This was posted 1 year 4 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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25% off BlackVue Dash Cams (DR750X-2CH-32 $471.75, DR900X-2CH-32 $621.75) and 35% off Car Care @ Repco


Greetings everyone, Repco have added some offers I'm guessing to counter the current Supercheap Auto deal, this includes 25% off Blackvue which is a great deal.

Quite rare to see discounts on Blackvue cameras.

Blackvue DR750X:

  • Includes Front and Rear Cameras
  • Front Camera is 2.1 megapixel Sony Starvis enhanced night vision
  • Front camera records at 1920x1080p Full HD at 60 FPS
  • Rear camera is 2.1mp 1080p Full HD 30 FPS Sony STARVIS sensor
  • Front and rear 139 degree wide angle view

Also available is 35% off all Car Care (Including Meguiar's and Bowden's Own) resulting in some great prices also.

Meguiar's Snow Cannon Foam Car Wash kit - SNOWKIT $54.60

Don't forget 2% Cashback via Cashrewards also.

As always, enjoy :)

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    Bought…figured better do that before posting haha…then someone posted 8 minutes as I was buying…and Im like quick quick quick hahaha

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    Are these camera really $300 more worth than other dashcams? They cost more than a gopro hero 8 black.

    • +2

      Not sure if they are with it, but a GoPro is terrible as a dashcam. It doesn’t have the right functionality, like auto on when starting the car, etc.

    • +3

      Blackvue's quality is highly regarded. Gave two different blackvue from 5yrs ago to my friend and it's ti rocking. In oz weather u want one good capacitor which it's why people also like viofo.

  • 900X shows as $669?

    • Interesting, it might come down to the store you're selecting. Do you get $621 when selecting a different store in your area?

      • +1

        bingo, changed store and now shows 621. Thanks

  • +1

    Haha. Same here. Wanted to post but guess can’t post new threads via mobile app and cbf logging into laptop. I missed out on the last one few weeks back and had this in my Repco wishlist since then and have been checking everyday, multiple times a day. Bought the DR750X-2CH. Haven’t told my wife yet, she will find out when she looks at credit card account later tonight. Hehehe

  • Do we need Magic Pro hardware kit with DR750X-2CH camera ? I know that it's in built in these new camera models but if I put the dedicated one, will it increase the parking mode duration ?

    • The built in has 3 modes, 12.5, 12 and 11.5. I think PMP got more settings.

    • I don't think so, for longer duration, go for separate battery.

  • I could never figure out why those dash cams are worth over $600?

    I’ve been using my xiaomi Dashcam for like fraction the price….and it works fine.

    • +4

      If my car were worth 60k, I'd def be spending the extra $500 for piece of mind knowing the battery cannot go bad and it's reliable in all situations. Installation costs would probably be half the cost. However if I have a $6k car, I wouldn't really care about a dashcam going bad as I could easily replace it and the hanging wire isn't too big of a deal to me.

  • +2

    Yes that is the question are these really worth the massive premium over a viofo?

  • +1

    Guys I need one for my new car as I never had one before. The 900x or 750x?

    • +1

      Trying to make the same decision myself..

    • Put the 750x into my new car last Oct. couldn’t be happier

    • 750 is plenty good enough

      • thanks guys, ended up getting the 750x as well. Watched a few comparison videos. 4k is obviously clearer, but the 1080p videos weren't bad enough to warrant the upgrade tbh.

        Have no idea what I'm doing, but got a pmp as well. Because sounds like that's required to hardwire these in for parking mode?

        (Can't believe Mazda is charging $1300+ for these..)

        • You don't need pmp, the 750x has pmp features built in, you just need to hardwire it into the constant batt and acc lines for it to work.

          • @Broke-Ken: Are you sure? Their official video for the x series (Granted, not specifically the 750x) says it's required for parking mode.

            • +1

              @mahdoo: Put the wire over the A pillar? Good luck if your car has air curtain.

            • @mahdoo: Their messaging seems to be confusing, but from what I gather, you're right - the PMP is not required for the 750x..

              It really only adds an easy way to turn off parking mode for the 750x..

              I'll keep my order, and talk to repco about it when I pickup - I'm sure they'll let me refund the PMP if It's not needed.

            • +2

              @mahdoo: I have the 750x hardwire installed in my RAV4. No PMP required. Parking mode works fine.

  • I’ve been looking and waiting for this. Kids just got their P”s. Got a 750x-2 and pmp. Pick up in store Saturday and perfect timing with the long weekend to install in the kids car. 3rd car in the fam with. BV. All hard wired and installed myself

    Very happy to save some cash. Ozb has cost me a bomb this week. And saved me a few cherries along the way ! 🤪🤪🤪

    • Why did you get a PMP?

      • Yeah PMP not needed. Installed today. Hardwired. I’m gunna take the PMP back tommorrow for a refund or at least exchange for detailing products if need be

  • Why do you need the magic pro again?

    • its a hardwiring kit so you can have parking mode and it doesn't drain your batteries dry

      • +1

        PMP is not required for the 750x 2CH. I bought mine about 6months ago and have it hardwired into my RAV4 hybrid. Never had a battery issue and parking mode works perfectly.

        • Have you tested how long parking mode will stay active while hardwired? Wondering if it can last 2 days if voltage cutoff is set at a safe level, not draining the Internal battery dry. thanks

          • +1

            @wataripoff: Mine only lasts until the next morning with the cut off sets at 11.8v but this car is only doing school run during the weekdays so may not hold much charge as it's only under 10km trips.

  • Haha the Ming mole at the dealership tried to charge me 2k plus for the blacvue + install!

    • What's a Ming?

      • +1

        The term is a combination of two words: "MING" being the original brand of protection products, and. "mole", a derogatory Australian term associated with females of poor social conduct, or questionable sexual promiscuity


  • +3

    I was eyeing a 900X and missed out on the previous 25% off…luckily that I held off becos after a bit of Googling and viewing the BlackVue side-by-side 750X and 900X, I personally don’t believe the premium to go for a 900X.

    Just bought a 750X instead. Also, these X series don’t require a separate power hardwiring kit.

    Hope that helps.

  • +2

    Anyone found a good deal on a high capacity, high endurance SD card for these?

    Edit: Got this deal (Shows as expired but it's in stock)

    • Cheers, ordered

      • Yup ordered the 750X, PMP and this SD Card! Happy chappy.

      • FYI, ended up canceling the SDcard order and went for the samsung

        Though, this ones a US import. I'm prepping for a car arriving in June, so no time pressure for me..

    • +3

      These are no good for Blackvue. Either go for the higher "Max Endurance" version from SanDisk or Endurance Pro by Samsung. You'll be much happier 6 month down.

      • Ah, might cancel it then, lucky its from Amazon.

        • Ended up canceling as well haha. Went for this deal instead as was already making another amazon US order, so was able to get free prime shipping.

          • @mahdoo: hmm this is a US import?

            • @NotAnAudiophile: Yup - US import through amazon US. If you don't have prime, you might want to look elsewhere..

              • @mahdoo: Hmm how about Sandisk max endurance for $88?

                • @NotAnAudiophile: Probably fine - but doesn't sound like good value tbh. I just swapped to the samsung because it's apparently the market leader in high endurance sdcards.

                  I'm prepping for a car arriving in June, so no time pressure for me, and was already making a amazon US order..

                  • @mahdoo: Boy! New car delivery takes that long? I just picked up my new car 3 days after ordering it….

                    • @NotAnAudiophile: Mazda 3 in VIC. They've got a pretty long wait on all their cars unfortunately.

                      Gives me time to prep though.. Haha

                      Congrats on your new car!

                    • @NotAnAudiophile: Picked up a new Toyota yesterday that I ordered in mid Nov. They said they now have a wait of months for everything even Corollas. RAV4 - 7 months and HiLux 6 months+

                      • +1

                        @Geoff-bargain: Boy! Lucky me then. Traded in my old car for a really good price and managed to get a 10% discount on a car in stocks on the floor, even though it's a premium brand.

      • Cheers swapped to the samsung

    • There's this 'Join eBay plus and get a free gift' promo running at the moment. I managed to pick that 256gb Sandisk High Endurance card up as my 'gift'. So kinda free?

  • Thanks OP, just ordered the DR750X-2CH-32. However, I did come across a previous deal which seems to indicate an additional 5% discount in-store only if you have an auto club membership ( Any ideas if this would work? I'll probably ask them when picking up.

    • As you're checking out - it says the product is excluded from the SYCS discount so I doubt it.

      • Comments from the previous post said that you couldn't do it online and it had to be in-person. Worth a shot.

  • +1

    I got it for similar price late last year from them. Pretty good video quality from the 750X. Comes with the hard-wiring kit in box and no need for PMP either as it is a built in feature in X series. Great value and very elegant looking. 32GB is very low space though so make sure you get a 256GB Samsung PRO Endurance or SanDisk Max Endurance for best compatibility at fraction of price (compared to Blackvue branded SD cards).

    • Sadly I can't find 256gb for samsung pro endurance.

      • Agree. Is that one discontinued by Samsung ?

    • How many hours can 256GB recording in 750X-2CH? Thanks.

