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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Bronze Wi-Fi 128GB $796.95 ($746.95 with Newsletter Voucher) @ Samsung Education Store (Membership Req)


Noticed the mystic bronze colour is nearly $400 cheaper compared to the other colours. An absolute bargain price for the Android version of the iPad Pro.

Should be able to stack with the $50 newsletter voucher, but unfortunately I'm not aware of any other vouchers stacking.

Posted on a few days old S21.

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    Great price , $50 newsletter voucher bring it down to 746.95

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      Yea if they actually send you the voucher. I.never got mine despite going I to chat and asking where it was to a few times gave up

    • Agree, great price, but arguably should have been this price since at least December, as it has been in other regions.

  • The WiFi or 4g version? And how much memory?

    I wonder if it's also this price via the EPP site as my friend has an account. I don't know anyone with access to the Education store.

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      Wifi 128GB

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      128GB model has 6GM of RAM, 256GB model has 8GB of RAM.

    • $891 on Gov EPP

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    I'm so tempted to pull the trigger on this. I got a Tab S6 LTE version and I love it. If this was LTE version for $1000 Id buy it

    • It's $1061 on Gov EPP - I'd expect the same on others also? Worth a check if you have access…

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    Posted on a few days old S21

    Is that a humble brag?

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      My +500+200+50 apologies.

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      Weird flex

  • Great price if you have access. I also have the S6 Wifi and it is an excellent tablet.

  • Does it lag like the s6 lite?

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      Nah, this tablet is from different galaxy than s6 lite, lol

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      It really shouldn't, since I think S6 Lite was more like Tab A series in terms of spec (which is their mid to low range tablet with mid to low range SoC), whereas Samsung did make S7 and S7+ like a flagship tablet (with flagship SoC and whatnots for 2020)

      Though it pisses me off to no end that S7+ 128gb has 6gb RAM, and 256gb has 8gb ram

      At least I am not noticing any lags on my Tab S7.

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      S6 Lite is a toddler's toy compared to this lol.

      This has last years SD865+ chipset which is hella fast, 6GB RAM which is enough, UFS 3.0 storage. Let's not forget the 120Hz AMOLED HDR10+ display.

      This will be very fast and fluid because it has the specs of a flagship phone.

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    I have this tablet S7+ the 4G version, it really is a beautiful tablet to use. I also bought it from the Samsung education store, but I paid around $1,200. I got an edu email address from my 7yo son's primary school. Once you get the edu email address it's then pretty easy to purchase the tablet. I upgraded from the TAB S4, the extra screen real estate is worth the extra$$$. The tablet is big, but still portable. It's great to travel with, not to heavy or bulky. I used to take a laptop when I travelled, but I don't feel the need to with this tablet. It's half the weight of my laptop but the battery lasts twice as long and you don't need to bring a laptop charger either, your phone charger will connect to your TAB S7+!!

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      What do u use it for

    • How did u get an edu email when your son is only 7yo? I would love to get 1 too!

      • Try school email.

        • Does a 7yo has a school email nowadays? Or did u mean just use the actual school email address?

          • @Justbuy: May be different school but my kids had a school email account since they were in prep. Although I found out about it last year ( after 4 years) when schooling went online.

      • Contact your schools admin section, request an edu.au email address for your child, tell them you want to get Microsoft Office 365 for free
        or you want to purchase a tablet for your child. The tablet was for me so yes I lied, but my son got my old tablet, so well everyone was happy.

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    I got the S4 LTE version when a few years ago, Optus has it bundle with 24 months data plan. I love the tablet to death. I was hoping Optus will do something similiar, but no more. $1000+ for the a new s7+ was just too hard to swallow. Now I just hope this is not a price error because all other colour is over $1100+. Order one anyway, what is the worst can happen right.

    • You mean tab s4 lte or galaxy s4 lte

  • Good deal!

  • thanks op been waiting for a very long time to see this go down in price πŸ‘

  • Thank you OP! waiting from long long time….

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    tempting price - if the newsletter coupon ever comes through (and this deal is still on ) will pull trigger me thinks.

  • Dang that's about the same price as the S7 at its lowest.

  • Dang… couldn't resist this deal @ $746… although I'm not a pink fan, who cares about the colour at this price?
    Thanks OP!

  • Anyone has a $50 code? Not getting any emails from Samsung

    • I have never got it :(

    • I got it within 8 hours. I got it now . Last night subscribe to news letter. Going to buy it now.

    • Email can take ages to be generated, if at all
      Chase up with this team [email protected]
      I had to press them for it

  • I have never received a code from Samsung, been signing up multiple times with different emails, none works :(

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    Pulled the trigger with samsung newsletter 50$ bonus off

    • How long did you signup before you got the $50 voucher?

      • I got it within 1 hr πŸ˜…

  • This is a nice price. Though I sprung $1500 for a TAB S7+ 5G 256GB

    that screen size though massive is just beautiful.

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    Anyone else getting system maintenance?

  • same here. system maintenance

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    I have the tab s7+. While the screen is beautiful the software is mediocre at best. Samsung hasn't moved tablets forward much and a lot of the baked in stuff is kinda buggy.

    • Ultimately it's a big phone, not a laptop replacement.

      Noone invests in software for android tablets

    • Their GoodLock app (which is on Galaxy store) does a lot for the issues (though the app does require updates for the latest OS, and some of them don't work as well as they used to). It's free so I think it's worth a try.

