upcoming note series phone.

      • There is no upcoming note phone. 2021's galaxy note is not being released.

        • Well here's hoping they do release a note phone even if it means waiting till next year. But it better have an sd card or I ain't buying it.

  • What’s the difference between Samsung red & green? Thanks

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      Nothing, green is just the Amazon branding.

      • Thanks 🙏

  • This card reads and writes faster than Sandisk Pro (black). Surprised the hell out of me.

  • Silly question, Looking to pair this with a front and rear 4k dashcam (front is 4k, rear is 1080p). I believe it records in h265 for what it's worth.
    (the 70mai a800s)
    Anyone know if this card could keep up?
    (edit: website says it's good for 4K, question is 4K PLUS a HD stream?)

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      It should do, the card is up to 90MB/s which should be fast enough. Just make sure the cam supports 512GB cards

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        The speed is fine for many applications, but a bit slow when you are copying 500GB to or from the card in one go.

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    Cheaper here SanDisk 512GB Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card with Adapter for $84.61 if you don't need the Samsung EVO version

    Might need Prime though.

    • $97.53 without Prime

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      This one is UHS-I
      Write speed difference is day and night

      • Sandisk U1, Samsung U3. U1 just means a minimum of 10MB/s write, U3 means minimum 30MB/s write. U3 does not always perform quicker than a U1, but in this case the Sandisk doesn’t state write speeds, where as the Samsung does

    • Give me Samsung, any time. They're the world leader in flash storage. Over the years, I've had SanDisk die on me, but never Samsung.

    • Has 3 years warranty vs the others with a long more. Higher chance of failure long term?

  • Perfect for Switch, thanks OP

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    Gone back to $116

  • I waited too long searching for other things to buy since there's free international shipping over $49, and now it's back to $116. Bugger.

    • Deals back on mate! Just managed to grab one now as I too missed out

      • Hope you see this in time

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          Yay! Thanks for this!

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      @scopien FYI

      Tagging them so they will likely get an email alert.

  • Price currently $93.91, still a good deal

  • Back up to $117?

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