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Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE (Gunmetal) Wireless Gaming Headset $249 Shipped (Pre Order) @ Amazon AU


One of the best wireless gaming headsets in the market at the moment, usually on the expensive side but at this price it's hard to pass if you are looking for a quality unit.
On par with (or better than) the Logitech G Pro X Wireless, SteelSeries Arctis 7, Razer Black Shark V2 Pro and the likes.
Note this is the SE version which has some "premium" options over the standard RGB version (aluminium side plates, supposedly better microphone and carry pouch) and even then it's still cheaper than the standard version when on special.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I've had these for about 6 months. At this price they are a bargain.

    My amazon review: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/customer-reviews/RA5980D1DUKKN?...

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    Looks like they matched MWAVE.

    • You are right, though it looks like Mwave is not advertising them as the SE model. The model number and pictures are actually the SE, but it's not mentioned in the name or description. Possible price error? All the other colors are between $329 - $369
      Still need to add postage on top unless picking up.

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    These are very well reviewed but I see complaints about the strong clamping force making them uncomfortable.

    • I've found them no worse than any other headphones. The ear pads are quite spongy and absorb the pressure exerted by the headband. I've worn them for hours on end with no issue. Possibly less comfy if you have a large head :)

    • I promptly sold them. Wasn't ideal for me fit wise.

    • Correct, comfort is an issue, and the audio quality is not better than the $130-$180 priced headphones, just has a better tuned microphone.

      • When are the BT 5.2 wireless headphone out that you keep touting about?

        • Products have been getting qualified for 6 months now, and devices with Snapdragon Sound support are due in H2, so any day now.

          There's already BT 5.2 TWS gear in the market, it's just unclear if that will get firmware updates for LE and LC3 audio.

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    Why are you doing this to me,
    I'm so close to just clicking buy even though there's nothing wrong with my current headset, these are my dream headset

    Quickly sell out so I have an excuse to not buy

    • I couldn't help myself…
      Had a $150 JB gift card and was going to get something on that range from them but ended up getting this, just too good of a price to pass.

    • What's better about Corsair than the Hyper X you kindly linked to below?

      I'm familar with headphones and driver quality from a hifh/audiophile perspective, but personally not really sure what the differences are from a gaming perspective.

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        The corsair is just a step above in every way,
        it has better battery, sound quality, microphone,

        however it's not double the price better,
        you pay the price for the rgb, the premium build quality as the hyper x's are plastic,

        However having used the hyperx for so long if you want cheaper then go with the hyperx they will do a great job

  • Ok so his is top end, and I've upvoted it……but anyone got any recommendations for entry level headsets? The kind of model that ticks most of the boxes, but may not have all the bells and whistles. Not sure if I even need wireless so happy to go wired. Thanks!

  • Been waiting on a deal on these to replace my G933's that have a broken power button and a stuffed battery.
    Thanks OP

  • Can anyone comment on these vs the audeze Penrose? I'm not entirely happy with my Penrose. The mic quality isn't as good as they touted, and the range is pretty poor. Audio quality is great, but not good enough to excuse its shortcomings.

    • The mic quality is amazing in wired mode, which is what they touted. They're also working on improving it for wireless (and already have released a minor firmware upgrade).

      There are bandwidth concerns with all of these technologies, but I feel Audeze will eventually develop the option to sacrifice some of the bandwidth for the audio to give a little more to the mic, but that takes time and testing for them to tune it all in (frequency response + compression + coding).

      • Haven't tried wired mode, but I did do the firmware upgrade. I bought the Penrose so I could escape wires though.

        • Well at the moment, it's a pick and choose situation for when you want that high quality mic audio. Frankly it's in the same category as most other wireless headset mics, but it's in a league of its with respect to audio.

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    Returned mine after I was getting distortion on voice channel, battery life is garbage with the LED's on, range wasn't as good as my HyperX Cloud Flights and generally uncomfortable/heavy.

    Honestly, I wanted to love them because they're "cool" but eh.. pretty mediocre..

    • Purchased for similar reasons. Had an all iCUE setup eg desk lighting, fans, headphone stand, light sticks, mouse, keyboard, headset, nexus, headset, cooler…

      Now slowly getting rid off it all.

      Weren't at all comfortable too.

    • Just don't use the RGB and battery life is fine. It's not like you see yourself wearing them, unless you play in front of a mirror. As for comfort and weight. No issues here with 2 user's. For durability of the headphone construction that is the offset for lightness and wireless. It could he all plastic for lightness, but then durability of the cup arm is questionable. IMO

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    The price of these just dropped to $249

    Edit: It's available on pre-order but for this price I had to buy

    • Damm! I$20 I could have saved…
      Oh well, just received my unit, setting it up as we speak!

    • Cheers for heads up. Just ordered won myself. Wonder how long till it ships.

  • Mic arm is coming off connector piece at joint. Just on the last day of warranty. Not acceptable given the cost. The rest of the headphone construction still seems to have held up as mainly all metal no plastic parts to headphone cups or band.