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Ninebot E22 $599 (Was $799), Mearth X Pro 2021 $649 (Was $849) Delivered & More @ Scoot City Electric Scooter


Got a email newsletter about these e-scooter deal:
Ninebot E22 from $799 to $599, $200 OFF I think this is one of the best deal I have
seen. The extra battery combo is not bad.
specs and everything( there is no official ninebot site in AU so i put the jb link here)

Mearth X Pro 2021 from $849 to $649 $200 OFF. also has a extra battery deal save extra $100
Specs and everything:

E-glide G60 from $699 to $599 $100 OFF
E-glide G120 from $849 to $699. $150 OFF
Please note this store doesn't have a good reputation for Back Order fulfilment speed, I think they are still catching up with the ninebot max order from Christmas, So if its in Back Order I don't recommend you to buy.
However I did get a Mearth S pro from them, and no issues so far.

Also again for E-scooter, its only legal to use in QLD, ACT, Maybe WA. I moved to sydney, been using it a lot so far no issue, maybe I am lucky but ride at your own risk.

I bought a ninebot max from JB last year and a mearth S pro, just a little bit of personal experience dealing with aftersale. My ninebot max is 800+km now, it had 3 break down, the first time JB handled it ok(I assume dead battery I had to bring it there and argue with them but eventually they swape for a new one and I was happy), but the other 2 break down was not as smooth, they started finding excuses saying you misused it whatsoever, and asked me to find ninebot australia, and I think ninebot australia doesn't even exisit, they don't take your call most of the time, they don't have a address for you to go. The repair is still pending so I had to buy another scooter while waiting
On the other hand, the Mearth S pro has better afterrsale, but i have to say I really hate the air-filled tyre, it is smoother but you ended up have to pump it and change the tube every few months/weeks. But their aftersales are very nice, you could just jump into any of their stockist for repair and servicing(obviously JB won't do that for you). its 400+ km now and still smooth, the throttle got stuck a little, but it was solved by spraying some wd-40. But if I were to choose I would choose a Xpro or E22 that has a solid tyre.

I don't know why but Eglide looks similar to Mearth S and Spro just a different color. I guess the difference are negligible just choose the color or brand you prefer.

Mod 14/9/21: OP was a sockpuppet, associated is updated now and relevant ban applied.

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  • +6 votes

    According to this post, this vendor here might not be reliable at all.
    Beside after these 'price drop', they look still more expensive than some other ebay sellers

    • -4 votes

      Yes, like I pointed out they don't have a good reputation in back ordering, from your post there are still some people did get their ninebot max after a period of waiting. Fair to say those in stock should be fine?

      +1 vote
      I got mine in time for Easter. You just have to be patient. If you want it earlier pay full price.

    • +1 vote

      I ended up trading out my Ninebot Max order for the Mearth GTS, which they gave me at a very heavy discount. Pretty happy with it tbh


        I wanted a Mearth GTS too, but still too expensive for me, not sure if they can trade in my broken ninebot max. (SAD FACE)

  • +4 votes

    With regards to OP comments Scootcity are not on the authorised reseller list for Segway Ninebot so zero chance of getting warranty through Segway Australia if it ever came to that, this has been confirmed in Segway Max user groups by those buying from other grey importers like Scooter Hut. There is an official Segway service center in Brisbane but when my second Max had issues they said they 'may' have to charge me for the fix as I bought it at JB Hifi not them. Took it back to JB Hifi and they swapped it out for a second time, 3rd one has been OK so far. With JB it really depends who you talk to, the sales guy I had on the first return,which was only a week old wanted, to send it for repair. I refused and the manager approved a swap right away. Second time I lucked out and had a senior staff member serve me and they offered to swap it out even before I asked.

    Anyway sorry if you are genuine but this looks so much like a shill post. lol.


      Interesting to know scooter hut are doing grey imports, they seemed legit.
      So you had the almost exact issue like I did dealing with JB aftersales? And to answer you, no I am a 100% genuine independent OZbargain fella kk


        Almost except I argued with sales guy and manager approved swap right away, it was actually 2 weeks old not 1 week but the fault was it just turned off if you tried to use it and fault was demonstrated in store. Likely BMS issue.

        I would always take JB Hifi aftersales care over 99% of other stores, generally very good and they also give the second year cover under consumer warranty without much fuss.


          Yes and I think it really depends which JB store and how is that manager, I had to argue with them in front of everyone around to get it swapped, which wasn't a very good experience. And they didn't do it for the second third time referred me going to segway Australia and so far my ninebot max is still not fixed.
          I saw this kind of complaint a lot for ninebot max with BMS issue or dead battery.


            @Jjlk65: I have seen the BMS issue multiple times on the user groups, but almost always it's been Australians. I do wonder if we got a dodgy batch or our summer heat kills them.

            It is strange that they referred you to Segway, even if they send it away for repair it's actually up to them to do this not you. I only contacted Segway on the second one as it was simply a faulty front wheel bearing that was bad out the box, I thought if they would just replace that then less hassle for everyone. Anyway as mentioned second swap was no hassle with JB and 3rd going strong…. so far.

            Anyway if its not fixed in a timely manner ask for a new one or a refund, if its not working at all that's major fault and you can have the refund. JB did actually offer me refund on the first one, as major fault, but not on the second.

  • +4 votes

    Based on the previous few 'deals' from these guys, I would steer clear of them. I think a few are still struggling to get refunds after the bait and switch fiasco last time.
    I got one from Gearbites last deal and it arrived within the week, I'm glad others are also pointing out ScootCitys dodgy dealings to save others on here.


    I bought a XIaomi Pro 2 from scootcity during Christmas before it became back-order. Seems like Australian stock, all packages manuals are in english, how do you tell if this is AU stock anyway? No problem so far so haven't dealt with any repairs yet, hopefully it stays this way.




    I'm still waiting on my order for the ninebox max deal which was last year 🤭

    Still been in contact with them regarding it they just keep telling me supplier delays.. hopefully soon


      Still waiting they've told me no ETA at this stage from supplier might be Xmas 2021 at this rate