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[White Box, As New] Apple iPhone 12 Pro 128GB $1,399.99, iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB $1,549.99 @ MobileCiti eBay


Condition is New (Never used). Comes in white box. Seems like a good deal. Got my 12 pro from officeworks for $1490, probably would have gotten this to save $90

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Mod: Some users are reporting receiving devices already activated. You may consider contacting the seller and/or eBay regarding this.

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    Aren't white boxed products Apple Refurbished? Could be totally wrong, but that's what they give me at the Apple store when I go in with an issue.

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    Very likely these IPhones are related to this drama https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/611462

    • Damnnn I've bought 3 mid tier phones from these guys over the years and been perfect everytime… Guess ill take them off my list..

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      That is a very long drama, can you give us a hint?

      • +1 to that. Linking direct to the comment would help. (Hint: right-click the hyperlink to the time of the comment and select to copy the address.)

        • Thanks for the tips. I didn’t know how to do that until you mentioned it here

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        Looks like they ordered brand new iPhones then got calls saying that the boxes were unsealed but the iPhones were brand new, just the seal broke in transit.
        Some people got used/returned looking phones.

        • They could be selling the returned phones (sign of usage was obvious & discovered by the first group of buyers) from the previous deal here.

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          Some got phones with scratches and some that were activated last year. The seals definitely didn't break in transit.

          I would stay away form these guys as it wasn't just 1 person, it was many.

          Wasn't the first time and won't be the last.

          False advertising with obviously knowing what they were doing.

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            @4892: Hi 4892

            Understand your concern, as I have mentioned herephone will be no marks or scratches. otherwise you will be eligible for return/refund.

            For the Box opened, we also check that the devices are fully functioning and ensure there are no physical damage to the device.

            To make it clear, we not selling this phone as brand new sealed in the box. We have not intension to make any false adversting, as we also provide 30 days returns. Feel free to PM if you have any questions.

            • @AHUANG: When you say “Never Used”, does this mean never turned on and never activated

              Apple manufacturers warranty would be honoured if its never been activated

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              @AHUANG: why open the box?
              why check that the devices are fully functioning?

  • Comes in white box.,, WHY?

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    I’m curious if the phone is never used, why the box is opened?

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      They just wanna make sure the phone is really in the box. Good customer service.

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        That is normally what the grey import seller does. That’s not good customer service, that’s the refurbished or returned stock they sourced. I would prefer them not touch the box if their stock came in sealed.

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        How does this have so many upvotes? If it's a joke I missed it. If it's not a joke then this is a bad representation of "Good customer service"

    • "Opened to check contents"

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        That’s like the 100s of fb marketplace items I see on games.

        “Brand new. Played for 1 minute 23 seconds. Not my kind of game”

        • Hey! I do that! And it’s true

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          What about the “brand new never used, but no box” items

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      Phone has been used as a very expensive iFidget spinner

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      Stealing the Apple stickers to put on their cars rear windshield.

  • There is 12 pro max's available as well

  • Got two years warranty ?

  • Jokes aside, can someone here offer any reasonable explanation of why these boxes became opened?
    Other than if they are refurbished and repaired phones being sold as "new"….

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      So far the only explanation we have is that the seals broke during transit. They must have shipped them using frisbees.

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    Negging to warn buyers because unless OP has conformed with the seller, mobileciti's [Open Box - As New] means a demo unit and [White Box - As New] sounds like its in similar condition. Which is wayyy different to "Never Used". The display and the battery may have been tortured. Will remove neg if it's actually never used.

    Reply from mobilecity previously when I enquired about [As new] Iphone xs max and Note 10+

    The device is the Australian model and has been put on shop display as a demonstration in its lifetime. It would have been handled but has not been owned by anyone previously.

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      To add to this, I would 100% of the time rather buy a used phone from a private seller (after inspection) than a DEMO unit from any store.

      1. As mentioned above, battery is sitting on the charger 100% of the time the store is open.
      2. People don't treat demo units like they take care of their own phone. It won't have a screen protector/case on during use and it would have been abused byfingers, nails, watches and rings of 1000s of people. I looked at a demo Z Fold (yes extreme case of this) and you could tell from all the damage that people had literally purposely made physical scratches in the screen to test the durability of the display of phone)
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      Demo unit means the unit has been used for demo purpose!

      • According to the seller, demo units are not used units.
        Also according to the seller, demo units weren't owned by anyone previously. 😳

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      Hi MagicMushroom

      The "Open Box" or "White box" in OP’s post is different to when you previously enquired. The iPhones in these listings are definitely not the live DEMO unit. Our demo units would be listed as “demo” in the title - you may view them here

      To clarify the terms:

      • [Open Box - AS New]: Means handset has no marks, hasn't been sold to or used as a live demo in its lifetime, still looks like new. Most still have plastic seal on the screen, however packaging may not be in perfect condition.

      • [White box- As New]: Means handset has no marks, hasn't been sold to or used as a live demo in its lifetime, still looks like new. Most still have plastic seal on the screen, however the device didn't come with the original retail package, so it has been re-packaged in a white box. It will come with the phone and the original cable.

      I apologise for any confusion caused.

      PS. most of the devices’ manufactured date are around late 2020

      • Ok, sound fair enough to remove neg.

        I hope you will include this information on eBay description too. And tell whoever is replying to ebay message about it because I have asked 6 times already (mobileciti & allphones over 1 year span) and was always told it's a unit used for demo. Would have already bought the above 2 phones if I knew it wasn't a demo…

        • Thanks, feel free to PM if you need additional info or assistance.

          • @AHUANG: I messaged the seller asking about this and got this response:

            Kindly note that the White box would indicate the device does not come in its original sales packaging - it will come in an unmarked white box. The phone is a genuine iPhone 12 mini which is in "As new" condition - it is not brand new but essentially new, the sales packaging may have been damaged or it may have been opened and inspected for display/demo purposes.

    • [White Box - Very Used but Never Owned]

  • “Never used”

  • Maybe they are the “replacement “ phone that Apple normally stock for unit replacement. They just got them and box them up to sell. You can get all these kind of brand new iPhone without box and accessories.

  • What about warranty please?

    • What are you talking about, warranty is with Apple, if it hasn’t been activated will have full 2 years, if has will be balance of that, if OS model will have one year.

      • Yeah i was curious about apple warranty. Or apple care. So its a gamble?

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    My cost-benefit analysis trigger is sounding alarm bells here.

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    Good luck with warranty

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    Lol scam

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    I'm calling bullshit here. Who opens a box and never uses what's inside? And then advertises it? No reflection on the OP here as it would be a decent deal without all the skullduggery attached.

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      Plenty of people who use the accessories from the old phone, have a draw full myself never used.

      • huh?

      • But you wouldn't buy a new phone, open its box and never activate or test out the phone. That's the crux - the new phone that is inside the box, not the accessories.

        • And the only accessory here is a cable, since you aren’t getting an AC adapter.

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    “As New”

  • I would prefer to wait for a offer from one of the major Australian stores.

    Example 11% discount from JB Hi Fi

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    I bought one from them. Went for click and collect and plastic seal/wrapping was different than original. Heard the story it got damaged in transit. Everything inside was brand new though. Thought it was an exception but heard a lot of dodgy stories. Beware guys. One way to check is apple coverage online. Device shouldn’t be activated before and the condition and accessories and box.

  • My guess it was used for less than 24 hours

  • i don't belived they are "new" and "never used"….. why they need open all boxes….

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      I think I figured it out now! They open the box so that the value of the device becomes lower, and then pass on the discount to OzBargainers.

      • thanks mate. i agree with you….:)

  • OP, that was a great deal at OW, was it a price beat?

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    A rep from MobileCiti needs to clarify whether these are store demo units masquerading as opened but unused units.
    Otherwise, please provide a reasonable explanation for why the boxes were opened in the first place if you intend to sell them as unused / "like new".

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      see above

      - The packaging was damaged from warehouse handling or in transit. Box opened to check that the devices are fully functioning and ensure there are no physical damage to the device.

      • what happened to the og apple box??

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    I heard some guy at the warehouse needed to charge his iPhone and opened 50+ boxes before he realised they don’t come with one anymore

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      Yes its true i am that guy.

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    Just bought 12 Pro for my daughter. I've been waiting for a few months good iPhone deals to upgrade her iPhone 8.

    I have had good experiences with Mobileciti in the past, will update this thread once it arrives :)

    • +4

      Its great to be your daughter.

      • -3

        yeah can't wait for the screen get smashed!

        • Omg she drops her phone frequently :D

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    I haven't bought from these guys in years - the routinely dodge their consumer obligations

    A phone I bought had bad image retention, and had a very clearly faulty display.

    Despite it being just a few months old, they said there was nothing they could do and to turn the brightness down

    • Hi whaleoilbeefhooked

      Despite it being just a few months old, they said there was nothing they could do and to turn the brightness down

      all the phones we sold all come with 1~2 years warranty, for few months old should come with warranty, our CS team may advise you to try the troubleshooting, definately not means to tell you not covered by warranty.

      • troubleshooting a display is unlikely to fixit. unless you have magical hands?

        • you may got points, warranty will covered if troubleshooting didn't help.

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    (Open Box, Never Used).
    Hahaha!! Then why bloody open the box!!
    Yeah I opened a packet of chips!! Never eaten though!!!

  • Coudl these phones been bought from an auction that sold flood damaged stock or stock that had to be treated by customs, hence why they need to have a white box and checked if working?

    • +3

      Something dodgy like that for sure. I think for a luxury item like this and only $100 diff. you would be crazy to take the risk.

      • exactly

      • possible, i think its kinda hard knowin how difficult it is to fiddle with an iphone 12. maybe it truly isnt activated but where are they getting it from? also i doubt that change of mind returns. generally arent allowed.

  • is it possible to get ihones to show not activated even though it has been used?
    reminds me of someone selling iphone 6's that were open box never used that also were apparently never activated. pretty weird to for a 6 year old phone! less weird on tbiz!

  • -1

    not gonna buy from this mob MobileCiti ever again, bought a phone case on the 26th and no updates since then… how long does it take to fkin send a phone case wtf!!?!!

    • Hi ohtaek

      Sorry to hear you have received your order, Normally dispatch all the order same day or next business, if there any issues our CS team will try to reach you.

      Please check your email for tracking details(also double check the junk mail box), or PM your order details will try my best to assist.

  • if you're not in a hurry i always find aliexpress to have the cheapest cases that always arrive

  • Don't waste your money.

    • pay the few $$ more and get brand new..