This was posted 6 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Gearwrench LE Black 12 PIECE Metric Ratcheting Spanner Set 9412BE $69 + Delivery or Store Pickup @ Total Tools


Email received:
"Price Crash!" "Less than half price!" "Save $146!" "Today only!"

Shut up and take my money!
Purchased. $69.
My favorite price.

Free delivery apparently (I didn't test post codes) or C & C.
I usually prefer chrome but willing to give these a chance at that price.
Hopefully not an April fools prank.


Surface Drive® Reduces fastener rounding Sleek head design enables access to tight spots where a ratchet will not fit Ratcheting Box-End needs as little as 5º to move fastener vs. 30º for standard box end wrenches Ratcheting Box End Needs As Little As 5° to Move Fasteners vs. 30° for Standard Wrenches Bright, Full Polish Chrome Finish The Original Patented Ratcheting Wrench Off-Corner Loading Design on Box End for Better Grip and Reduced Fastener Rounding.

Sizes In Set: 8 mm, 9 mm, 10 mm, 11 mm, 12 mm, 13 mm, 14 mm, 15 mm, 16 mm, 17 mm, 18 mm, 19 mm.

Warm Regards,

Update:12PM AEDT Shipping is not free — free delivery applies for >$99 spend.

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  • No free delivery for me

  • Samey, says free delivery on their site but wants to charge $7ish

  • Made in Taiwan?

  • The same… That's misleading

  • Damn already own all Gearwrench tools but this is super cheap

  • +1

    Free delivery is for >$99 which it no longer is

  • Great deal.

    I paid a bit more to get mine from Amazon UK a while ago.

    Free delivery on TT has always been for goods $99.00 or more. u

  • I still prefer the Flexi heads, these are great dont get me wrong but those hard to reach places flexis are the go.

  • +2

    Purchased. $69.
    My favorite price.


  • +1

    Pulled trigger on the ToolPro 7pc ratcheting wrenches from SCA 2 days ago for $29.99 down from $64.99.

    Had been waiting awhile for a GearWrench set and now this comes up :/

    • could have also had a crack at the Aldi ones today:

      • -1

        Yeah, I see the Aldi set doesn’t come with the 12mm and 14mm - more commonly used than the 13mm and 15mm.

        • +1

          double enders… Sizes: 6 x 8mm, 10 x 12mm, 11 x 13mm, 14 x 17mm and 19 x 21mm

          • @battler: Oh hadn't noticed the 2nd half of the description for the spanners vs wrenches. Too early in the morning…

        • Also, no way is 12mm used more than 13.

          • @LlamaOfDoom: Apologies - I’ve only ever owned/worked on Japanese cars. Never once had to use a 13mm as they just don’t use them.

            They’re all reserved for Alfa’s and French cars :p

      • Had a look in store at aldi last night at those, they were funny sizes. Might have been worth it for the flexible heads. The double enders were the old style crappy ones.

        They werent very high quality but worth there asking price. The toolpro ones are pretty good for $29 I have both SAE and METRIC. When I bought the SAE ones earlier this week they came to $26.99 once in the online shopping cart.

        If I didn't have any sets I would buy these gearwrench ones for sure.

        • Good spot, those flexible end ones a dirt cheap for 19 bucks, I might have to get this gear wrench one and that set

    • The warranty on the Gearbest set makes it a no brainer. The reviews on the SCA set seem pretty average too. A couple of snapped ones. This set also has more sizes.

      Thanks for link OP. Been wanting a set for ages.

      • Yeah given the choice I'd pay a little more for GearWrench. Thankfully the ToolPro's have a lifetime warranty as well.

        • I missed that they did. That's alright then. Shit for the price you can't go wrong.

        • Mate are the tool pro ones 12 point or 5 point? If 12 then I would definitely be sold on paying extra for the gear wrench set as they are 5 point

          • @Jackson: Called SCA and answer my own question, the Toolpro ones on sale are 12 point, the do have a 6 point in a 7 piece but not a 12, and the flex heads in 12 pc are all 12 point.

            If you want 6 point, and I suggest that's better IME, then this gear wrench set is probably the best deal

            • @Jackson: Aren't the ones in OP's link 12 point not 6 point?

              • +1

                @bopter12: looks like the Gearwrench are also 12 point

                • @RangaWal: Really? I thought someone above said they were 5?

                  Edit: I think I just read the marketing blurb about "surface drive" and "off corner" and assumed it was 6 point?

          • @Jackson: I understand the difference between 6 point and 12 point sockets, but haven't heard of 5/12 point spanners - what are 5 point?

            • +1

              @RangaWal: Very likely just a typo (albeit twice)

              • @bopter12: Yes was just a mistake on my part, also 12pc was referring to a set of 12

                • @Jackson: No worries. So, Gearwrench (already purchased these) or ToolPro (cheaper, better storage)?

                  • @RangaWal: If the gear wrench aren't 6 point, and don't grip any better I would go the Toolpro simply because you can take it to any SCA and return it over the counter, but I checked a few SCAs around me and they are all gone. Also the aldi flex head would be good but I reckon there's no chance of getting one as they will probably all go quick. Advantage of the gear wrench might be better grip and maybe bit better quality, and it's a bigger set than the aldi ones. Having said that, if you bought one already I would just stick with it, there's no bad deal here

  • Thanks OP, grabbed a set with Free Click and Collect.

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    Hmm I’d hit this up but I already have a nice set of Stanley ring spanners. I’m not convinced on the need for ratcheting ring spanners unless you know you have hard to reach areas. I also use my socket set a fair bit.

    • Usually I reach for the socket set, and then the spanners. I guess these fit in between and give you the convenience of both. One of my ratchets just shat it so these could come in very handy

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    Just bought a set thanks OP

  • Yeah.. missleading.. $20 delivery and I live 5 min drive to a store… kidding me?

    • +1

      5 minutes, that's bloody outrages, I sure hope you're writing them a stern letter.

    • Can't you just click and collect then for free?

      • -2

        I can, but isn’t always better getting it delivered? Lol

    • You do understand how shipping works right? It's highly unlikely that they deliver it to you them selves. They will send it to their preferred courier along with all the other orders then it will get sorted and sent out to you.

  • +2

    Not a bad but only $10 less than everyday on Amazon

    • $20 for shipping though

      • Same shipping as the OPs though. I have prime though so too easy

  • Bought two sets to get free shipping.

    I already have several sets and different types of ratcheting spanners, but at that price I can’t say no…

  • ToolPro 12 piece is $49.99 from $97.99 though.

    • Given ToolPro have a lifetime warranty, I wonder which are better. Warranty is one thing, but doesn't help much if they break when/where they can't be replaced conveniently.

  • Is this not available for delivery anymore? When i go checkout i only have click and collect

  • +2

    Gone from website

  • I put the order at 10am, and went to pick up without ready to pickup email.

    The guys said OOS, only sent 25 pcs to every store and sold out in couple of hours. So waiting for the refund now. I'd be happy if their stock accurate so I couldnt order when its oos

  • +1

    just picked up a set, thanks OP !

  • Update: Picked mine up from Warners Bay 2284. Seem decent! I reckon there were 30 or more sets still out the front just before closing time. My bet is they will be $69 longer than the 1st of April. Maybe even lower.

  • Got both the Gearwrench and the ToolPro set, trying to decide which one to keep.

  • Ordered yesterday morning, delivery received yesterday afternoon! Stoked.

  • I'm still waiting for my click collect email. Anyone else in the same situation?