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Portable Rechargeable Juice Blender 480ml / 16.8oz $39.57 Delivered @ Statco via Amazon AU


Colour: White
Max. power: 100W
Motor: DC 7.4V, 15000 ~ 25000 rpm
Power supply: Lithium battery USB 5V
Battery volume: 4000mAh
Blade material: 304 Stainless steel, 6 leaves blade.
Temperature: -20℃ ~ 150℃
Capacity: 16.8oz
Cup Weight: 0.37 kg
Blender Weight: 0.85 kg

Healthy and Safety - Made of eco-friendly, non-toxic and food-grade Borosilicate Glass and 304 stainless steel. A Great gift for Christmas!

Unique Detachable Blender - Be safer and prevent finger injury. easily take off the bottle and drink from it directly or take it on the go, no need to dirty an additional glass, suitable for car holder very well. handy, lightweight. Extremly portable with built-in Lifting ring.

Superb Mixing - The updated version personal blender with 6 blades in 3d for superb mixing ,which can effortlessly pulverizes fruits, vegetables into amazing smoothies .It doesn’t leave chunks of fruit and ice and no noisy like traditional blenders.

Rechargeable Portable Blender with USB - Built-in lithium batteries, convenient to use anywhere. Mini but Powerful enough to blend ice, frozen fruits, vegetable, seeds, skin or stems in 22000RPM. Jut one press and you will get a cool silky smoothie in only 30 seconds! Free ice cube tray presented.

Safer and Versatile Single Serve Blender - We go extra miles to use only Baby Food Grade Material, FDA, CE & ROHS Approved. Perfect for baby food, fresh juice, shake and smoothies, protein shake, bulletproof coffee, pesto sauce, marinades and salad dressings etc.

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  • Do these usb blenders actually blend ice?

  • Try the kmart $19 first…

    edit: however, this product uses glass for the container, which is a big plus.

    • Not really comparable:

      • Plastic body
      • Much smaller battery
      • 300 ml vs 480 ml
      • 2 blade vs 6
      • charging may not be USB C (not specificed)
  • More landfill material.

    • Is it not being of use to you, a reason to neg?

      • No, its because I have a certain hate for all products like this, that end up in a landfill not long after being purchased.
        Because that's what this product is, a chuckaway $40 product that you'll get delivered, find out it's absolute sh#t, then chuck it away, because, hey, it's (profanity) all $40. Not worth spending the time going through the refund process.

        • There are quite a few people who like blended drinks and some of those people go camping. This product is perfect for them. Not sure why you have such strong opinions about something you haven't tried personally.

          • @wolfshooter: Because having bought the Aldi one, and let's be honest, it would have been the same. I imagine this is going to be as similar disappointment .

            • @he11bent: the kmart one is ok at $19. Not sure about the aldi one. This one uses glass, which is what piqued my interest…

              • @wolfshooter: My issue is not just whether the product is good/ok or not. It's that more often than not being so cheap, a lot of people just chuck them by their thinking of "my time is more important than $20" than returning or recycling them.
                Hell, I used to be one of those.
                I'm far from a hippy, but we do need to minimize our waste and consumption, it's getting to ridiculous levels.

                • @he11bent: I don’t disagree with you on reducing waste and landfill but you’re commenting on something you haven’t used and your argument is whether it’s good/ok or not, just don’t price it so cheap? This is OzB, cheap prices is the reason we’re here.

                  You sound like a hippy.

          • @wolfshooter:

            There are quite a few people who like blended drinks

            It's 100W.

            It'll mix a drink, mebbe dissolve an isolate powder but it's not gonna blend fruit or pulverise ice.

  • I'd like to try one if the seller offers 30 days no questions asked 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee?