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Xiaomi Foaming Soap Dispenser & Hand Soap Included $49.50 | Xiaomi Induction Rice Cooker $129.95 Delivered @ Mi-Store eBay


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Xiaomi Mi Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser & Hand soap Bundle (Buy One Get One Free) - $49.5 Delivered for 2


  • Automatic Touchless Soap Dispensing
  • Foam Dispenser
  • Proximity Infrared Sensor
  • Kills 99.9% of all germs
Xiaomi Induction Heating Rice Cooker - $129.95 Delivered


  • IH Heating
  • Cast Iron Inner Pot
  • 1100W Rated Power
  • Wi-Fi
  • PFA Power Coating


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  • Xiaomi Mi Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser & Hand soap Bundle

    Are they both pink?

    • +2

      It's actually white & transparent, the pink is the soap liquid colour

  • Gosh i just bought one off ebay Wireless1 store! 🤣

    Just my luck!

    • How much was it?

  • Could any Xiaomi rice cooker owners comment on the quality?
    Is 3L enough for a household of 4-6?

    • Probably good but for the price I'd get this. Just waiting for stock.

      • Thanks mate. We used to own an entry level Panasonic cooker SR-ZE185WSTM. It was pretty crappy though.

      • That's not induction though

    • Well cook 3 cups of rice. Since it's all of 9 cups inc water. I'm returning mine ordered from last deal. Waiting for confirmation.

    • +1

      this 3L can cook 5 cups of rice.

      however, the default cooking time takes 1 hour, the fastest "quick mode" takes 40mins.

      And also, there are not many settings/options on the English version unless you change it to China/Chinese.

    • +3

      Got it from the last deal - has been fantastic and much better than the cheap one it replaced. I've found it really easy to clean. The main 'smart' benefit has been setting rice to be done at a set time. It also does a brilliant job of keeping the rice at temperature, although the longest I've left it on 'keep warm' has been a few hours.
      In terms of options, the congee, keep warm and 3 choices of cooking rice have been plenty.

      It cooks 5 cups, I use 2 cups for 2 people. But it really depends on how much you eat. A cursory google search says most people eat half a cup to a third so I guess we're big eaters.

      • I normally just cook for myself. Would you recommend this size rice cooker for 1 person?

        • Yep absolutely great for one person, it'll be enough to meal prep with as well.

    • +1

      It is good, 3L ~= 3 cups more than enough for a family of 4. It depends on your family, I don’t eat much rice due to diabetes risks.

      The design is good and it copied the Muji rice cooker, I got this from Hong kong and still using it.

    • +1

      It’s going to be better than the entry level Panasonic by heaps.

      You get things like:

      1. Better inner pot. It is not aluminium. It’s hearty and their website said cast iron.

      2. IH heating - it actually means better rice and I can confirm that.

      3. App control - you can do more than a normal rice cooker using English app but not as crazy as Chinese app.

      It’s 5 cups and you need to consider how much rice you need to cook for 6 people.

  • Please update your company logo.

  • Thanks Op, got the soap dispensers!

    • +2

      not all rice cookers perform equally

      • +2

        Some need a little bit more water some need a little bit less. They are all the same. You just learn your rice cooker…

        • Nope. The good ones circulate heat more evenly. No burnt bits at the bottom and no dry bits at the tap. Heat is trapped inside the unit so it cooks faster and can keep the rice warm without drying out the rice. They also have different modes for cooking rice different ways like for congee. Perhaps try using one or read some reviews instead of talking about things you dont know about.

          • @Dream-cast: Lol. Have you ever visited to an asian household? I have been to many. Im even appart of one.. we all have the regular stock standard rice cookers. Breville, kmart whatever. and we cook rice all day every day. We can see through all the BS. People who dont cook rice a lot think they need these expensive wifi rice cookers lol. Burnt bits?! Even kmart rice cookers dont make "burn bits" maybe dont leave yours on for 5 hours? "Circulate heat"? lol its a rice cooker! I dont think you fully understand how simple these machines are. Your a sucker for marketing

            • @ego22: Your attitude is a bit gross. It's a simple machine but that doesn't mean it can't be improved on. I know they're better because I've done my own tests.
              And maybe I want to leave it on for 5 hours? Your use case doesn't apply to other people's use case.

              • @Dream-cast: "talking about things you dont know about"

                May i interest you in the Hatco TPT-230R-4 ?? Evenly crips the bread circulating heat ever so perfectly. Leave on for 5 hours proof. Perfect for the home. Worth every penny. Read the reviews.


                • @ego22: Far cry from a $140 rice cooker and even then it appears that it does evenly toast bread which is an improvement over cheap toasters. It's also a commercial toaster so presumably it's faster and has more durable components. Keep proving my point with poor examples thanks.

