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[NT] TP-Link HS100, HS110 $10 @ Bunnings, Palmerston


Was in Bunnings and saw these on special. $10 seems to be a winner. Was still plenty in stock at my local which is Palmerston NT.

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  • Sorry noob question, what does the energy monitoring do? Do I need it?

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      it tells you how much power the device plugged in is using and it'll record it over time

      be useful if you really needed to know how much a pc or fridge or whatever is using

      • @tonyjzx
        Makes sense now. Many thanks for the prompt reply. :)

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          It's also great for when connected to HomeAssistant. I have one powering my dumb washing machine and when the voltage drops HomeAssistant sends me a message to let me know the washing is done.

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            @mattyman: And this is useful how?

          • @mattyman: What's next? A similar device attached to your lights to let you know that you've switched them off? :-D

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      Tells you how much energy the device plugged in to the smart plug uses. You don't need it if you have any other energy monitor device, but can be useful to know how much that second fridge actually uses :)

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        Makes sense. Many thanks for the prompt reply, too. :) You guys are awesome.

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          if its in syd, i'd get one, these used to be $25-$35

          you need their app on a phone to control it, extract data

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            @tonyjzx: not entirely true. You need the app for initial setup only, or to look at power usage data. Once setup you can link it to Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Home Assistant (or even HomeKit not officially supported but achievable via HomeBridge), then control it from your preferred Home app or voice assistant or setup automations with it.

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      It is very useful when making automations with homeassistant or similar. Knowing that something is using power or when it isnt could be used to trigger something else. etc..

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        Second this. Use it on the washing machine to remind me when the load is finished by setting up a notification when the power usage drops.

    • i use it to see how much my mining rig is consuming, and then calculate how much i need to transfer towards my elec bill

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        People still do this?

  • Great price!

  • Anyone seen them at other stores?

  • Also I'm using this gets bonus points with origin spike, but goodluck getting enough points for $5 PayPal. Pretty much impossible.
    We broke our record 5 times in a row, made $2 then had $0 the next time as we used 3Kw more then average that night

    • I've now done 22 in a row and getting $8 on each occasion. Everything must be turned off during spike hour.

      It's fun for me but I can understand not using any energy for one hour per week isn't suitable.

      • Ah yes the 1 hour a week I run the the main power box and turn a few of those switches to the off position. The hot water tank stitched me up during a spike hour once.

        Had to remove the Sensibo from the spike app. After spike hour it turns the AC on. (Even thoug it was never on before spike hour) I was in bed. Woke up in the morning to the feeling you know the AC in the lounge has been on since 9pm the previous day. Wasn’t too impressed.

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    I have replaced four of these with the newer version. These takes up too much space which results in the power point next to it unusable

    • Is that the KP115 version?

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        Yes kp115 is hs110 replacement that displays energy information. Same app and interface but the kp is thinner.
        The energy meter is awesome for things that have varied energy i.e a pool pump as the energy consumption goes up when the basket gets full of leaves or to confirm something is working.

        • kp105 is also around. A bit cheaper but no energy monitoring.

          The kp certain reflects the form factor (slimmer).

          The double packs seem to be kp105's but they sometimes arent well described. jbhif has the double pack (of k105s one would have to assume) for $37 ($18.50 ea)

        • Will the newer ones work without internet?

          • @2022: To my knowledge, yes. But you wouldn't be able to remotely turn them on or off or set up schedules, timers, routines etc.

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            @2022: Can confirm if you previously set schedule it is downloaded to the plug so if loose Internet after, it will still operate on last settings.

      • KP115 is perfectly designed. I'm in the process of replacing my Cygnett plugs with these (4 so far) and the software alone, when compared to the Cygnett, is reason enough to change. My parents can have the Cygnetts lol

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          • @tonyjzx: Yeah I already picked up those first 4 from Bunnings.

        • I wouldn't give Cygnett plugs to my parents because I still love them.

          Better recycle it or give it to some strangers ;)

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            @DAT: lol Totally agree! That was more tongue-in-cheek… I forgot my /s ;-)

            They work great and I've never had an issue with them. But their app UI looks like it hasn't been updated in at least 5-6 years. And the sheer size of them is the second biggest turn off. Once they are all replaced with KP115's I'll be flogging them on eBay for whatever I can get.

    • The HS110 has issues where it drops power for a fraction of a second…
      You can see it in apps like Home Assistant, but Kasa won't show it.
      TPLinks refusal to follow aus consumer law means that I will never ever buy a tplink product ever again.

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        I'd say you more likely have a faulty device or unclean power going to the power point. I have several 110's and have never noticed this issue. Granted, I'm not running home assistant but I do have a camera connected to one of the plugs and it's current uptime is just over a month.

    • Thinner is definitely better but they're not rated the same. Hs110 max rating is 16amp, hs115 is 10amp afaik. Makes the newer ones unsuitable for 2400w heaters and other appliances. Otherwise I'd be all over them.

  • Yes I'm looking to replace all mine with the slimmer ones just looking at the Best prices to grab them

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      Bunnings and Amazon have them at $25 usually. Haven't seen much of a decrease from that price though.

  • I have been using https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-smarterhome-smart-plug-en...

    They are $52.599 for a 4 pack goes on sale for $39.99 usually

    2400W 10A rated
    2 x 5V 2.4A USB ports
    Energy monitor

    Can check and do everything using the smarter home android or ios app

    • Can the energy monitoring exclude the usb port or monitor it separately so it doesnt mess up what youre monitoring on the 240v plug

      • I don't know but from the user interface it seems to monitor everything.

        • Ok thanks. Still a great price, I will wait till its next on sale.

  • Anyone know if this can be used to price match at other bunnings?

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      Ive done it before. From reports its hit and miss but it costs nothing to try

    • Depends if you talk to the right person. The average drone can't really do much and unless they like you doesn't really want to anyway, but if you can find the department head they often have so much on their plate and are tired of looking at these things and so will entertain reasonable offers.

  • My main frequent use for smart plug is for a big floor fan. Not such a big deal in winter but used so much in summer. Gentle breeze at night but if you get cold "Alexa….". Work from home pointed at the desk, could turn it off for calls and back on again without removing headphones. The oversized ones are mostly fine between extension lead and device cable.

    • Also use it for like 5-10 mins to dry clothes in winter. Hang them as you go to bed and call out to turn it off after 10 mins of Netflix.

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