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RGB-W Wi-Fi Smart Bulbs Brilliant Smart (Tuya) from $5 in-Store @ Bunnings


Seen in Bunnings Bayswater WA. Clearance, not on website. Please report price/availablity elsewhere.

E27 A60 now $5 (ignore old price in photo)
B22 for $9

800 lumen, 8.5W warm white.
Note that the RGB colour mode is not very bright. These are no replacement for Hue colour bulbs, but $5 is good even for plain warm white.

They are rebranded Tuya bulbs, so work with SmartLife app etc & google/alexa. But I believe the Brilliant Smart app still has free IFTTT,

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  • Same price at Bunnings Bellambi NSW. Unsure if E27 scanned at $5 but ticket price was $9. Bought 2 of the B22 at $9.

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    Showing in stock at O'Connor, Armadale, Bibra Lake (low stock for E27), Cockburn, Innaloo, Balcatta, Malaga for some random locations I checked.
    E27 is still $9 though at all other stores I checked so far though, only Bayswater coming up at $4.99

    Give me a postcode or closest store if you'd like me to check yours

    • Hey bamzero, can you check stock for 2170? Thanks

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        E27 in stock at Crossroads, Hoxton Park, Bonnyrigg and Bankstown @ $9
        B22 as above as well as Villawood

        (Hope that's right, sorry don't know the area so just going by what Bunnings tells me is the main and nearest locations)

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          Cool thanks heaps!

    • Yo. 3163 would be legendary if you could check for me. I had a look myself but I couldn't find the RGB ones, only the daylight. Cheers

      • E27 @ $9, in at Box Hill, Notting Hill, out at Chadstone
        B22 low at Chadstone, in at Box Hill, out at Notting Hill.

    • could you check caringbah or kirrawee

      • E27 $9 and B22 showing in stock at both

    • Could you also please check 6107 , how do you check soh ? Thanks

      • E27 $9 and B22 at Cannington and Maddington, also low stock B22 at Belmont

    • Cheers for offering to check. Any around 4121?

      • E27 $9 and B22 at Cannon Hill, Mt Gravatt and Newstead, no stock Logan Rd

        • Cheers

  • Fyi the white is a very warm white. I would say more yellow than white. Looked terrible so I returned it.

    I did pay full price at $15 though… Not even sure I'd want this for $5 since colours are a gimmick and this is beyond warm white

    • Looks normal to me. "warm white" is yellow compared to daylight. It is meant to mimic the colour of incandescent bulbs.
      Specs say 3000K, which is less "warm" than Hue or Ikea. I used to prefer cool white, and wonder why most people wanted warm, but I'm getting used to it now.

      And BTW, $15 is already well under RRP or normal full price for a colour smart bulb.

  • Hey bamzero, can you check stock for 3220. Cheers

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      E27 and B22 in stock Geelong North, Waurn Ponds, Leopold, out of stock Breakwater, Torquay @ $9

  • how are you guys seeing this? all the bunnings are closed here in Perth….

    • Sorry, I guess you have to wait until the morning. Bamzero has access to internal computer.

  • Thanks Bamzero, any around 2065? Cheers

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      E27 $9 and B22, Chatswood, Gladesville in stock, Artarmon, Gordon, Balgowlah out of stock

      • Cheers champ!!!

  • I bought 16 B22 globes at Mentone (3194). They had 30+ remaining. The staff said that they're deleted stock

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    I bought this for $15. RGB is useless and its warm white. I dont think its worth $5.

  • No more at box Hill Vic store. They were $2 each so grabbed the last few

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      Goes to show the system isn't always right. Showing me both E27 and B22 in stock there, now at $5.
      Did it scan at $2 or had to override?

      Anyone going there worth asking them to check stock level. They may have them both up the front with the smart gear display as well as in electrical.

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        They scanned at $5 but were all marked down to $2 so staff had to override

        I got it from the clearance trolley in electrical and lighting

  • Bamzero can you please help with near 3082?

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      Telling me there's E27 ($9) and B22 stock at Mill Park, Mernda, Epping, Thomastown, none at Somerton.

      Think that'll be the last one for the Easter break, won't be around to check any more.

  • Got a couple at the Woodville (Adelaide) SA store today. Hoping to be able to use tuya-convert to add to home assistant with ESP-HOME, but not hopeful. Might have to crack out the soldering iron and serial flasher.

    • Might have to crack out the soldering iron and serial flasher.

      Seems like a lot of trouble for one small light bulb! If you want white, get Zigbee from Ikea.
      For colour, get some WS2812B strips and flash WLED to an ESP32.

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