  • How is this compare to viofo?
    Do you pay extra for the brand or the quality actually worth the price?

  • Thanks very much!

  • Ordered DR750X-2CH-32 via Cashrewards. Thanks, OP.

    Tried NRMA membership for a further discount but just checked it doesn't apply to Blackvue.

  • Bought 2. 950x for ours and 750x for our old man.

    Any idea how much it cost to have it professionally installed? Understand it will vary from states, but a ballpark figure would be great!

    • A friend got his installed for $280, I think an autobahn but not all of them provide the service. He had quotes for $300-380 from other auto shops.

      Air tasker people were asking around $160-200.

      I too am not sure what to choose, would be nice to have a proper auto shop do it, assume there's some saftey in insurance through that.

  • +1

    You can get a 4G modem for it (CM100LTE) and use the Blackvue cloud - Then you get GPS tracking and alerts if something happens to your car while you are away from it (Among other things)

  • Hi guys, just ordered DR750X-2CH-32, it comes with 32GB card, may I know how many hours it can record? If I need a bigger one, should I go for 128GB or 256GB? Not sure how many hours they can be record on this model. Please help. Thanks.

  • +2

    I have the 900 series dual cam and well worth the extra money as you not only get 4K resolution on front camera but ultra wide angle of 162 degrees compared to 139 in the 750 series. Furthermore, you can downscale the 900 series to FHD at 60FPS for smoother motion. All of this comes in handy when someone potentially hits you from the front side (e.g. indicating to turn left at the roundabout but decides to go straight into you from the right)

    Also both cameras perform better at night compared to the 750s; based on briefly comparing friends 750 series to mine.

    For those wanting to wire it to car battery. May I suggest the Cellink Neo 6 LiFePO4 battery pack instead. There is an updated 'Cellink Neo 9' but can't find it in AUS yet; basically 9Ah rather than 6Ah.

    As for memory cards. Definitely the PRO endurance over the EVO, especially when using 4K recording higher FPS.

    Lastly, I installed it myself. Fairly simple and you get the tools to hide the wire in crevices and between plastic joints. Save yourself $150-200 but just don't run the wire for the rear camera above if you have side curtain airbags or any for that matter; this can obstruct the airbag when it deploys or void warranty.

    • +1

      Wanted to confirm if the resolution can be changed? Because the specifications on the website say, "Note: Front camera resolution is fixed and cannot be changed to 1080P".

      • Just to clarify, I have the previous model DR900S. After looking into manuals of both the 900X and S series it seems the 900X series you can't change resolution… wtf!?

        • Thanks for checking. And yeah that's weird, not sure why it's changed in the X series.

    • The other thing that improves image quality is the upgrade to an 8MP sensor from 2.1MP.

      • Most reviews and videos deem the 750x better at night videos than the 900, do there's that.

  • Hey guys, could someone please explain me something? What is the point of having 2 channel camera if you can buy two separate ones (1 ch) at a cheaper price?
    - cheaper
    - there is no compromise in image quality for the rear camera
    - reliability (?): two stand alone devices should perform better than one. Not sure about this one.

    PS I do not need wi-fi. Had to download videos from my Blackvues only a couple of times in a few years and ended up pulling out SD card and inserting it into a laptop as it was faster to search/copy.

    • 4 things I can think of:

      1) Less obstructed view through centre mirror.
      2) Synchronised recording with front camera.
      3) One power source needed for two cameras.
      4) One memory card needed for two cameras.

      Generally getting rear-ended means your not at fault so image quality is not as critical compared to front; you will see the rego/ car make easily enough.

      Hope this helps

      • Thank you:)

      • one power source means much easier for parking mode.

  • Bought the 750X. My first dash cam.. Afterpay sealed the deal for me. Thanks.

  • Any recommended installer in Melbourne?

    • Airtasker have few good ones.

  • How much has the Blackvue dashcams changed over the years? I bought the top of the range Blackvue like 4 years ago (not sure of model), is this a worthwhile upgrade?

  • Lads check this out

    What are we thinking ?

  • Repco store called and informed that they are processing refund due to no stock availablity :(

    • Offer to pick up from another store? I just got a text confirmation that my order is ready for pick up from the Richmond, VIC store and I ordered 2 units of the DR750X-2CH.

  • Just got Bendas to install my 750X, highly recommended, I think he's probably the best in Sydney at the moment. Confirmed PMP not needed, I'm going to return it to Repco (they said no problem).

    • May I please ask how much you paid and did they come to you?

      • +1

        $200. Came to me, flawless install, can't see any wires at all, followed by a brief on how everything works. I believe Michael is the preferred third party installer for many car buffs.

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