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Macpac Halo Down Jacket $99.99 / Hooded Version $129.99 Delivered / In-Store or C&C @ Macpac


Greetings everyone, Macpac have dropped the pricing on their ever popular Halo Down jackets for Easter and includes all colours (clearance was only for certain colours previously). Great addition for the upcoming winter.

The unhooded version is $99 and Hooded Version is $129, great prices on both of these, no club membership required.

Delivery is free for both even if it says over $100 spend :)

This deal should be available in store also for those that prefer to go in and try out before purchasing.

The legendary Halo Down Jacket is warm, compact and a great all-rounder — perfect for urban adventure, travel, hiking and camping. Filled with 600 loft Responsible Down Standard (RDS) duck down and featuring elasticated cuffs and an adjustable hem, this jacket works to keep you warm by trapping heat against your body. The lightweight nylon outer fabric (and lining) is bluesign® approved and features a short-chain C6 water repellent finish to protect against moisture. A separate stuff sack is included for convenient storage when packing your bags for the next adventure. The Responsible Down Standard (RDS) is an independent, voluntary global standard in the ethical sourcing of down and feathers — the RDS ensures our down comes from humanely treated ducks and geese and helps to provide traceability in our supply chain. All our down is 100% RDS certified. Similarly, bluesign® certification confirms these specific fabrics have been manufactured with responsible use of resources and the lowest possible impact on people and the environment. Both the outer and lining fabrics are bluesign® certified in the Halo Down Jacket.

Don't forget to stack with 3.5% cashback from Cashrewards.

As always, enjoy!

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  • These are good, but the price has risen.
    I bought a hooded one for $99 inc delivery but the price has risen
    Good product

    • +2

      Look, winter is coming. It justifies a small increase in price. When the winter is gone, you'll see the price falling again. I got the unhooded for $125 two years ago

    • They had 10% off these prices a few times this summer.

    • +4

      the price has risen

      Well it is easter

    • When where?

  • +10

    Macpac is far superior to Kathmandu.

    • +1

      How so? I am debating between the two atm

      • +4

        Definitely higher quality, lasts longer.

      • +2

        Not really clear by just saying a shop name and a greater than sign.

    • Fanboi?

  • +1

    This is the best jacket I have ever purchased.

  • Too warm for winter in Brisbane?

    • +20

      Brisbane has winter?

      • Drop two of the layers underneath

        Even Brisbane can drop below 10 degrees nearly 10 times each winter.

        • This jacket will be fine then.

        • Wear 10x max per year?

    • +1

      If your outdoors hiking or at higher elevations during winter it's not too warm. Last time I went hiking in Brisbane was on the tail end of winter and was cold with 3 layers. Hiking is really the only reason a down jacket makes sense anyway because you need the low weight.

  • Thanks got the hooded version

  • +2

    Got this deal last year, very good value imo. Sizing is pretty weird, would recommend trying on in store — I normally wear L/XL jackets and ended up going with an M.

  • why would they not make halo down non-hooded vest in black?

    • There is a Black version of the non-hooded? You can select it on the product page above sizes.

    • They definitely do. I've got a black one. Maybe the black ones are out of stock

    • They're there. Search halo vest and click the one that's hooded or non-hooded and then select black. Non-hooded is $114

  • Dear lord, it looks like a scary cold jacket, aka Michelin man.

    This looks like a very The Block / Melbourne look.

    • +13

      Have you not seen a down jacket before?

      • +1

        Probably hasn’t ventured out further than the outback.

  • Just went to the Morabbin DFO last weekend, and we got an extra 10% off the unhooded version though?

    Or is that the clearance colours only?

  • Got one, thanks Op

  • I wore mine in Canada when it was -8 degrees (a pretty mild day by their standards) and it kept me nice and warm. Have also worn it in Sydney winters (barely under 10 degrees) and didn’t feel too hot. My wife thought they looked ugly… until I bought her one. She wears it every winter now lol. Sure, they aren’t the most fashionable, but they are light and super comfortable. Pair it with the uber light and you’re covered all winter.

  • Dang, forgot cashback again.

  • +2

    It's a Tasmanian Tuxedo. Just updated mine!! Thanks. 😊

  • Is the hood detachable?

  • +1

    Waiting for a sale price on the Macpac Halo Down vest.

  • Previously the colour choices haven't been the best. Nice to see that the nicer colours are on sale.

    This is a great jacket at a good price.

    • Black and boring is the best colour :)

  • Thanks, bought one for Bogong

  • halo or mercury? which one is better?

  • +1

    Why no sizing information? Depending on brand, I'm often between an M and an L. Are these on the bigger side for their conventional sizes (in which case, I'll get an M) or on the smaller side (which will mean I buy an L)?

    EDIT: Nevermind, found it!

    • If you regularly wear L sized clothing, M would be fine for you.

  • UniQlo have the same price on their down jackets currently too.

    How do they compare to these?

    • Uniqlo is a lifestyle brand. Macpac is an Outdoors brand. While Uniqlo may have the cooler and flashier colours, Macpac will win hands down in terms of warmth, durability, comfort.

      Also, Uniqlo's 'light down' jackets are not comparable to the Halo jackets; they should be compared to the Uber Light jackets.

  • I need to buy something for $0.01 to get free delivery

    • Delivery was free for me - add to cart and you will see

  • Picked up one in store, thanks!

  • What size for a skinny 6 foot 4 male? Don’t want it too baggy but don’t want it too short.

  • Got mine delivered today. But it was way too big. Luckily I paid using Mastercard and not PayPal. I was able to just walk in the store and get an exchange. I initially ordered the XL, but when trying them on in store, I could actually just fit into a Medium. I ended up buying large, as it was just a better fit for me with the zip closed.

    So if you are looking to buy these always buy 1 size down from what you usually get.

    Apparently if you pay with PayPal, you will need to send it back to the return address for an exchange/return. Just something to keep in mind.

  • Prices just jumped, $139.98 and $149.99 for hooded. There's a red color still at $99.99 though

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