      Like being able to either automatically rotate the apps that open only vertically, shrinking them so that it doesn't stretch the app etc etc.

  • The day I’m up early, I’m still not early enough. Damn system maintenance

  • got one. Thanks.

  • This offer is valid until 29 April (or until stock runs out).

    Would love to add a keyboard to it for some extra portability productivity, but they are pretty pricey!

  • Government store has a similar discount, tough I can't seem to find the offer for $50 off for the newsletter.

    Price $796.95

    • How can someone access the goverment store?

      • have a government job that has these benefits. you don't only need to work in the government, some corporate jobs also have these benefits. mine did.

  • Damn ozbargain I just bought a new coffee machine.

    Thanks op

  • How can I get an edu email? can anyone help?

    • I have purchased a few off eBay in the past

  • Sooo tempting!

    Still using my pixel C which custom ROMs have made still very snappy and more than useable… This would be next level though, however $750 for a tablet is really only "cheap" in comparison to the crazy $1500rrp of these devices 😬

  • Dang it, my EPP has it at full EPP price.

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      Click on special offers. I thought the same.

      • Thanks for the tip

  • Thanks OP. Been interested in a modern tablet for a while, I had an Asus Transformer tablet many years ago.

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    Thank you OP. Got one. $50 voucher never arrived. Got $30 as first time afterpay user.

  • Did anyone get the keyboard to go with the tablet? How much was it? Still working on my log in…

    • The keyboard sold out when I order the tab s7+ which is 11 hours ago

    • not sure the price on EPP store, but RRP is $360 which is a total rip off.

      I got mine free as a preorder bonus so it's all good. Enabled me to use the tablet on the desk like a laptop instead of holding it in my hand and using on screen keyboard.

      I wouldn't pay full price for it though.

  • I hope next gen they have a lower cost version for media consumption and a pro model with a better aspect ratio for productivity

    • Why do people want a tablet for serious "productivity"…? (Honest question)

      You are going to want a keyboard for that anyway, so why not get a surface pro or one of the many touchscreen, slim, windows based ultra book (do they still call them that?) type laptops. Using a tablet for true productivity just seems like making your life harder for little gain…

      Geez even the fact my work supplied surface pro doesn't have a hinge on the keyboard is pain in the ass as it makes it painful to use on your lap as you need to support the kickstand to keep the screen upright.

      • Mainly for web browsing and stuff πŸ˜‚

        I like using my iPad Pro for casual web browsing…

        • Haha right…

    • What's the difference between the s7 & s7+?

      • screen size and processing power

        • +2

          processor is the same.

          Screen size and panel type (lcd vs amoled)

      • +2

        On top of screen size,

        S7 uses IPS LCD
        S7+ use Super AMOLED

    • a decent laptop would be cheaper than that.

      What is a good aspect ratio for productivity btw?

      • 4:3 if you're not split screening
        16:10 if you have 2 apps side by side

        • who still makes 4:3 laptops?

    • +1

      I personally think 3:2 is a lovely compromise. It's a pity that only MS uses that ratio.
      It doesn't letterbox as much as 4:3, and it was good for annotation. It didn't feel like I am holding something long like when I am using a 16:9 ratio when I hold it vertically.

      If my Surface Pro 3 didn't overheat and came with a better stylus, I would've been all over it.

      • And it’s quite close in ratio to a4 paper! Which is great in landscape as 2x a5 since it’s just like two smaller a4

        • Yep, I think Pixel C used that ratio (1:√2), which I thought was brilliant.

  • Damn, it is now out of stock!

    I should have pulled the trigger 3hrs ago LOL

  • $899 at kogan use with discounted GC or Price match at Office works
    Telco's EPP had 50% off voucher a while ago was better price than this.
    Might be a normal price going forward

    • Not a fan of Kogan due to the grey import and using their own repairers for warranty, is that still the case?

    • How many people have access to teleco epp?

  • Miss out, was on live chat talking to the rep for the $50 voucher, never arrived…but I know Samsung education will add stock randomly so keep an eye

  • This with keyboard or a ultrabook with 4800u? For productivity and video streams…..

    • This for video streams, Ultrabook for productivity, if you only want one then choose your compromises!

      If we are talking any serious type of "productivity" I'd have to say the ultrabook if I could only choose one.

      • Thank you for your reply.
        Will mainly use for stock trading and light excel recording my transactions.
        About $400 $500 difference so it's bit of a struggle to decide……

        • Office 365 works pretty well on tablets and its Excel definitely has enough capability for most people.

        • get the ultrabook

  • +1

    Missed out waiting for the $50 code (like others here) but the Samsung Rep I am talking to provided the following information regarding restocks and price upon restock:

    Upon checking, there's still no ETA from our Marketing Team for the out of stock models of S7+/S7. Since there's no ETA, it's likely within a week or two. They normally update us a week prior restocking. No specific date yet. I can't guarantee that pricing will be available again. The discounts are subject to change without any prior notice from time to time

  • Bugger - just missed it. Was also the same price in the Samsung Partnership Program site for government workers.

    For anyone that buys this I wouldn't bother with the Samsung Book Cover Keyboard, from what I've read online it will scratch the screen.

    • For anyone that buys this I wouldn't bother with the Samsung Book Cover Keyboard, from what I've read online it will scratch the screen.

      I have the keyboard cover. It does not scratch the screen. It's got rubber strips on the keyboard so that the keys or base never touches the screen. The only part that touches the screen is the small rubber strips.