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Yeelight Monitor Desk Lamp Std US$62.49 (~A$82.27) | Pro Version US$74.79 (~A$98.46) Delivered @ Yeelight Official AliExpress


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  • EU, US or UK plug. Arent these supposed to be USB powered?

    • +2

      It appears the Yeelight Version comes with a USB-C Power Adapter, whereas the Xiaomi Version comes with a USB-C to USB-A Cable.

    • Any 5v/2A USB power adapter plus USB type C cable would do.

    • The instructions state to use the included charger, I wasn't aware of this until skido mentioned it an another deal. I had it plugged into a USB port for over 6 months without issue. Have since switched over to using the included charger.

  • What's the difference between this yeelight and the xiaomi lamp? I had my xiaomi lamp at 50 sth and i lovvvvvvve it.

    • +2

      The Yeelight Pro Version has RGB lights on the back and Google Home/Amazon Alexa/Razer Chroma/Overwolf/Yeelight App Support.

      Yeelight Bar is matte silver whereas the Xiaomi one is Black.

      • +1

        Std Version has lights on the back also but for ambient lighting only

        • +1

          Was trying to figure out the difference between the standard vs pro model of the Yeelight.

          Update: Based on Banggood Product Page:

          Main Functions of Standard & Pro Version:

          • Dual Light Source Desgin: Monitor light & RGB dimming ambient backlight
          • IoT intelligent control
          • 10W high light intensity
          • Adjustable brightness and color temperature of monitor light
          • High color rendering index Ra90
          • Asymmetric optical design
          • Magnetic connected 25 degrees rotatable lamp body
          • 2.4GHz wireless remote control

          Key Function of Pro Version:

          • Supports interaction with Razer Chroma and OverWolf
          • For RGB dimming ambient backlight, Pro version adds 4 pre-set mode options (office mode, cycle mode, leisure mode, competitive mode) to the standard version. And it is customizable by adjusting trigger action, color, brightness and speed.
          • @RichardL: For Yeelight, there is a standard and pro model. Main differences are:

            Standard model does not support changing RGB color by remote control, please use the APP to change its color.
            Standard model could only show one color at a time, but Pro version could be more colorful.
            Standard model lacks integration with Razer Chroma and Overwolf

            Both have rear RGB lights

      • Sounds like I made the right decision getting the Xiamoi version then

    • +2

      Key differences between Xiaomi and Yeelight:

      RGB rear lights - can be used to create an ambient lighting against the wall. You can use just the front, the back or both at the same time.
      Yeelights are smart - can be controlled via Yeelight app and linked to Google/Alexa, as well as physical wireless Controller
      Yeelights can be synced with games via Razer Chroma or Overwolf (for Pro model)

      Minor differences:

      Yeelight is silver with branding at the front. Xiaomi is minimalistic black design without any visible logo from the front.

  • Advice to idiots like myself, check the thickness of your monitor first. This doesn't fit on my older Dell or HP pro monitors so it's propped up on a DIY wood thing.

    • How to tell how thick the monitor can be ? There is no info in their specs.

      • +1

        The clamp looks identical to the plain Xiaomi one so a max of 32mm

  • I got the xiaomi one (pretty much similar product) and is definitely one of the better buys I've done in recent months.

  • Getting a message "This promo code is a limited offer and is no longer available." when applying the coupon

    • Try this PCDROCZNICA7 if buying Std or PEPPERAN9 for Pro version

  • Damn, wish it was $65/$82 again!

  • Pulled the trigger rather than waiting for the $65/82 price
    Im sure my eyes will thank me working at night

  • +2

    I have the Yeelight Pro and it is a great light.
    You can schedule it to turn on/off and colours.
    Great lamp and the wireless remote is a bonus

  • Anyone have experience if this Yeelight sits well on a Xiaomi 34”?

    • Yeah, not a problem.

  • -3

    Never trust AliExpress
    This site has lot of fake sellers !!!

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