                  • @Dream-cast: Millions of people who cook rice everyday single day of their whole lives like its a religion that could easily buy a a $140+ rice cooker if they wanted one, but they dont..
                    It says more about your inability to use a such a simple basic appliance that you had to go out of your way to do "tests" and find one you can figure out.

                    • @ego22: And the fact remains simple tools can also be improved, like your excellent toaster example. Here's another one: a frying pan with a heavier base, it retains heat better and cooks food more evenly. In fact the same concept is applied to the humble rice cooker. The pot is heavier and the unit is better sealed to retain heat and moisture. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand the mechanics behind it but perhaps I'm wrong.

                      • @Dream-cast: Perfect rice has been made for thousands of years. They perfected the electric rice cooker decades ago. Its a very simple thing that seems very complex to you. But continue your important "research" an NFC rice cooker will be released some day.
                        Your a marketing departments dream.
                        A sucker born every minute.

                        • @ego22: Don't need NFC but a heavier pot, even heating and sealed unit are great. Additional cooking modes are also welcome. All features that are not available from cheap cookers.

                          • -1

                            @Dream-cast: You dont need a heavier pot, You can cook 6 cups of rice in a regular cheap rice cooker and it will be evenly heated and perfectly consistently cooked all the way through without fail. Less research, more practice.

  • How many things does Xiaomi make???

  • +2

    wow that's a good looking rice cooker.

  • Is the soap dispenser different to this one in ebay ?

    • Yes they are the same, our deal comes with 2x set of dispensers + soap bottles.

  • I'm only seeing a 1 litre rice cooker, not the 3 litre.

    • 1 = 3

  • OP, do you sell xiaomi massage gun ?

    • I believe they are coming soon, waiting advise from HQ. Stay tuned!

  • I'm confused or stupid, so when it says two pack is that for two dispensers with a soap bottle each or is it one dispenser with 2 soap bottles?

    • +4

      They are 2x dispensers with 2x soap bottles, for 2 bathrooms.

  • +2

    Is it just me or has anyone else come to the conclusion that foam soap was a way to get people to pay more money for less soap? I followed someone's recipe for foam soap from liquid soap that was posted here as 1:2 soap to water, but I've been experimenting with less and I'm down to 1:5 and it's still seems to be soapy and working fine. Makes me think foam soap refills are a huge rip off

  • Can the soap bottles be opened to refill easily?

    • Yes you can.

  • +1

    This isn't a good deal. You can get these for less than $25 each on AliExpress. So how exactly is it 2 for the price of 1? Seems more like 2 for the price of 2 to me…

    • +1

      Link please.

      • AU $24.98 24%OFF | In Stock Original Xiaomi Mijia automatic Induction Foaming Hand Washer Wash Automatic Soap 0.25s Infrared Sensor For Smart Homes

        I can't guarantee this is the cheapest there, as there's loads of listings with different shipping prices. But I've bought 3 so far, from different listings. All of them are the same, work fine, and were under $25

  • -1

    Are there any Asians here that can confirm this rice cooker is good?

    • +1

      You looking for uncle Roger?

  • Can anyone confirm if these soap dispensers work well in bright sunlight? I have tried two other types of foaming soap dispensers and they don't work in one of my bathrooms as it gets really bright and the sunlight IR interferes with the sensor and prevents it from working or makes soap dispense at random times by itself. I've reverted to a different brand non-foaming one which seems to have two IR receiver sensors to counteract this problem.

  • Can you use non foaming hand soap for the dispenser?

    • Don't do it. I tried doing this once or twice on a different brand automatic dispenser and it stuffed up. $25 wasted. I've since bought rechargeable ones for $27 each and only use foaming wash. I actually use a 30% Palmolive foaming soap 70% water solution and works well

  • Do these come with batteries?

  • https://www.mi.com/dispenser
    79CNY=15.84AUD each, let that sink in for a minute.

    I owned the high-pressure induction cooker from them 3 years ago and it was not so good. Odours linger in the crevices of the rubber parts and on the rubber O-ring itself, very hard to clean. The design was just not good enough. (They may or may not have made improvements) Got a traditional pressure cooker and had been using it happily since. At the end of the day, you want to cook food not use WiFi to set a timer on a gimmick and playing with the online recipes and shit.

    Also, I despise Xiaomi as a shady company that strategically decommission their product. (Seach "Mi band 2 dim screen fix")
    A disgraceful company from which I will never buy another product from. (My personal opinion based on personal experience)

  • What's the OzBargain's Choice for foaming hand soap?

    • thick liquid soap diluted with water ..

      • Read my warning above. I don't risk it anymore