Parking Fine Advice - Stopped Not Facing Direction of Travel

Hi OzBargins,

Today I recieved a parking fine for "Stopped not facing direction of travel"

I live off a small side street that has cars parked on both sides of the road and is wide enough so only 1 car at a time can travel down the middle of the road. The road has no centre line as well, so it acts as a 1 lane give way street.

Last night I parked on the right side of the road as it was where the avaliable carpark was. Instead of doing a three point turn (lazy yes i know) I parked my car in the opposite direction to the other cars.

This morning to my bewiderment I woke up with a fresh $99 fine on my windscreen citing "Stopped not facing direction of travel" (Road saftey road rules 2017 section 208 (1))

I did not even know this was a rule as my car was parked and not blocking anything.

I'm just wondering if you guys think there's any merit in contesting it (or asking for a warning/reduced fine)?


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      You can speak for himself, thank you.


          Did you read the link you posted?

          In the UK, it is legal to park against the flow of traffic during the day time. As the sun goes down, it then becomes an offence

          Leicester Mercury: If you park your car the wrong way round at night you could face a £1,000 fine

          Drivers who park facing the wrong way around on streets are being targeted by traffic wardens as part of a national crack down.
          …The Highway Code states you must park the same way as the direction of traffic at night if you're not in a marked bay.
          …You could see yourself land a whopping £1000 fine if you are caught parking the wrong way - and it can even raise to £2,500 for goods vehicles or passenger vehicles over eight seats.

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          You is not a writer and has never worked for Yahoo.


        And another 136 people by the looks of the "likes"

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      Came here late.

      Can see OP’s username checks out from the 🔥 comments.

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        Top kek..

        How I see these posts…


          Same reasoning as those OPs with school zone fines. Using “common sense” as the counter argument…


      Yes, 100% agree.


        Do the rangers go on such patrol? or OP was just very unlucky and was spotted?

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    Nope. Just pay the fine

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            @CrowReally: Also your tail light reflectors are facing away from oncoming traffic.

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        Your perceived lack of impact does not mean there is no impact.

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            @Angryman123: There may be other vehicles parked (facing the right direction) infront and behind you that will obstruct your view. When your car is facing the wrong way, your view of traffic will be nearly completely blocked since the driver is on the curb side instead of on the traffic side. You would have to pull your vehicle out of the space and into the traffic lane before being able to see oncoming traffic. That is the danger to other road users (including bicycles) and pedestrians.

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      Have gotten out of plenty of fines before. If I had this fine, I wouldn't even bother contesting it. It's a straight up rule.


    Plenty of posts in the past if you use search function.

    But no, nothing you can do about it.

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    OP is out of luck but it is interesting that in many countries parking against the flow of traffic is very common. When I first went to the UK I thought people were just dicing with a fine until I realised it was commonplace…

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      I had to get used to people driving towards me to park like this.

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        Also have to get used to two way roads only being one lane wide. When two cars meet on such a road one of them has to decide to pull to the side and let the other one pass.

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      Yep my uncle came to stay last year from the UK and he parked his rental car on the wrong side of the road and couldn't understand why I told him to move it. "Saves me turning the car round in the morning" haha

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    I dont remember going through this to get my licence

    Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

    You are expected to keep up to date with current road rules, not only for your safety but other road users safety.

    Do the crime pay the fine.


      Hi there

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        You've convinced me. Go to court and pay some court costs and say that to them and let us know how that goes. Maybe start off with "How could I get a penalty for breaking the law, I reckon I didn't bother anyone, and that's really what the law is, who's to say what the actual rules are.." and just spin on from there until the judge agrees that it's basically subjective anyway and no one actually knows or enforces these so called "laws".

        You know it's them you've got to convince right, not us?

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          you are right about trying to convince the ozbargain community, but if the ozbargain community share the same perception as op, it will give op the confidence to pursue the matter further.

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        Whats the crime?

        Obviously your lack of Australian road rules knowledge is a major concern.

        My second concern is your entitled attitude where you can't admit you are wrong, pay the fine you deserved to be given, and move on having learned something from your error.

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    Didn't know this was illegal, thank you OP. Sorry to hear

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      The truly wise learn from others' mistakes


    No chance, just pay it

    I've been caught by this as well, i didn't even know it was a thing at the time

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    Of course this is illegal. You might need a refresher on the other road rules too…

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        People also drive on the right hand side of the road in other countries… but we are in Australia, so you follow the Australian road rules. It's of course because it's clearly included in the handbook they give you when you get your license.

        The road only being narrow enough to fit 1 car between 2 parked cars does not make it a 1 lane road. It is still a 2 lane road.

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          how can it be a 2 lane road? there is no white line down the middle, the road is only functional with 1 car.

          You cant drive on either the right or left hand side down this road….

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            @Angryman123: It's neither. It's just a road. I live on one similar. Many residential streets are just like this. If there were no cars parked, 2 cars travelling in opposite directions could easily pass each other. Correct? You're being ignorant to everyone's explanations to the point of denial. Your view is obstructed from the drivers position when there's a car parked in front and behind you. How do you not get this?
            Look - fight the fine and see how you go - was your argument going to be that everyone on OzBargain agrees with you?
            Let us know how you make out.

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        @ Angryman123

        It is legal in other countries

        We live in Australia, we are governed by Australian road rules, not other countries road rules.

        Chopping off the hand of a convicted thief may be legal in 'other countries' but not Australia.

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        You know the rules in other countries but not here?

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    Good fine! Pls park like everyone do in Australia.